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on 1 November 2017
The first time I charged this I left it overnight. Next morning the plastic casing around the mini usb port had melted with the top of the battery being very hot- and this was using an Anker plug. Thankfully it didn't catch fire, but any advanced safely system this is supposed to have didn't do it's job. Have requested a refund
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on 28 March 2017
Now I have used it - brilliant - it charged up my phone in speedy time and is going to be great for holiday trips. UPDATE; After a fantastic ski trip (Andorra - I can highly recommend the place!) this booster charger was very useful - I took photos to my hearts content not worrying about loss of power (apart from my legs!)
Please can you make one for human energy & endurance! If that worked as well as this product I could have carried on skiing long past the end of the day!!!

PS I bought some as gifts & people all very impressed!
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on 27 May 2017
I bought this item last year and initially I had problems with it not charging my phone to its full extent, so I had submitted a terrible review- completely unaware that it would impact anything. Due to this, AnkerDirect kindly emailed me a response saying how sorry they were to hear I had a bad experience and offered to send me a replacement for free. Once I received the replacement I've been using it everyday since, taking it to work with me and it's been great! In all my life of posting reviews good or bad, no company has offered me customer service as great as they have so I would definetly recommend buying- so worth it :)
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on 14 March 2016
Really put it to use for the first time this weekend. I had tried it a few weekends ago and thought it lost charge (despite never using it) as I forgot to push the tiny "on" button. This past weekend, phone was down to 17% and after plugging in, back up and fully charged in no time (albeit not as fast as if you had a regular charger). While it comes with a cable to re-charge it from your computer, it does not come with a USB cable to charge it to your phone so remember to put one in the little bag with you.

**updated 26/6/2016** After multiple uses when I'm in the city, it works great and easily takes my phone up from 10-15% to over 50% in about 20min. The only downside, I think, is that it doesn't have any sort of indicator light to let you know when it needs to be recharged (and maybe it doesn't on purpose, as a way of using all it's juice for your electrics) and several times I've gone out and it won't even charge my phone for more than 5min without it cutting​ out (because I've forgotten to re-charge it after the last use) so you don't know that it doesn't have enough juice to do anything. Would still purchase again though.
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on 25 September 2016
Works as described, bear in mind that for most android users this probably won't charge your phone as fast as some other Quick Charge supported portable battery chargers (including other ones made by Anker) it also is unlikely to charger your phone from 0-100%. iPhone users with smaller batteries and no quick charge support get more value out of this device. If you are a light phone user with little spare carrying space this is probably the best just-in-case battery backup item you could get.
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on 21 August 2016
This is brilliant. I have severe, chronic illnesses and disabilities and bought this for when I am taken into hospital in an emergency and my phone isn't charged. I have a charger in my bag but in a+e, there aren't plug sockets like on a ward and this enables me to keep my phone charged up so I can let people know I am in hospital. It's a really nice colour that goes well with the colour of my phone. It's easy to use and I would definitely recommend.
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 18 February 2015
Everything about this lovely neat little power bank screams quality, from the packaging to the included mesh bag. The unit itself and the two leads appear to be solid and well made and I've just charged my iPhone 6 from 38% to full in just over an hour. Not quite as quick as charging from the mains, perhaps, but no slouch either if you need a top-up when out and about. Best of all is that everything is small enough to be carried easily in a pocket or bag. As an inveterate must-read-before-I-sleep person, I sometimes forget to charge my Kindle Voyage before going to bed and this should be a godsend the next time that happens, especially as the included micro USB cable is much shorter and more manageable than the Kindle's.

Overall, and based on my experience so far, highly recommended.
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on 11 March 2018
Firstly, its a neat well made device and its not icy cold to hold ! Charging it up took no time at all then i plugged in my phone but nothing happened so i tried my tablet nothing happened nothing charged. It didnt occur to me that i had to press the dot thing to get it to charge. There is a sticker saying press here to charge this should be more clear as i only pressed it to charge the charger ! Silly me ! Its downside is u have to carry a cable around with it to charge your device when out if needed another product Iceworks has an adaptor that is attached and pulls out of the charging device, v neat but its icy cold to the touch and i hate it but its v clever so this is a downside to this particular make of charger, the lead ! Makes no sense to me why would i want to carry a cable around with me so I'll probably use the Iceworks and leave this thing for holidays instead.
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on 9 February 2017
I’ll start with the positives: the portable power bank is very well-made. Its unibody aluminium chassis is exceedingly attractive, and it’s both compact and extremely light. In terms of portability, it ticks all the boxes, and it’s certainly the nicest power bank I’ve ever owned in terms of aesthetics. Sadly, it falls down flat when it comes to performance. It worked adequately for approximately a week, and now it seems to consistently charge my smartphone around 30 - 40% before dying. I’m not sure if it is simply that bad at retaining charge or if I’ve been sold a defective unit, but either way I’m not impressed. I expected much better from a company as well-regarded as Anker. I will not be purchasing any more products from them, regardless of how attractive or well-made they are.
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on 11 January 2018
I bought this for my missus - her iPhone 5s has been suffering from the dreaded switch off syndrome when the internal lipo power gets to about 30%. She kept telling me her iPhone was turning off - obviously I did not believe her - I blamed technophobia on her part. When Apple fessed up to the issue I had nowhere to hide and gave her this neat little device. She’s happy as Larry, and hasn’t broken it yet after 3 months - and I don’t get an ear bashing anymore - I updated her OS so I’m to blame.
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