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4.1 out of 5 stars
4.1 out of 5 stars
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 20 November 2012
Platform: PC|Edition: Standard|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
With Windows 7 and Windows 8 managing to do a number of the functions of these type of software packages it is often stated in magazines that they are not really necessary. I, however, do like them.
I have used this particular one since the very early versions which seem to find numerous registry and other problems no matter how often you do a scan.
It did correctly identify that my C:\Drive is a Solid State Drive (SSD) and correctly did not offer to run the disk defragmentation utility as these are not recommended for SSD drives.
The PC always seems to run OK either with or without Registry Cleaners and Tune Up Utilities but I routinely like to use it anyway.
I prefer not to select the automatic maintenance option as I like to see what it is recommending before I go ahead.
It would be a good idea to have a "benchmark test" built in to prove the validity of running the software as having tried the Turbo Mode I do not notice any difference but as I am using a fairly high specification PC this is probably understandable. A good thing is that the software is not following the trend of only running for 12 months before you need to pay up again and continues to use the "up to 3 PC's" licensing system.
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Platform: PC|Edition: Standard|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
Tune up Utilities 2013

I run a design and IT business and have an IT degree and access to loads of computers in my business so I can give this software an exaustive test.

What is it for ?

This package helps clean up and make your Windows PC more efficient and reliable, less blue screens. Over time Windows (all versions) collects all sorts of junk from duplicated files, old software, partly deleted software, poor disk housekeeping by Windows, junk from the internet which auto installs to name but a few sources of Windows bloat. All of this causes Windows to slow down and sometimes become unreliable with frequent crashing, slow response and lots of disk activity which is unnecessary and power consuming. I have used it over the last few years with a fair amount of success.
Tune Up Utilities is designed to delete and correct this build up of items which slow a machine down.


Loading Tune Up is quick and easy. It has two modes, the first is auto which scans your computer for you and finds all the problems and recommends automatic fixes for them. The other mode is one where the user can tweak the optimisation of the system and it is quite easy to use even with basic knowledge. The one step tune up mode is probably all most people will need. I strongly recommend that you do a system backup before using this software.

So far so good but does this sort of software work, would it not be easier just to re-install Windows and all your files every six months or so when the slowdown of the system gets in the way of productivity ? For most of us this is not an option because we are only mere humans and loose disks and as for backups, I must find out about them!! So unless you have a tiny amount of data and know where all your disks (back ups) are, let alone serial numbers then this type of software is the only real option to restore performance.

The version of Tune Up I have is for 3 machines so I decided to try it on an old XP laptop, a Vista desktop (which is very unreliable, frequent blue screens) and a top end Windows i7 based machine with the latest hardware and 64Bit Windows 7 Ultimate on it which has 3 x 1TB hard drives and boots of a 64 Gb SSD drive with 16Gb of RAM so it should fly (even being only six months old this machine has slowed down especially on start up). I also have a Windows 8 based laptop and the 2013 version of Tune-up Utilities works with Windows 8.

XP machine

On the XP laptop with a single core CPU and 2Gb of RAM it definitely improved start up times and fixed loads of registry errors and cleaned up and defragmented the hard drive. It is now working much faster and seems very reliable although this machine is due for retirement now.

Vista machine

Now to the Vista based desktop with an old quad core CPU, 4Gb of RAM and a 1Tb hard drive. It took quite a long time to run on this machine in the auto mode but it found a huge number of problems with the system. I clicked the 'fix it all' button and it took over an hour to go through and do its work. I then rebooted the machine expecting to see a blue screen but not this time it went right into the Vista start screen and the system was ready to use after about 45 seconds, marvellous as it normally took 10 minutes to boot and every operation seemed to take ages. Opening Word took over a minute but now almost instant on with it. Stability has been good to.
Vista was always a bad product but Tune up has made this system useable again so full marks here.

Windows 7 64 bit machine with SSD

Now onto my main machine which I use for photo , Video editing and design work (hence the top end spec). This machine running Windows 7 has never crashed or given any problems really only a slowdown in start up time by about 10 seconds and the odd RAW photo file taking a long time to open in Photoshop. I ran Tune Up 2013 and it went through the system in about 30 seconds and did not find much wrong except for some start up problems and that the main storage hard drive needed defragmenting (it is full of 1000's of photo files). I ran the fix routine and it took 2 minutes to complete (much faster than last years 2012 version of Tune Up). I rebooted the machine and Windows 7 was up and ready to go in a few seconds. Photoshop opened in under 15 seconds and the lag time opening large photo files had all but gone. I then went into the manual mode and had a detailed look at this system to find that I could get a little more speed out of it by letting Tune Up alter some of the main Windows routines to achieve what it called Turbo mode.

Windows 8

I ran Tune up Utilities 2013 on my new Windows 8 laptop. It found very little wrong, just a few broken registry entries. I will rerun this in 3 months after this newish machine has had a chance to build up some internet and Windows derbies.

Manual mode

I ran the tuning utilities and quite a few Windows settings were amended (I did a full restore point before carrying this out just in case my faith in the software got tested!). I did a reboot and noticed a tiny bit more speed as it had adjusted some of the SSD timings. Overall this software does work but certainly excels sorting out Vista which many people still use as it came with their machines. As for Windows 7 it does help but Windows 7 is a much better system all round compared to Vista or XP (some may disagree but that's my view) so I was not expecting huge gains here but got more than I expected. I wish they made a version of this software for the human brain as I am sure my registry and memory really need sorting out and my data retrieval is terrible with so much clutter gained in life! only joking of course. If your machine is much slower and unreliable than when you bought it then I can recommend giving this a try before reaching for the Windows install disk.

One flaw this software has is that it does not do an automatic system back up before it changes the Windows system files -this could lead to problems as I see that some reviwers have had - always do a system restore point before using this type of software !!!!


With older machines this software will give you back some speed and reliability. With newer machines and operating systems there is not so much to gain except a few tweaks to speed. It seems to recognise SSD drives now and never offers to defragment them which is correct practice. I expect different machines will give varied results with this software due to the many combinations of hardware out there. It's useful if you have a machine that is playing up.
Like any software which alters Windows or offers to repair it you should always create a restore point before using this type of software.
The main compeititor for this software is 'Fix It Utilities' sold by Avanquest which does much the same thing and is listed on Amazon.
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 20 December 2012
Platform: PC|Edition: Standard|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
Previously I have used TuneUp Utilities 2008 and TuneUp Utilities 2010 nonetheless, never really being the sort to learn from mistakes... I thought I should give TuneUp Utilities 2013 a go.

My PC is only a year old yet after running the 1-Click Maintenance, the following issues were reported after analysis ('High system interference' claimed):

Clean registry.................................... 752 problems found
Defragment registry............................ Optimisation not required
Remove broken shortcuts..................... 132 problems found
Cleanup Windows and programs............. 2,163 items found
Clean up browser................................ 18,778 items found
Optimize system startup and shutdow..... 6 recommendations found
Defragment hard disk........................... Run during next maintenance

So, full of gusto I thought I would let it do its thing after which I expected to be able to sit and enjoy the results of a 'refreshed' PC, therefore, I ran the Optimisation option which fully addressed each of the above issues with one exception; the Clean up browser only deleted 14,718 items.

I didn't have time to investigate the software further at that time so I shutdown the PC and next time I rebooted it I tried to go online... I couldn't.

I checked the power, the router, the connections - all were ok. I opened up Outlook and received my emails but my browser failed to function. I did a couple of reboots and found and discovered my (IE9) wasn't failing to work, it was just slow, very... S L O W, it took around 6 minutes for my homepage to load.

I then tried Firefox and my homepage loaded in about half that time, but 3 minutes still feels like an eternity in webpage loading time.

The situation improved slightly but IE9 was still taking roughly 3-4 minutes to load the homepage and a couple of minutes per page after that, therefore, after 5 days of this nonsense I uninstalled TuneUp Utilities 2013 on the 6th day and performed a system restore.

Immediately, IE9 started working again albeit it with some glitches which are still there but I'll address these at a more convenient date.

Software like this is supposed to take the pain out of PC maintenance, not create it. Going by my experience, I couldn't recommend this programme at all.
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on 1 June 2013
I looked at feedback before buying this product and it seemed mostly positive - I have not been disappointed - it found and cleared things I didn't know existed and my computer starts up far more quickly than ever - what more can I say
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Platform: PC|Edition: Standard|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
'TuneUp Utilities 2013' is great piece of utility PC software and at a great price. You can use this software on 3 PC's or laptops which makes 'TuneUp Utilities' a real bargain.

We installed the software with ease onto my newish laptop (Windows 7) and my
husband's 'Dinosaur' laptop (Windows XP) and sat back to await the results ... and we were not disappointed.

The first thing to comment on is the vast amount of utilities available within 'TuneUp Utilities 2013', in fact there are 30 tools in all.

Every imaginable utility is included ...

PC cleaner, optimizer, and troubleshooter.
Disk Cleaner 2013: Cleans up system-clogging clutter from 150 programs and Windows
Browser Cleaner 2013: Removes data traces from 25 browsers
Optimization 2.0: Stops performance-sapping programs
And much more ...

So did 'TuneUp Utilities 2013' actually make a difference?

Well I'm pleased to report, it certainly did. The biggest difference was to be found on my husband's archaic laptop. Not only can you hear his laptop chugging away, you can now see it working ... internet pages actually load within seconds instead of minutes.

In fact both of our laptops work consistently faster, smoother and with less problems after using the 1-click maintenance and automatic maintenance that installs with 'TuneUp Utilities 2013'

To sum up, this software is a must buy. Perfect!
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on 25 August 2013
So far, I haven't noticed the computer working any faster or better, but I have noticed a few folders that I now can't open. If you do buy this, be sure you back EVERYTHING up before you download it. I am so glad I followed my own advice here.
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on 18 August 2013
I have tried them all over the years...and I mean all of them...and this is my software of choice now. Easy to use, functional, good interface, easy updates, tec...Still not sure just how much use these programs actually are, but my computer runs along trouble free (in the main), so I convince myself my cleverness in investing in TuneUp is the reason why!
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on 13 July 2013
I don't know why I have waited so long to buy software of this nature and I believe in doing so after reading many reviews from much more experienced users, that I have purchased a truly reliable and intelligent piece of software...Once you study it's abilities its so easy to use. It instills confidence knowing my computer is constantly running efficiently and more importantly safely. It's not like the rest out there where they demand year on year subs to stay up to date...once you buy and install this its a lifetime thing, so that in itself makes this what I consider to be the best of its kind.
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on 4 August 2013
I was having problems with my computer with slow start up, it was taking 8 minutes to get stated and access the internet. I had tried to correct the problem myself using the standard Disk Cleanup, Disk Defragmenter, uninstalling programs and so on but nothing seemed to have an effect. After purchasing TuneUp Utilities 2013 and going through the simple step by step procedures my computer can now start up and access the internet in just over a minute. I had wasted a lot of my time trying to correct the problems myself visiting internet sites to get advice on how to correct the problem. The internet seems to be littered with sites wanting you to purchase their computer tune up programs… but who do you trust? After a search on Amazon and reading a few reviews of this product I thought I’d give it a go. That’s one less problem to think about:)
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on 10 August 2013
This product is ok but you need to use it nearly everyday. Once its sorted a problem it often comes back the next day or a few days later.

Having said that it does help keep the computer running smoothly and at £15:00 for 3 x computers it's a bargain, It will help you get the best from your computer and also find any security port issues as well as making your computer run faster.
IT IS NOT AN ANTI VIRUS PROGRAMME so you need to run it along side one. PLEASE REMEMBER THIS.

I would say buy it but don't pay too much for it. All these clean up and tune up programmes are best purchased half way through the year when there much cheaper. You will still get your 12 months subscription whatever month you buy it in, so grab another Amazon bargain as this was for me today if you can. I purchased mine in August and it was so much cheaper than going direct to TuneUp Utilities even then.
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