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4.7 out of 5 stars
4.7 out of 5 stars
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on 4 March 2015
So after ttc for over a year with a miscarriage in 2013 i really wanted to read something positive that focused on trying ot get pregnant rather than just general, I have read other such books like 'The Secret' which didn't really do it for me. After seeing the reviews for this book I decided to purchase it. I enjoyed the book very much and parts of it really resonated with me, Marisa explains things very well and it's not just a case of 'rid your mind of negative thougts' like I have seen in other books, she goes into details on how to do this. I enjoyed the exercises and made notes in my baby book all the way through... I am a very visual person so writing things down is great for me!
I repeated all of my positive statements/affirmations every evening....even though I have may have felt a bit daft talking about my abundance grade a eggs lol (hey anything that works!)
I did do visulisation even before I read the book which I beleive helps a great deal so I just tried to focus more on being pregnant. What she says about baby blocks is spot on and I had quite a few, one of them being my the end I just refused to believe my age had anything to do with me not getting pregnant, she focus's on this in the book which I liked as
So after purchasing the book in December 2014, I found out I was pregnant in February!!! I am now just over 6 weeks which I know is still very early. I genuinely beleive this book helped! It helped me focus more and understand the whole concept of how powerful your thoughts can be...coming from someone as skeptic as me thats saying something. I have already recommended the book to my fellow TTC's on a forum I was on and several of them have purchased it. I really do say give it a read!!
Now i just have to keep up the positivity and focus on having a healthy and happy pregnancy :)
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on 5 March 2013
I have been trying to concieve for the last 3 yrs, my whole marriage, and after doing two failed ivf's i was near breaking point, i found this book by typing in "trying to concieve' in amazon search, and it has been a godsend. i downloaded the book as i couldn't wait for it to arrive, i was trying to decide if i would try again with ivf, and was at a crossroads. Mentally i was shattered , after 2 ivfs my reserve had gone extremely low, i had been told i was producing bad eggs and donor eggs may be my only choice. to say i was at a low ebb is an understatment.All my teens i have focused on my fathers sister getting her menopause at 39 , i was sure this was my future and as long as i can remember i always had an urgency that i only had a small window for getting pregnant, however i did not meet the right man till my mid thirties , so as far as i was concerned time was running out. i definately think this is my major baby block that Marisa speaks about , by reading her book i have learned not to focus on my aunt and after getting in touch with marisa by twitter she has advised me to focus on how much i look like my mothers side etc, my grandmother was still having children at 43 naturally.
Marisa's book has brought a new light into my life and i have decided to focus on what my body can do and not on all the negative results from the doctors, since i have started reading this book my cycle has lenghtened from 21 days to 25 which it has not been for a year, i believe this is due to focusing on all the positive things your body can do, all you have to do is tell it what you want and to believe.
i have bought endless books on fertility and this is the first one to give me hope , we have decided to not try ivf again, and to let my body get strong again, i'm sure if my grandmother had tests back then they would have been in negative ranges too, information is not always a good thing. Marisa helps you to visualize all the positive things your body can do, it is great to have faith and not hate my body for a change.
i cannot recommend this book strongly enough, if just to give you hope and realise you are not a failure and you have every right to have a baby. Good luck to all .
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on 21 September 2012
I have PCOS and after coming off the contraceptive pill I had not had a period for about 12 months before hearing about Marisa. I constantly felt filled with panic that these would never return hence never allowing us to conceive. I was putting unnecessary stress on myself and my husband whilst `trying' for what I thought was an eternity and my expectation of failure created a state of mind that was inhibiting any chance of success. I knew that there was a mind-body connection missing and that my mind set at the time was not going to help me become pregnant.

When I underwent hypnosis, Marisa guided me through my own history, addressed blocks that were stopping my body from experiencing a cycle, looked at changes to diet which I was resisting and allowed me to visualise my cycle returning along with positive imagery on actually becoming pregnant.

I left that session more relaxed and in a better state of mind than I had been in quite a long time. I was so excited, I couldn't wait to listen to the session recording again and get started on lifestyle and diet changes that I assumed would have been difficult however I felt so empowered that I felt I could make these easily . I also began to believe that I would actually conceive. I also feel that the session has not only improved my mindset for conception but has had a positive impact on all of the areas of my life.

Within 5 weeks of my appointment I had a period and I was pregnant 3 months later and am expecting our first child at the start of April 2013.

In conjunction with my appointment I used this brilliant book which supported me at home to get my mind and body primed to achieve conception. I could not recommend this book highly enough to someone having any issues trying to fall pregnant. Excellent read, great that something so great is available to buy!!
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on 4 June 2013
So amazing. This book puts you in such a positive mind set, it is liberating. I have conceived naturally within 6 weeks of reading it, after trying for 7 years to get pregnant!!!
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on 1 June 2015
This book is fantastic!! If you are thinking of buying it then seriously just go for it! I was struggling to get pregnant after the loss of my son in August and after trying naturally and nothing happen I thought there was nothing to loose. I had recommendations from the Sands forum and I got pregnant not soon after! The book really helped me and the exercises really do work! I hope that this give you the happy ending that it has given me.
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on 21 September 2012
I first heard of Marisa when I read her `You Can be Thin' article in the Daily Mirror. Little was I to know that this article was to change my life forever! Up until this point, I had been convinced that I wouldn't be `brave' enough to have children because of my fears. The most amazing thing was that at the age of 38, I realised that if I could `re programme' my brain to reach my ideal weight, I could also use Marisa's techniques to overcome my fears and concerns about having a baby. I was lucky enough to read the manuscript of Marisa's new book Trying to Get Pregnant (and Succeeding) and listened to her CD (Easy Conception) and within a few months I was pregnant. I also listened to the `Perfect Pregnancy' audio download from Marisa's programme whilst I was pregnant, which helped me to look forward to a positive and relaxing pregnancy and enabled me to visualise my healthy baby growing every day. I continue to recommend Marisa's methods and `magic' to all of my friends who have issues with getting pregnant. Thank you, Marisa for all the amazing things your books, CDs and powerful words have brought to my life. You are a true inspiration.
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on 17 June 2016
I read it and bingo fell pregnant 2 months later. coincidence? maybe maybe not I would recommend anyway as it is reassuring and you feel you are doing all you can to train your brain and your body to conceive. good luck to all!
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on 4 December 2015
I bought this for my friend who's struggled with trying to get pregnant. Not only did it make he feel extremely happy (something she's hasn't felt for a while because feel a failure with not being able to get pregnant) but she's three months pregnant and is totally over the moon as you can imagine. If you have been waiting a while to conceive this book is for you as it will definitely speed things up. The amazing power of our minds and such a small price to pay.
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on 18 October 2014
After a year's fertility treatment I read this book, within 3 months I fell pregnant naturally (I'm 37 and this was the first time ever) which meant I had to cancel our IVF treatment due to start the following month.
Unfortunately my pregnancy ended in miscarriage around 11weeks but I now know getting pregnant is possible :-)
It's also a really easy read and filled me with real optimism in a situation that often just leaves you in tears.

Update: 4 months after the miscarriage mentioned above, I conceived again naturally and this month I gave birth to my son - happy and healthy! I did also use the audio tracks from her website.

Could not recommend highly enough
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on 8 January 2015
Brilliant book. I had been reading it for a while but eventually decided to do the exercises on there. I had loads of fears about getting pregnant as our first daughter died shortly after she was born and it was all very traumatic. So the worry of this happening was something I knew was making it harder for us to conceive. On the cycle I decided to do the exercises, I got pregnant! (7th cycle!) It made me feel good too and helped me see things positively. This book is very much focused on older mothers and people who have fears about pregnancy or anyone who is ttc. Highly recommended.
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