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on 31 October 2005
This book contains three separate stories, loosely connected by the fact that they all contain guest-stars.
The first features Wolverine and Spidey waking up in each other's bodies. The story is quite funny, but a little too crazy for my liking. The issues even start with an "apology" by Bendis (the writer) for doing such a weird story.
The second arc features the Human Torch. This is a good story but feels a little padded, I think it could have been told in its entirety in a single issue.
The third and final story is with Dr. Strange. In my opinion this is the best of the three stories, featuring some insight into Spidey's character, some awesome artwork and good continuity (looking back over what Spidey has done).
Overall, an okay few stories. Certainly not the best Ulimate Spidey story, but worth a look, especially if you are a fan of other USM stories.
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on 19 April 2005
It pains me to write this review because this has been a consistently excellent series of comics but this collection made me want to burst into tears and scream 'why?' There are six issues contained here. The first two depict a ridiculous personality swap between Spider-Man and the X-men's Wolverine which is such a pointless waste of paper Brian Michael Bendis (author of all Ultimate Spider-Man so far) actually apologies in advance at the start of both issues. The next two issues depict another cross over with Johnny Storm from Ultimate Fantastic Four joining Peter Parker's school. This is no where near as bad as the previous two issues but still sparks of lack of ideas and is largely unneccessary. In the final story Spider-Man meets Doctor Strange with Peter confronting the ghosts of his past in a really rather good nightmare sequence. Unfortunately this is too little too late and i was in desperate need of a pint to recooperate from the divebomb my favourtie Ultimate series had just taken. The nightmare sequence and Peter's continual dealing with the death of a certain major character in the last graphic novel are highlights but they can't save this book. Overall an incredible disapointment which seems to have been conceived as another lacklustre Ultimate Marvel Team-Up book rather than a genuine addition to the Ultimate Spider-Man series.
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on 2 December 2008
Unlike most of the volumes of Ultimate spiderman, this doesn't seem to have much of a plot line, to me it was done as a refreshing change from the usual tempo. With the unexpected death of Gwen Stacy I think the writers chose to give this volume a cheerful story and what better way than bringing in the most popular character in Marvel, Wolverine.

Peter wakes up to find himself in Logan's body and realises with horror that Logan must have woken up in his. The piece is enjoyable as the pair have to work together but neither seem able to do this. Wolverine is awesome as he talks back at Aunt May and also when Peter is trying to get him to go class for him so he doesn't get in trouble.

Following from this story we are introduced to Jonny Storm who decides he wants to have a bit of normality in his life and decides he wants to continue with High School. Guess which school he goes to. Peter and Jonny get on but no where near as well as Liz Allen gets on with Jonny until he bursts into flame in front of them all.

This is an enjoyable break from the previous volume, which was pretty dark and the next volume is also very harsh as Peter has to fight his best friend.
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