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on 6 May 2017
I don't understand how this book can gave so many glowing reviews. The only thing going for it is that it's quite well written. Shame about the content. I'm no prude but this book is about rape, not bdsm or erotica: rape. You can't have a character repeatedly crying at each sexual encounter, to be in pain, to dislike her protagonist intensely and it be anything else. There's no story. It's simply rape after rape and frankly this book enraged me. I don't see how anyone can find such abuse erotic. if you're expecting titillation and a horny read forget it. You'll end up squirming.
Vile book, vile subject matter.
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on 26 August 2015
This was a compelling, dark read.

Nora meets Julian briefly in a club one night. His touch ignites desire and, most of all, fear. She senses something dark and corrupt in him.

A date with her long-time crush, Jake, ends in Jake being knocked out and Nora being kidnapped. When she regains consciousness, she finds herself trapped on a privately-owned, tropical island, with only Beth, the ‘housekeeper’, and Julian for company.

Beth and Julian are infinitely mysterious with tragic and violent pasts.

As one day merges into the next, Julian gradually breaks Nora down, tapping into her naturally submissive side. Nora is torn between feeling desire for her dark angel, and horror at the fact that she craves him and the punishment he likes to mete out to her.

This was such a compelling read, charting Nora’s psychological change from being an unwilling captive to being completely in love with her kidnapper. We see glimpses of what has shaped Julian’s nature. I’m really not into the whole BDSM thing, but this story needed it to show Julian’s complete and utter dominance over Nora, through her punishment and then his care and tenderness for her. We are also witness to his obsession for her and his desire to please her.

I look forward to reading the follow-up books very soon.
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on 12 June 2015
well I have just finished reading the twist me series 1,2,3 and i .could not stop until I finished all three books. These have to be some of the best books ive read. I loved the story line it was different than I usually read . I love billionaire stories but so many are the same but not these .there was action , sadness , sex and danger and even murder, but it was so well written . the characters were great I loved how each chapter was told from julians and noras side. These are a must read unless you are squeamish ..I will definitely recommend these to family and friends. If you want something different then these are for you . A GREAT LOVE STORY SHOWING LOVE CONQUERS ALL.
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on 7 October 2014
I got this book at a bargain price, and felt it was definitely value for money. I think I enjoyed it but do have mixed feelings about it. I'm not sure why that is but certainly feel inclined to get the next one when it gets to the offer stage. I don't usually go in for trilogy type books as I get frustrated by the waiting time involved and sometimes think I am paying more because of the split between the story.
I have previously read material from this author and it is always really well written, which makes a refreshing change nowadays.
The characters are well drawn though, strangely, it is Julian who seems to be the least mature in this book. Will that change? I suppose I will have to read the next one to find out
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on 12 May 2015
I really enjoyed this book . In fact I would go as far as saying that it is my new favourite book . I love love love Julian .
He is my new book boyfriend . Also I have read this book twice
and intend to read it again before the third and final book is released in June . I have pre ordered it and can't wait . I also know I will read the trilogy time and time again .
If that isn't an endorsement for the twist me trilogy I don't know
What is .
Be warned it's not the usual romance . It's very dark and has
situations in the book that might offend some ,but not me .
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on 18 May 2015
I loved this book. Although the premise behind it is quite dark, I feel it was very well put together and I found myself rooting for them as a couple, even though I felt I shouldn't. I have read a number of this authors books and I will carry on doing so. She has a way of making you like her stories even when you feel you shouldn't. I guarantee you will find this book very different from what's out there at the moment. I started reading this quite late at night and ended up pulling an all nighter just so I could finish it.
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on 26 November 2015
Fab start to this trilogy. As a bit of everything thrown into this book, angst, fear, hot sex scenes and a scary hot alpha. Even when you get to the end Julian I still quite a scary mystery. This book is a bit on the dark side but not the darkest i've read so i think most readers will enjoy it, i recommend you give it a go. Also really well written. I'm going straight onto book #2 Keep Me.
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on 19 September 2017
Wow this is intense . I didn't know if I would enjoy this book but I really did, I'm about to buy the next now and can't wait. I want to find out more about who Julian is and how it unfolds
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on 4 August 2016
Wow - I tried this with no expectations, but it's really sunk into me. I've read all 6 about Julian/Nora and Lucas/Yulia....but it's really something when I stop in the middle of the Lucas/Yulia saga to go back and read Twist Me again. In fact, I think I read it 3 times that week and I want to go back and read it again. :-0

No others in this genre make me keep thinking and wanting to return - not sure if it just speaks to something in me right now...but I know I love it!
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on 14 December 2017
I really enjoyed this book it has all the things you need, drama and romance eventually.
I think it well written, no unnecessary foul language. I would definitely recommend this book.
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