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3.8 out of 5 stars
3.8 out of 5 stars
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on 30 April 2009
this game isnt bad at all, exactly what i imagined it to be, an arcade shooter featuring planes, in the tom clancy/ghost recon world.

its fine, honestly, very pretty, lovely terrain, great plane models/skins, realistic and pretty looking enough.

and it has a good story arc, the usual tom clancy type of story, and intertwines nicely with the rest of the sort of "series" ie adv warfighter, end war etc.

its not my most favourite game of the year so far, and not the most amazing, but it is fun and immersive.

i must laugh at people who have said that its simply not realistic and not a good flight sim at all and marked it down accordingly,

what did you expect? im sorry but if youre after realistic flight sim material, youre barking up the wrong tree, and not even in the right park!

it may have a pc release, but believe me, its aimed squarely at consoles, you want realism and inch perfect flight models and avionics etc, get on your pc and get black shark/LOMAC/falcon 4. you want a fun tom clancy world plane game almost in the vein of a top gun/stealth/generic military buddy film, then get this, as thats exactly what it is, and its fun too.

EDIT: as at 31 may 09

i still am amazed at people being disappointed or shocked at this not being a sim???????? telling flight sim fans to steer clear?????????

what did you expect? its a console..... its a tom clancy game......... read between the lines.

but that doesnt mean it deserves low stars because of this, its an ok game, it really is. and yes, im a huge flight sim fan, i own and am good at lomac, falcon 4 and black shark among others. am i disappointed at this game? no, its a good game to play on the console, if youre a console owner and are after a "flight sim" buy a pc.

if you have this on a pc and are moaning its not a flight sim, my advice would be..... buy a flight sim.
why would you have a high end gaming system, capable of multithreading, multiple calculations superior horsepower to a console and the keys/peripherals to operate a sim correctly, only to play a console game on it?????
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on 12 March 2009
I was really excited to hear there was going to be a game similar to Ace Combat finally being released on the PS3 after 360 got the exclusive.

After reading IGN's review, (6.8) I was concerned that the game I had pre-ordered would be a disappointment, how wrong I was! It's pretty much identical to Ace Combat only with a few additional features such as the Assistance on/off feature.

Basically this means you can gain more freedom while dog fighting, as it gives you a different perspective of the flying, something which I began using more when I got to grips with it.

I've yet to beat it, but from the first few levels I've played have decided it is worthy of the four stars. I think the story is good and the gameplay is exactly as I've come to expect of these types of games.

If you liked Ace Combat you'll love this.
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on 25 April 2009
H.A.W.X is a futuristic air combat game that allows you to pilot various planes to complete around 20 missions.

H.A.W.X has a great single player mode with an engaging story line. The game is set around 10 years in the future. You play the role of a US Air Force fighter pilot whose H.A.W.X squadron is disbanded shortly after the first mission in the game. You and your team mates leave the Air Force and join Artemis - a private military company (PMC) - travelling all over the world providing air support for any country and organisation willing to pay your employer for your services. Its not long before Artemis comes into conflict with the US government, which is where the story really picks up.

For those who have played Ghost Recon II, there is a nice nod to that game as some of the characters make cameo appearances in H.A.W.X. In fact, the first mission has you providing air support for one of the missions that appears in Ghost Recon II.

There is a large number of planes available to choose in order to complete each mission, from classic fighter planes like F14, F15, Migs to more modern planes such as F117A, Euro Fighter, F22 Raptor and the upcoming Joint Strike Fighter. There are even real life prototype planes such as the F15 ACTIVE. Completing missions gives you valuable points which unlock other planes and/or weapons. You can even unlock different skins for some planes.

Each plane has its own attributes such as Speed, Armour and Handling. Additionally, every plane has a rating which corresponds to the planes effectiveness against Air to Air and Air to Ground targets. Once you choose the plane, you have the option to customise it with different types of weapons. Choosing the right plane and weapons go a long way to successfully completing each mission.

H.A.W.X plays more like an arcade game than a traditional flight sim. This may come as a surprise to those familiar with other Tom Clancy games such as Splinter Cell or Ghost Recon, both of which place an emphesis on realism. But in honesty, the arcade experience works very well as the action is breathtakingly fast which only adds to the games appeal.

In true arcade style, you are given an unrealistically large weapons arsenal. There are three levels of difficulty to choose from (Normal/Hard/Elite), each of which determines the number of weapons you start off with. The harder the game, the less weapons you get and the more damage you suffer from enemy hits. On Elite, one good hit from a SAM will blow you out of the sky, whereas on Normal, your plane can take lots of punishment.

One novel feature introduced in H.A.W.X is the Enhanced Reality System (ERS). With ERS set to ON, a series of triangular shaped gates are projected in front of your plane. Flying through these gates will assit in getting a lock on an enemy target. For mobile targets such as planes and helicopters, ERS will display the flight path required to lock on. For targets that are hidden behind buildings/mountains etc, ERS will display the optimal flight path to score a successfull hit. ERS can also be used to evade enemy missiles. If a missile is heading your way, activate ERS and the flight path to dodge the missile will be displayed.

H.A.W.X provides a number of views to choose from. You can select a view from the back of the plane, or cockpit view or a HUD style view. There is even a missile view - very reminiscent of Airwolf.

There is also an 'Assistance Off' mode where you get a sort of long distance 3rd person perspective view of your plane and the surroundings. In this mode, your plane can perform maneuvers which normally your plane could not do. The disadvantage of this mode is that it is easy to stall the plane. This mode is tricky to get used to but it does allow you to evade missiles and lock onto enemy planes easier if playing in Elite mode. Its easy to turn this mode on or off so you don't have to use it if you don't want to. It doesn's take anything away from the game if you always play with Assistance On.

The single player campaign is highly diverse. Missions involve dogfighting, providing close air support, bombing enemy camps, there is even a mission where you have to protect Air Force 1. Its clear that a lot of thought has gone into designing each level and your are not just forced to only destroying the enemy in every level - which would become very repetitive. Once a mission has been completed, you can play it again to improve your score and gain more experience points.

H.A.W.X has good support for online multiplayer mode where you can go up against a number of human opponents. Multiplayer mode also allows you to pick up points to increase you rank.

The game has an intersting one player story mode which will have you hooked for many hours. There are a huge number of planes and weapons to unlock and there are also challenges in the game to complete for added points and replay value. ERS is an interesting addition and Assistance ON/OFF mode adds to the depth of the game by introducing the threat of stalling the plane. Overall, this is a great purchase and a fine addition to the PS3 library.
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on 6 March 2009
Purchased this game the morning it came out (ie today!) as part of a trade in at a local shop. Got rid of Mirror's Edge, End War and Pure to get this and only had to pay 19p!

Anywho back to the review. What can i say, the visuals are stunning, their isnt any jumps or stop starting as you can get in some games. It is very smooth. Missions are good, not to easy and not to hard.

My only moans are the tendency to accidently hit the 'flares' button when you are trying to ivade flak and missile locks. This results in not having enough flares when a missile does lock... Also, i would really like a PS3 flight game, where taking off and landing are part of the mission...

Overal though, i would give this game 4.7 out of 5. Certainly my favourate game of the year so far...
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on 10 April 2009
I have been waiting years for a games developer to release a modern jet fighter game and now its finally here.

The graphics are amazing and the game play is smooth and responsive. You can unlock a range of different aircraft all with different attributes and weapons capabilities. Replaying levels over and over is a joy because you never fight the same battle twice.

A great game well worth waiting for.
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on 28 May 2009
the jets handle really nice and maps are quit amazing. great graphics and really just a great surprise.
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on 6 April 2009
A great game!!! It took me a little while to get use to the controls however once that was sorted the game was amazing. The best flying game around! You have to work hard to complete missions and as you do so you unlock new planes and weapon packs. Online play is great. work with your team memembers to complete objectives and gain points. The fly option is a great way to learn how to control the plane, do tricks and have fun without the Complication of enemy fire!. overall a great flying game. Thoroughly recommend!
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on 11 September 2014
Its a good game, although a little difficult to get used to at first. This is my first experience of a PS3, and the method of controlling the plane by moving the controller itself insteead of buttons or joysticks, takes a little getting used to, but is extreme fun once you have got the hang of it.

I would reccommend this game for anyone who played Ace Combat 4 (from the PS2), as a step up game, it is better than AC4, but is not a top end game, I think those that play flying games and have fulll joystick controls etc would get bnored of this easily, but those that are looking for a first time exoperience of playing the flying games on the PS3 this is a good game to get.

buy it, play it, love it....:)
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on 15 March 2009
Without a doubt H.A.W.X is a great game, but i suppose after playing Ace Combat games, you feel that theres something missing, and i find that missions are less exciting, than in, for example, Ace Combat 4 in the mission megalith you fly through tunnels at the edge of crashing but at 1000mph,(oh yeah, speaking of mph, in H.A.W.X. you either get kph or knots and i don't understand either), but was a really fun, exciting mission and there is none of that in H.A.W.X. It's too bad that there wont be any Ace Combat games coming out for the PS3, because if there were i would choose them over H.A.W.X.

But H.A.W.X, isn't all that bad! some details...

. Great use of E.R.S (you'll learn what that is in the game)
. Alright storyline
. Fun Co-Op online (for story)
. Great selection of planes and weapons (euro fighter typhoon, F-22 Rapter SU-27 etc.)
. fun using plane in off mode ( you'll also learn what this is in the game.)
. 40 ranks to complete along with challenges and medals, which unlock planes and weapons
. Good use of wingmen
. Brilliant graphics, but...

. When low down trees and other things become very pixely, and is very noticeable
. No multiplayer
. Not great online multiplayer
. lack of excitement
. Story mode is completed very quickly (I've had for less than 2 days and iv'e already completed it, but haven't got through all the ranks yet.)
. Speech overtakes the video when you can see a person talking.

Overall a great game and those bad things are easily ignored once you get into the game, i'd say it's worth buying.
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on 4 March 2009
It takes the game to a new level, like playing a proper arcade cabinet. I could not believe it was only £30 on Amazon. These joystick throttle combinations used to cost over £200. And it works perfectly on all games for both Ps3 and Pc and has a specific Hawx button profile aswell as profiles for other flight and space sims. I hope this review does not get censored. This is the only joystick that works on ps3 and its sad noone knows about it. I just could not go back to playing Hawx with the dualshock/sixaxis, it felt so awkward.

Hawx has the best ground textures I have ever seen for a flight sim. Also Ubisoft has given it the fun factor that Tom Clancy games have. It so easily could have been a boring, over technical flight simulator instead of a videogame. The best flight sim on the market by far. Its just so much fun and for the first time its possible to enjoy a flight sim on large scale screens, it feels like you are there. Highly recommend. Such a nice change from fps and driving games.
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