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on 8 July 2017
I have fond memories of playing this game as a child, enjoying the gorgeous, unique scenery. But when I came back to play the game again when I was older, it simply could not be completed as one of the files on the disk was broken.

That is why I decided to get the collectors edition, since I enjoyed the game so much. This was a great decision, not only do I get to play the game that inspired me as a child, but I also get to see who and how they made it. Also the sound track is pretty good too. There is also a guide for players that may get stuck, which is good for those who haven't played a MYST game before. Still think this game is one of the best in the series, next to URU of course.

If you like puzzle games, you wont be let down here.
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on 6 December 2003
The sequel to Myst and Riven was nearly bound to disappoint me: Weren't the gameplay, graphics, storyline, puzzles too good to be improved?
No they weren't. "Myst III: Exile" has proved true too its ancestors, but it is more than simply repeating the old succes.
This game is even more beautiful and even more exiting then its predecessors. But it might disappoint some people that it hasn't really grown more challenging. To some, this game might even seem easier then Myst and Riven, but at the same time I'm bound to say that the complexity of the puzzles has grown very much: each puzzle is built up in some smaller puzzles.
This game is really one great puzzle, whit a steadily developping storyline rather then then a randomly chosen collection of small puzzles leading up in the end to some final plot, as Myst and Riven were. This makes the game more 'logical' and gives more depth and complexity to the storyline, but it also makes the game easier: the solution to one puzzle doesn't only solve the puzzle but also gives you clues for the next puzzle(s).
After Atrus has briefed and introduced you as usual, you hear his wife Catherine saying: 'breathtaking, isn't it?'. It is.
Really striking to this game are the graphics. In contrary to Myst and Riven, you can look all around you and up and down really freely on every spot you stand. Still not changed is the 'click-and-move'-principle. The screenshots added behind the 'See more pictures'-link above speak for themselves, but they do not even give you an idea of the magnificence and beauty of the game 'in action'. I was so thrilled by the reality and beauty of the worlds of this game that I nearly forgot that it was 'just a game'.
The acting in this game is really fantastic, it plays a greater (though still minor) part in this adventure then in Myst and Riven, and it is very well-done. The major part is played by Saaveedro, the villain (Brad Dourrif: known as Billy in 'one flew over the Cuckoo's nest' and as Grima Wormtongue in the new film trilogy 'The Lord of the Rings'). And he does it very convincing, I cannot write anymore in fear of giving away plots. I couldn't really put his playing on paper anyway, so you'll have to find out yourself.
This is a game with many facets and many faces, and will guarantee you some hours of enchantment.
-'The Making of' is very intresting, informative and very short.
-The soundtrack is nice but I don't think the music can really be listened to without the game. (Though it is very good and adds much to the game's ambiance)
-The Strategy Guide is very nice and easy-written etc. But it isn't meant for people like me: it only shortens your time to be into this great game. The less you cheat, the more time you have to explore the details of the worlds. For people who want to play the game, but don't want to miss the train.
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on 27 November 2001
After Myst and Riven I had been looking forward to this game for some time which probably contributed to my disappointment.
The graphics are once again excellent and the 'ages' that have been created, once again beautiful.
In Riven, there was a huge world to explore and the clues to solving its mystery lay in every corner of that world. Exile has reverted back to the style of Myst in which there are five seperate ages, each a puzzle in its own right.
This removes the feeling of wandering lost in a huge world in which things gradually fall into place that was so appealing with Riven. Instead, the feeling is one of being guided, or even forced to take the right path throughout, making it too obvious where puzzles were and too obvious how to solve them.
The Myst series are still, however, unique and if you liked the first two, buy this one.
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on 6 October 2001
Let's get things straight from the start - I hated Riven, I found it tremendously frustrating - ambiguous puzzles (I know lets flip a switch which unknown to the player has just activated something 300 miles away)and no plot (except for 1 huge tomb in the game to read...grrrr)...
By comparison Myst 3 is excellent...cohesive and well integrated plot and 'contained' puzzles that don't have you wandering for 5 minutes to find if a puzzle has worked (or more annoyingly, hasn't)...As long as you approach this adventure as an 'immesive experience' rather than a classic point-and-click adventure game, then I believe you will throughly enjoy it...OK, it does have a few frustrating moments...but is miles better than Riven.
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on 10 March 2002
Myst III Exile is a memorable experience. Please play it. Better by far than any other adventure game. Myst was stunning; Riven was beautiful but irritatingly illogical; Exile is art. Amazing lifelike visuals. Tough but logical and consistent puzzles. Sounds and music that stay with you. Great pay-offs when you solve an Age. I am full of admiration for the artists who created Myst III. My 3-year old son was absorbed in it (we played it together) and knows most ages, even the difficult and beautiful Edanna, inside out. A game that can appeal to a 48-year old and a 3-year old! I recommend this game to you if it is the only PC game you ever play.
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This game is the best!
the graphics are amazing and the music is the greatest.
To get a real understanding, you need to have played at least one of the others but it is still brilliant even if you haven't.
The gameplay is excellent.
But if you prefer a game that is more shoot first,
ask questions later steer clear as this needs alot of thought.
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on 20 January 2002
The 3D worlds are fantastic, the game ran like a dream on my PC...not 1 single hang-up. This game totally absorbed me for weeks, I was impressed how much creativity and imagination has gone into creating the whole experience. My tip: DO NOT SEEK CHEATS OR HINTS - if you get stuck, sleep on it and the answer WILL come. Enjoy.
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on 29 November 2001
Option to load the whole game (over 2GB) on to hard disk GREAT! - no disc swapping.
Option to use Hardware mode-even better
As I have played Myst 1 and 2 in the past, Myst 3 looks supberb and installed with NO problems.
The gameplay so far seems to be of good balance of hard and not so hard puzzles. This will be the sure alternative to Christmas television. If unfamiliar with this type of game, I would recommend the included hints guides (don't peek at the solutions!)in this package.
One final thing the game is not going to be short like this review!
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on 6 August 2001
It's been awhile but it's time to immerse yourself in the beautifully crafted world of the ages of Atrus. Fans of the first two games in the series, Myst and Riven, will surely not be disappointed. It's only a shame that here in the UK we have to wait until September to play it. I was lucky enough to buy a copy on a recent visit to the states.
Without giving away too much of the plot the story starts with Atrus telling you he is writing a new world for the D'ni people called Releshan. He is about to take you there when the linking book to this New World stolen by a deranged phantom from Atrus' past. You immediately give chase and follow the thief to a 'lesson age' created by Atrus to teach his sons Sirrus and Achenar the art and principals of writing worlds. You must solve your way through a sequence of devious puzzles and traps left for you by the madman believing you to be Atrus. The game spans 6 new ages each as breathtaking as the last. The graphics are amazing each world is a stunning creation with each new location able to be viewed in 360 degree 3D with quicktime animations blended seamlessly into this wholly immersive environment. It is obvious from the outset that a lot of time, care and painstaking work has gone into this game. The soundtrack really draws you into the game having more in common with a full budget movie score than the average computer game. But then this is no average computer game. It oozes with atmosphere and story and was a wonderful experience from beginning to end.
The Collector's edition comes with the Prima Game Guide (don't cheat though) which contains some nice extras to read once you've finished the game. The soundtrack CD that stands on it's own if you like classical/movie/atmospheric music. An extra CD containing the game trailers and a 20 minute 'making of' documentary is also included. WARNING! Watching the trailers and documentary before completing the game could spoil a couple of the puzzles! The collector's edition also comes with a small pewter Squee (a creature from the game) the only slightly pointless addition to this Box set.
To say I enjoyed this game is an understatement! If you were a fan of either of the first two then you should definitely play this game, no question.
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on 17 October 2001
The graphics in this game are breath taking (unless you suffer from vertigo) but I found the puzzle solving very frustrating. There is no indication as to what it is you are actually looking for or why you need to solve the puzzles. I found myself stumbling across puzzles and then being totally dumbfounded as to what the cogs etc. turned or opened once the puzzle was solved. If you prefer a game where you can interact with other characters such as in Grim Fandango (excellent by the way) or Monkey Island, then you may find this game a little 'lonely'. Hand on heart I can give Myst III Exile 3 stars for the graphics but I feel I must omit the other 2 stars for the frustrating and vague puzzle solving aspect of the game.
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