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4.0 out of 5 stars
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4 Stars

New Adult.

Oh I had a fab time reading this, if you haven't read any of Chelsea's books before, whenever there are girls together, the wit and charm in the writing shines through.

As Blair and her room mate Raine are writing together and living together there were plenty of opportunities for Chelsea's wit to shine through and i actually had to contain my lol as i was reading in work for some of this.

Add to the characters the cutest little boy and his gorgeous flirty Dad and I was smiling even more.

A great NA easy read.
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on 25 June 2017
Platonic life partners for the win. Always.

A few things I loved:
- Strong female friendship
- Not-too-explicit sex scenes (I can't handle really explicit ones!)
- NA romance!
- Tattoos, libraries, books... And a cute kid!

Really enjoyed it!
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on 11 July 2014
3.5 - 4 Stars in my Sky!

Blair is a librarian, she's also part of a secret romance writing duo with her bestie Raine. When Blair meets attractive young dad, Declan, and his cute son Drake, Raine suggests she does some romance related research.

I really liked Blair. She's witty, cute and funny. Chelsea M. Cameron's writing always makes me smile, which I think is down to her use of banter. I liked how Blair wasn't afraid to be herself but she also had a vulnerable side; she's also rocking some fab tattoos!

Declan made for a great male lead and I loved how cute he was with Drake. As a Brit, I'm always a bit reluctant when reading about a British hero written by a non-Brit. This is generally because we usually end up with a younger version of Hugh Grant or Colin Firth. Thankfully Declan isn't too stuffy and actually reminded me of one of my friends. It did make me laugh whenever he'd say things like 'blokes' or 'w**ker' (yes we defo say that one). I wasn't sure about a certain revelation but I did understand his explanation.

The relationship between Blair and Raine was my favourite part of UnWritten, they were hilarious together. I loved the insight into the mind of a writer and the partnership between Blair and Raine was great. I also enjoyed how sweet Blair was with Drake, who btw gets the award for cutest kid ever!

I would have liked more of an explanation concerning Ada as I was expecting something else to happen. Also the ending was a bit abrupt but I really enjoyed the story and the direction it went in. I really hope we get to see a Raine focused story.

I received a review book
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Ok, so I was totally smitten as soon as I knew the story focused around a children’s librarian. Blair is a tattooed, smut writing children’s librarian – how can anyone not totally love her just from that :)

Blair is what really made Unwritten for me, not only is she someone I could personally relate to (hello, teen librarian here) but she was also a terrific role model for women everywhere. She accepts herself for who she is, she embraces her life and herself and other people gravitate to her for those reasons alone. She’s utterly gorgeous, curvy and comfortable with her body (inspirational) I really loved how she accepted herself as she was, embracing her love of food and covering her body in literary quotes and book illustrations.

I’ve got to be honest and say I really didn’t get Declan’s appeal, especially the Draco Malfoy appearance (not my type obviously, lol). However, Declan’s role as a father endeared him to me, he really is a wonderful father and has a terrific relationship with his son. I’m always slightly envious when I see/read about ‘good’ fathers. Personal experience with less than stellar male role models makes even good fictional fathers bittersweet for me.

Chelsea’s adorable, quirky sense of humour shines through the narrative, it is one of my favourite things about her writing :) Her use of unconventional modern literary couples added to the humour and relatability of the story as a whole :) Add in the humourous and probably very accurate insight into the world of writing and editting on a deadline alongside strong female friendships and you have a captivating story.

While the romance was a secondary element in the book for me, I absolutely adored Blair. I wish she were real so I could use her as inspiration for my girls.
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on 1 October 2014
The idea behind Unwritten is brilliant: children librarian by day, smutty author by night with her best friend Raine. Just that pulled me in and made me want to read it and on top of such a brilliant concept, the book opens with “What’s another word for (ladybits)?” This book could only be good after such an opening line and it was!
Blair and Raine are having writer’s block and can’t figure out in which direction to take their story. They are under deadline and have no idea how to get past their problem. Raine gets the brilliant idea to get Blair to date the hot single dad who’s bringing his son to the library to get ideas for their book but what was supposed to be a simple fling, turned into so much more.
This book is simply amazing, funny, sweet and a bit cheesy but that made it even more unique. The romance between Declan and Blair was amazing and made me want my own Declan. This book while having a lot of humor in it, has also some drama and Blair has to face tragedy. It was nice to see the secondary characters have such a big part in the book and be as strong as the main ones. Blair is a sweet and funny young lady who loves both her jobs. Declan is very romantic and sweet and amazing in bed. His son is such a sweetheart and brings that little touch to the book.
Raine and Blair’s friendship was amazing and strong. They can talk about everything and are always there for each other and knowing each other so well served them really well for their writing career. To see them get into the writing and brainstorming for their book was a good idea, to put so much of the writing process of a book, the stress of the deadline, the writer’s block, having to come up with new ideas, etc.
The ending was a bit rushed to me and I would have liked to see a bit more. I do hope to see Raine’s story as I’m sure it will be an interesting and wilde ride!
Overall an amazing and fun read that will leave you wanting your own Declan!
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on 11 October 2014
Wow I really enjoyed reading this book. I couldn't put it down. Loved the easy banter between characters and how it made me laugh.
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