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on 27 August 2017
This is a really sad book. It's always tragic when someone departs the world at a young age, whatever their circumstances. This is a well-written tale of what happened and serves a secondary but important purpose in that it helps highlight the plight of other sufferers with perhaps less fame and fortune. Carpe diem as you never quite know what's round the corner. Love your partners and family members with all your heart. All humans are stars in their own little worlds and the sooner we find a cure for this ghastly disease the better. After an inauspicious beginning, the last three-quarters of this book are a genuinely emotional read with which readers will be able to empathise so it deserves four stars out of five.
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on 13 March 2017
When you read about your heroes, you tend to forget that they are, as in Pauls case (a husband,father,son,brother,uncle and nephew and so on) and not just for all the wonderful achievements and success from snooker. The book was written beautifully and so full of hope despite the fact that as each day went by in the last 18 months, while the snooker world may have been losing one of its brightest stars, Lindsey was losing her husband and their baby daughter was losing her father. I'm a snooker fan and a Paul Hunter fan and not for what he has achieved but rather for what he hasn't achieved by way of his gracious acceptance of defeat no matter how heartbreaking with his wonderful smile. What a truly fantastic human being. Never to be forgotten, John O'Reilly.
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on 12 June 2017
As a fan of Paul throughout his professional career I was lucky enough to only recently come across this book. Fantastically written by Lindsey I truly couldn't put it down and when I had to couldn't wait to get back to it.

If you are reading my review to help make up your mind on buying this book I assure you will enjoy every minute of reading it.

Finally if you are of fan of Paul this must be read in honour of the legend Paul was.
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on 11 April 2017
Was I gift for my friend she said it was good
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on 27 September 2007
Anyone reading this book hoping to find out about Paul Hunter's snooker career is going to be rightly disappointed. Lindsey Hunter's book is concerned with far more important things - namely, love and her husband's grim, harrowing battle with cancer.

`Unbreakable' begins by sketching Lindsey's sound upbringing and normal life in Leeds, into which breezes a cousin of her friend Nicky - Paul Hunter. It's certainly not love at first sight and Lindsey's initial impressions of her husband-to-be are that he is immature and flighty. They rapidly become part of the same social set and Paul's cheekiness and good looks eventually win Lindsey over - but not until he has put her through much torment with his womanising ways and on-off relationship with his current girlfriend.

The infamous `Plan B' romp during the session break of the 2001 Masters is recalled (one of snooker's truly magical moments!), before the story moves on to Lindsey and Paul buying their first home together, marriage proposal and the idyllic wedding in Jamaica in May 2004.

Then, in March 2005 the Hunter's world is rocked to its core. Paul is tragically diagnosed with cancer just as Lindsey had written in her diary "I've never felt this happy in my life. Paul and I are so in love, so happy, with no worries. We must be the luckiest people around".

The remainder of the book makes painful, harrowing reading as descriptions of Paul's treatment and the side effects of chemotherapy are described. As Lindsey herself says, people use the word `chemo' in such a casual, off-hand manner yet with no understanding of how horrendous it is. During one period Paul vomited 30 times in 36 hours and as he sobbed in the bathroom Lindsey says of him "one side of his face was swollen and the eye was completely bloodshot from the sickness. His veins were wrecked from all the injections and blood tests and I could see needle marks all over him. His lips were cracked, his skin was an unholy colour, and the old, greyish-white bathrobe that seemed to have become his uniform was caked in vomit".

Paul's sad demise is dealt with in an honest and frank manner and these passages are counterbalanced by the hope that the Hunter's daughter, Evie Rose, brings to them. A hope for the future and a life that they can desperately cling to.

`Unbreakable' is not going to trouble any Booker shortlists but Lindsey Hunter should be congratulated for keeping sentimentality to a minimum and for describing Paul's cancer and the hell he went through in such a candid manner. Finally, there is an unwritten, chilling undercurrent coursing through the whole book - that 1 in every 3 readers will go through exactly the same horrific experience.
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on 7 September 2007
As a fan of Paul, and having met him and seen him play a few times, his death really did upset me at the time and when I saw last week that Lindsey had written this book, I was always going to buy it.

It is effectively split into three parts, the first being when they met and their first few years, with Paul struggling to break away from his current partner and commit to Lindsey.

The second, and sadly the shortest section is about the time when Paul and Lindsey were happiest, their wedding plans and the ceremony itself, which seems to have run perfectly.

Then the third section, and ultimately half of the book, details his struggle with the illness, from the first diagnosis to the very end, and beyond. It's a beautifully written, but terribly sad story and really highlights how brave and courageous he was in fighting this battle, just as he was on the table. What is really shocking is how everything seemed to be going well and it sounds like he was recovering, then bang it's back and worse than ever, leading to a sharp decline in his condition.

So to summarise, it's a tragic story, but for any fan of Paul, or snooker in general, it's a must-read. To be honest you don't even need to be one of those, it's a compelling read in itself.
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on 4 January 2008
It felt kind of wrong to be so pleased to receive this book as a Christmas present. On one hand, it was on my 'must read' list, but you've only to look at the front cover to realise that it will be a heartbreaking biography.

I was brought up on snooker, and Paul Hunter was one of its real stars. I met him briefly in February 2005, after he lost 6-5 to Steve Davis in the second round of the Masters. (Plenty of losing players would not hang around for hours to sign autographs, but Paul did.) I remember thinking how good he looked close up, and how shy he appeared. Shortly after that tournament, Paul was diagnosed with cancer. I never thought for one minute that he wouldn't beat it. I don't think anyone did.

Paul was so dignified during his illness, and continued to play, even when he was unrecognisable, that you'd never believe what he was going through off-camera. I saw him play Mark Williams in the first round of the Masters in 2006, a match which he lost. He was clearly struggling, and you could feel the admiration in the room - the atmosphere was unbelievable. Having read Lindsey's book, it's truly incredible that Paul was even able to pick up his cue, let alone compete professionally.

I read Unbreakable in 3 sittings over a week. Reading Lindsey's totally honest account of Paul in his late-teens was like being allowed to look through their curtains. And soon we're presented with a man in his mid-twenties, settled, successful and focused. It's a very frank account of their relationship, and it's absolutely real life. The highs are higher than most of us will ever experience. And, thank God, so are the lows.

Reading this book brought out every emotion - laughter, surprise, disappointment, excitement, disbelief, hope, desperation, joy and, ultimately, huge sadness. The last chapters left me cold and teary. Goodness only knows how Lindsey must have felt when she was writing about those last few days. Paul Hunter was a brave, brave man. What a tragedy that he couldn't have recovered to write the book himself, as a grandad, and a former world champion.
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on 13 July 2016
I have no idea where to even start with this review. As an avid snooker fan from a very early age, I watched Paul Hunter play snooker in awe. Young, talented, nice looking and interesting to watch, I was devastated when I heard he had died at such a young age. I remember thinking how awful it must be for his young wife and baby, and what brave fight he had fought, playing snooker almost to the end. Then I read this book.....and cried!

In 'Unbreakable', Lindsey tells the story of how she met, and eventually married Paul, and how their short but beautiful time together unfolded. She describes Paul's larger than life character, lust for life, passion for snooker and cheeky yet humble personality in the way that only one who is closest to someone could. The way in which she describes the months of chemo, shrouded in darkness, only to discover that Evie Rose is about to make her appearance is so beautiful it moved me to tears (not for the first time). Considering this book was written fairly soon after Paul's untimely passing, the humility and tenderness with which she portrays his final, agonising hours is truly beautiful.

Paul Hunter was a Snooker Prodigy, a bubbling pot of immense potential, torn away too soon. The world lost an incredible sportsman on 09.10.2006, but Lindsey and Evie lost a husband and father, and Paul's family a son, brother, uncle and cousin. That said, I could not think of a more beautiful tribute than this. I have so much respect for Lindsey for finding the courage to write, I cannot imagine how difficult it must have been. I only wish I had read it earlier.

Sleep tight, Paul.
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on 3 November 2013
This is a genuinely moving book, that at times will have you chuckling at Paul Hunter's antics ("Plan B" anyone?), but for a the latter half, it's impossible not to get teary-eyed as Mrs Hunter details the final few months of Paul's short life.

There isn't a massive focus on snooker here, and nor should there be. Fans will already know Paul's snooker credentials without having them explained in detail. Instead, this is a story of how two people met, grew close and got married, only to have it cruelly cut short.

Lindsey's style is warm and informal, and she comes across as a remarkable individual (that is in no way meant to sound patronising). I won't even pretend I understand what going through cancer is truly like, and this account has opened my eyes and made me more sensitive to the blasé way we sometimes refer to it or profess to know about it.

Never in my life have I read a book and so desperately wanted the ending to be different. When you're reading about the good times, it's easy to enjoy the story and forget what path the book is about to take, and that makes it poignant, and brings the reality home to a greater extent.

Educational, emotional and highly recommended for any fans of the great Paul Hunter.
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This book had me in tears from beginning to end. Anyone who followed what Paul went through knew what was coming in this book and it made it a very emotional read.

Lindsey Hunter tells Paul's story for him and his fans, because he was not there to do it himself. She is so honest about all they went through and you really feel the emotions she felt. It is really down to earth and this is all the more shocking, as you realise what they went through could happen to anyone.

A fitting tribute to a snooker legend, which everyone should read. Keep the tissues handy though - you'll need them x
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