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on 20 October 2016
I bought this as I'm traveling a lot at the moment, don't always need a full blown laptop but really struggle writing longer emails on the iPad's screen keyboard. So far I'm very happy with the keyboard- it's the same length as a standard iPad, really quite thin and very light. Typing is easy enough and gets easier the more you use it. My partner did find that she kept hitting the PgUp button, which sent to cursor back to the start of the text she was typing. I don't have this problem and I'm sure she won't once she's used it some more. What I didn't appreciate when I bought it was how well integrated the controls are to iOS, with the buttons on the top row all performing useful functions that really limit the amount of times you have to touch the screen while using the keyboard. What would be great is if Anker included (or sold seperately) a thin case or pouch for it- less for protection, more for keeping it clean and tidy.
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on 1 March 2017
Not happy with you Mr Anker. This product looks great. Feels great and has had some great reviews. But it has also had some poor reviews too. It seems to me that you have a 'quality' issue as not all keyboards seem to work the same. I ordered one a few weeks ago and after week 4 the main keys stopped working. I don't type like an elephant or drink coffee like a whale, yet this keyboard stopped working for no reason one day. It's gone back and amazon were great with the refund, very fast and slick. Thank you amazon.
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This is the second keyboard I've had for my Galaxy 3 8 inch tablet (the first was a cheapo £10 one from Currys) and it is a big improvement.

It's slightly smaller, but I seem to have adjusted to it pretty quickly. It looks very smart (with a stylish metallic back). For me, though, the main improvement is that it seems to stay connected to my tablet far better. With my old one, I had to re-"pair" them nearly every time I switched it on (and often when it had gone to sleep). It was a real pain. With this, though, it stays connected when you switch it off and re-connects automatically when you switch it back on (at least 90% of the time).

I was slightly worried, that the delete key locks my screen (in Android mode) and soon became a huge hassle when writing. I found, though, by putting the keyboard in windows mode it works as expected (and the volume/play keys etc. Still all work also).

At first, I also thought it was too slippy--sliding all over my lap-tray as I typed (due to the sleek metallic back)--but then realized it came with some 4 rubber feet to stick onto the backside and stop this (though I'd question how long they'll stay on, especially if you travel a lot with it).

Overall, though, for price this is excellent value. Note, it has modes for Android, Mac and Windows (you simply hold the fn key and press the relevant button to switch).
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on 14 December 2014
Just received this keyboard and I have to say very very impressed with it. For a small keyboard I seem to be able to type on it as quickly as I can on any laptop keyboard. (In fact, I'm using it for this review paired to a Nexus 9). The keys have a good firm press to them (not too much but not to little either, and they make a nice light clicking noise). Pairing it mega easy (didn't even read the instructions) and impressively the icon keys (such as unlock, volume etc) all function as they should. Nice that it has full android support.

The keyboard feels very nicely manufactured and of a high quality and is roughly the same width as my nexus 9 but much thinner. Its certainly small (and very light) enough to stick in your laptop bag without being a hastle. This is miles apart from the cheaper bluetooth and USB keyboards I've used in the past.

I've bought this keyboard to allow me to write some code on the long train journey I have to make each week. This compact keyboard is perfect for the job.

Very happy with my purchase as I have been with other Anker products I've bought. Another top product by Anker.
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on 30 March 2014
This little keyboard does exactly what it says in the description. It converts an iPad mini into a notebook for less than £20!! Its a no brainer. Straight out of the box, which arrived the next day, it was up and running within minutes. The instructions are perfectly adequate simple and short. In the absence of a mouse you need to use the touch screen for certain functions but typing is a doddle.
It is very thin and shouldn't be thrown into the bottom of a bag because it will get damaged. Buy a decent case that will hold and protect both iPad and keyboard if you are going on the roam. Mine stays in the house so it is tucked safely away in the bookcase when not in use. After the initial linking exercise you don't need to do it again. Switch on bluetooth and the keyboard and press link and bingo you are away. The seller is very keen to see that you are being looked after if you need it. Go for it - buy it.
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on 30 April 2017
This is a great product. I have a number of Bluetooth keyboards (I'm a writer) and this one feels like it's of a high quality and is exactly the right size to fit in my bag. It's really impressively thin and has a satisfying click when you type. I've bought Anker keyboards before and they're always great quality with amazing battery life which is why I opted for this one.

I'd definetly recommend Anker as a company that build lovely products that last. This, hopefully, will be no exception.
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on 27 May 2016
Sorry for such a low review, but each time I turn off my computer (Running windows 10) the keyboard unpairs with the computer, and I have to go thru the pairing process all over again. I contacted Anker support about this, and they gave me a solution that did not work, so basically I have not used the keyboard anymore, waist of money. I suspect the reviews on this keyboard are good as Anker gives a way a lot of free product to get more good reviews. But is also possible it will work differently with different computers.
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on 26 March 2017
Light and sturdy and about 2/3rds full size. Bought it so I didn't need to take my laptop on days out of the office when all I needed the laptop for was to reply to emails. Sure I could have used the keyboard on the phone, but get real that is OK for texting but not for real work. Now it is just my phone and this. Phone to one side and it is good fit on a GWR fold down table.
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on 26 May 2017
An excellent gadget which means that I can type at twice the speed of the screen iPad key board. Has my whole approach to writing emails.
Still charged after a moonth`s use; easy to sort out and link using Bluetooth. Great price and swift delivery.
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on 1 December 2015
Very lightweight, easy to set up, comfortable and accurate to use, holds charge almost forever. Decent value. Only 3* because the lack of a clip-on or fold-over cover makes the keys vulnerable when transporting in a bag; and none of the F, Function or Command key functions work in Android - the keyboard is really made for iOS and other systems seem to be an afterthought.
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