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on 10 January 2012
Received my box containg the program (and little else). Half way thru loading it onto my system it said there was an upgrade which it then downloaded (BIG mistake). The update efectively changes the package and although you may have paid for a complete package you will now find that about 33% of the facilities crippled, with you having to pay (yet again) to get the whole package.

AS for the performance, well you can't just go and let it have it's way you have to check each album as it updates, things like a . or a , can very easily put it off so it finds some of the tracks and labels those ok but ignore the rest. As for any compulation albums or best off albums forget it. The software just can't cope and starts identifying each track with differing albums.

Cover art appears to be a waste of time as it is finding multiple album covers for albums which have already got their album art already.

Deduper is the new add-on which you have to pay extra for and you can't trust it.

Lastly and possibly far more importantly the customer service which Tuneupmedia gives you little faith in the software as it's a basic pay up and shut up attitude.

To sum it all up the software is useful (the bits which work) but you have to watch it like a hawk to make sure it soesn't go off and say tracks are from yet other albums which you haven't got and the support is pants.

You're paying £18 pouinds for software, which is crippled by the time you've finished installing it, which you will only have to run once (if you pay attention to what you're importing/uploading you'll be making sure the tracks/albums are correctly labelled in the first place) and then watch it like a hawk when it does do something as it will go off at a tangent or else you'll find that 20 track compulation album turns into 15 albums with a couple of tracks not being recognised at all, and it doesn't cope with track 1 track 2 track 3 at all (even if you have the artist, album title and even album cover)

If you think that's worth £18 there are far better ways of spending your money, honest especially since you are only renting not buying. That's right folks after a year you have to pay again or pay even more to have a livetime service (only transferable to one other machine). Sheesh this is worse than MS

After using it several times (yes I am a masochist) it got even worse......

Each time you use the program it _uploads_ a listing of all your music library files/tracks/albums, why? Or am I being a little paranoid about this (remembering this is a US company and looking at the recent news about certain sites it does make you wonder)

Secondly even if you do use it and it does find the correct information (as I have already said it doesn't very often) it does not correct or put into place the information Itunes use for sorting, these you have to do by hand. So value for money no, paying for software to spy on you...NO.

If anybody ever listens to anything I ever say let it be this, do not waste your time and money on this software, it acts very supsiciousely, it doesn't get the information correct (I even have had one album labelled as C**P) and you are paying yearly it's not just a once only payment (at least IDFX is). Take the time and effort and you can easily find the information on the web and seeing you're going to have to do half the work by hand you may as well got the whole hog and get it right and save the money for that piece of software you honestly can't live without (this you most definitely can do witout).
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on 14 December 2013
What was quite a useful utility in earlier versions is now almost completely unusable in version 3. It is entirely automated "automagic" and unbelievably slow. Installed on a new Windows 8 machine with 4Gb ram it ran for almost 24 hours "analysing" my 5000 tracks. It seems to arbitrarily split albums of the same name and artist by assigning tracks to different genres, and obtaining cover art for many albums took and interminable time even on a high speed connection. Tuneup's own support pages are filled with similar complaints but the company seems incapable of even allowing its previous version to be obtained perhaps because it wants to connect users to blogs and other promotional sites. You will see that all favourable reviews pre-date this version. Would give zero stars if that were possible. Avoid.
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on 24 December 2011
This program is brilliant as long as you disable some of it's features first.
I disabled the album art first as the covers chosen will very often be of a dodgy looking compilation disc and not the correct default album.
Secondly I disabled the automatic renaming of albums and stuck just to rename the track as like already mentioned it loves to compilation disc everything.

But for under £20 it is nice to be able to see the name of the track rather than Hundreds of track (insert number here).

You can set the program up so that it will offer you a cover and album choice to select if you want..
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on 1 September 2011
The debacle of TuneUp continues...

The latest TuneUp update not only tries to hoodwink you into making Yahoo the default home page / Search engine but it sneakily installs an adware program called RocketTab on your PC with no option to opt out.

This can't be removed by normal Add/Remove programs despite what the installer states in the fine print. You'll have to get an anti virus or adware removal program to remove it.

I have now removed TuneUp from my PC.
Despicable Behaviour by a software company. I hope they choke on their breakfast or meet the other side of an RPG.
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on 19 August 2011
Works very well, i have thousands of iTunes, most had artist names, however did not have accurate names and albums etc. I sorted through my iTunes a few hundred at a time, trying to put all songs by an individual artist in at once. Tune-up matched about 90% of the artists and albums very effectively. Tune-up takes most of the effect out of organising your library, however it is not 100% automatic, so be prepared to spend some time with it (it matches the artist and album to your songs, you then have to confirm the match by clicking a button, Tune-up will then automatically alter all information and cover art.)

I now have covers on all my music!!! If tune-up can't upload a certain cover, if you click on the cover there are more cover options, which will work!

I am using it with a macbook pro and have had no problems regarding crashes.

Has transformed my iTunes library, and if you are willing to put in a little effort will transform yours too...
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on 18 June 2012
I ran my entire collection through Tuneup and for about half my music it was great, added missing information and correct artwork. For the other half however it seemed to just make it up! And if you've got any foreign music you can expect it to rename all the tracks to their original language (and in my case back into Japanese kanji, so now I can't tell which song is which!)

All in all, a nice idea that works sometimes, but not worth the money to only work sometimes
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on 9 September 2011
What they don't tell you is that if you have lots of albums with various artists it will do it's utmost to split the album up into the individual artists, So an album with 20 different artists will end up in 20 different locations.

Now, when you transfer the album to your iPod/iPad it will only copy the few remaining tracks for which it couldn't identify the artist. Fine, I guess, if that is what you want.

Ok if all your albums are single artist.
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on 7 January 2010
My itunes completely disorganised itself and was a mess following reinstalling a new hardrive therefore I brought TUNE UP.

It is good in many respects identifying tracks. However is definatly got many problems. too often the wrong names are assigned or artwork (which often just says Not Avalible).

IT also does not delete multiple or phantom tracks (the ones with the ! and no location)

One final point to note, it does not connect to business addresses currently - can be a issue if a student etc.

I would advise you try it by downloading trial version first!
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on 28 September 2011
Tune Up is a nifty tool for messy I Tunes library but it made my whole system unstable and crash several times until I UN-installed it finally.
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