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on 4 September 2011
This is a truly amazing piece of kit, so versatile. It has tackled everything I have thrown at it with ease, from tree stumps to those overhanging branches that were previously out of reach. When using it a certain amount of retraint is needed otherwise you will be sweeping up for hours.

The instructions aren't much use although to be fair the way it slots together is pretty intuitive. Separation of poles is easy too - fully depress spring clip, then twist shaft clockwise untill it passes the clip then wriggle off. If the shaft wont rotate at least 90 degrees clockwise, the spring clip needs depressing further (use a 1p piece).

It is also worth noting that the strimmer head is a left hand thread as is the nut for the brush cutter. A little care ensuring the correct order of washers when assembling the brush cutter will stop the strange sounds I encountered on my first trial. The brush cutter blade is double sided, so when one side becomes blunt you turn it over.

The hedge cutter is straight forward and does a great job. Using the knuckle I managed to get a billiard table finish to the top of the hedge.

I found it worthwhile spending time to adjust the strap correctly. If it is tightened so that the weight of the machine is borne by the left shoulder, the left hand acts as a pivot for the right hand.

The machine is perfectly balanced with any attachment fitted, easy to clean and so easy to start.

The nachine will run for around 40 minutes on 500ml (25:1)doing light work and arounde 25 mins doing heavy work (tree stumps)

It comes complete with tool kit and mixing bottle. The only things it requires are 2 stroke oil (£3 -£4/Litre) and chainsaw oil (£4/Litre).

Delivery was very quick with tracking information.
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on 11 November 2010
This is a serious piece of kit. I wanted to set about my overgrown large garden but didn't want to spend loads of cash on the individual strimmer, chainsaw & hedge trimmer. Then I came across this serious tool! the multi garden tool is the perfect way to tidy up your garden with the minimum of fuss, I would even say that due to the build quality a professional gardener would be very happy to use it. It starts really easily and feels very sturdy and comfortable to use due to the harness that's provided. Its a real joy to work with as the powerful 33cc motor will make light work of most gardening tasks; anything from strimming long grass to clearing thick undergrowth becomes easy. The hedge trimmer blade gives you a precise cut and the small chainsaw goes through small logs with ease. I highly recommend this machine to keen part timers and professional gardeners. 9.9/10
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on 16 September 2011
Good sturdy machine especially for the price. Little difficult fitting bits together at first, but after a few times of use they go together much easier. I'm impressed with the build quality considering the price.

The biggest problem I had was with the instruction manual which was badly interpreted (some terms are misleadingly wrong, "thermal valve" which I think should have been "fuel mixture screw"). The pictures were bad quality and difficult to identify the contents and the actual manual was printed too small.

When first attempting to start engine the fuel mixture isn't set up at all and combined with the bad instruction manual caused wasted time randomly identifying why full power wasn't possible. Finally identified the fuel mixture screw (not from manual, but adjusting anything that could be adjusted) needs to be adjusted to obtain full power when hot.

Now I know this it's a good bit of kit.
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on 25 September 2011
I have had this for some months and it has saved me a lot of time particularly the extended hedge trimmer (no more up and down steps while holding a hedge cutter). The engine runs well and is easy to start and the brushcutter and strimmer make light work of some of the toughest growth. This was well worth the money and appears to be a quality product that is practical and easy to use,the different components are also easy to change. Some months later I had a small problem with the chainsaw attachment and customer services certainly fell over themselves to resolve the issue so I would add that customer services are second to none.
UPDATE - 2 years later and this is still going strong and starts easy. If you consider I use it most days for business use it has done well and I have only put in one new spark plug, one replacement chain and new strimmer wire. If it packed up tommorow I wouldn't bother looking at anything else I would just order another one of these.
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on 28 August 2011
The item arrived in 2 days in a huge box with each item separately bubble-wrapped.

Setting up:
This is where it all goes downhill... Lets start with the instructions - these have to be the worst instructions I have seen...EVER! They are obviously originally Chinese, translated into English, but not only is the English particularly poor (eg, telling you to push, rather than pull the starter cord!), but it leaves almost everything to trial and error. For each of the 4 uses (see later), it shows a half-hearted photo, but really, you have to experiment with the bits to work out what goes where. Easy for the chainsaw/hedgetrimmer which pretty much need clicking together, but a challenge for the brush-cutter or strimmer.

Being a petrol tool and with a spinning sharp blade and the end of a metre long shaft, I felt particularly uncomfortable that the end might shoot off at any moment with a horror-movie style ending!

The poles click together reasonably well, but the `click-in' and `click-out' seem to be inconsistent. I struggle to get this right first time and find that the poles requires require some wiggling and choice words before attaching/separating.

Using the tools:
Starting was pretty simple. Again, useless instructions, but if you turned all the switches to on (3 of them) them, press the rubber button to feed through the petrol, my motor starts every time on one easy pull.
I started with the strimmer which started very well. As usual though with a strimmer, once I hit something hard, the cord broke. Not a problem I thought as the large button on the bottom should extend the cord...wrong. It required me shutting off the motor, dismantling the cord box (again without the use of instructions as there weren't any...). This took some time to master.

Shortly afterwards, the strimmer head literally exploded and thus followed a call to trushopping to get a new part. This arrived after the weekend (they are closed Sat/Sun) so had to pause my gardening for 4 days...
The chainsaw again, not so difficult to connect up and actually works well for small pruning. I'd suggest anything over 4 inches should be left to a proper chainsaw though. I got a lot of vibration when trying larger branches.

Hedge-trimmer was excellent, no complaints other than it is quite heavy to use for long. I'm a relatively strong chap and after 2 mins my arms were really aching. The shoulder strap is no good for hedge trimming.
The Brush cutter is just dangerous.... I daren't rev the engine at pull pelt as it felt as if the blade would shoot off from the vibration alone. I had visions of it flying off and hurtling towards my neighbour...

Build quality:
This is questionable. I can't tell whether vibtrations are due to my bad assembly or the tool itself. So far, I've only had it 2 weeks, and I've broken the strimmer head, but perhaps this was an unlucky start...

This could have been sooo good. It's a great idea, but was let down massively by the instructions. Now that I feel I've pretty much mastered it, I'm going to keep the tool, but you should be aware, it is NOT a pull out of box and off you go kind of tool.

NOTE: Trushopping tell me that the manufacturers of this item are working on improving the instructions following many complaints around their quality... For some, it might be worth waiting for this to be done before buying.
Check out youtube for some videos of the tool being used.

Hope this review helps!
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on 17 December 2011
this is a very useful machine , reasonably easy to use if you are machine full extension both the hedge cutter and saw is heavy so it can only be used for a limited time. the hedge cutter is also quite short so cutting the top of a deep hedge is a no go so if you want a flat top you still need to use a ladder. the saw is better than i anticipated but it was sent with the chain fitted the wrong way around. the engine is powerful enough so no need to go for the larger engine size. be careful of the heat around the engine a i noted i had a big burn mark on my jacket after using the machine.i have not used the strimmer or the brush cutter yet.
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on 19 August 2012
This item in my opinion is not fit for purpose.
The first motor unit went bang and failed after only two weeks.
The replacement unit a completely new one, the motor packed up the same way again after only a fortnights use.
Its not as if they had had continual heavy use only the hedge cutter and strimmer were used on the first one.
Hedge cutter only on the second one.
I am used to using two stroke machines as I have other tools chain saw and purpose built strimmer.
This item was only really purchased for hedge cutting and both machines failed.
Either I am very unlucky or these machines are no good.
Plus they are fairly heavy.
If there was a no star rating that's what it would have received.
One thing I will praise is the brilliant way TRUESHOPPING handled this problem.
They dealt with the matter fast and efficiently and gave me a full refund on the second failure.
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on 4 April 2013
As usual, negative reviews made me think twice before ordering. I had looked at what appeared to be a very similar kit in a large garden centre, but £30 more. I ordered yesterday morning and was fortunate to be up early today as the package arrived at 08:30, and all on inclusive delivery. The packaging was poor - badly taped and loose strapping. So much so that I signed as unchecked and my concerns started to seem like they would be realised. As I retrieved the items it was just like Christmas, as the components just kept on coming. Not only was everything in the box, the quality was far better than I dared to imagine. I have only given four stars due to the disappointing instructions and a small fault. These didn't cause me a problem as I am reasonably practical. However, why have Trueshopping not bothered to update the errors that have been commented on in previous revues? As a regular chainsaw user I know that chain oil is required. The small oil tank on the attachment is a big clue but there is still no mention of this requirement in the instructions. The small fault has also been mentioned before, and that involves the misaligned hole in the chain saw attachment fitting, so really shouldn't still exist. This is no problem at all, though, as it is simple to solve and no reason to return the product. I went back to the garden centre this afternoon to compare this model with theirs. I am delighted to report that there is no comparison. The Trueshopping machine is much more substantial and better finished. I have yet to start the engine and use it for some serious "man pruning" but will report again when I have.

I fuelled it up and pumped the primer. No fuel was being pumped so had a closer look, only to find that the fuel and breather tubes had never been connected. I guessed which connections to use for each and tried again. The engine fired first time - but then stopped. I looked inside the tank and could see that the clear tube was not long enough to pick up any fuel. The long black tube was obviously the fuel pick up (although I would have expected it to be the clear one). I swapped them over and Immediately had steady running and full power on demand. With regard to the misaligned hole. I tried the opposite end of the extension pole and that hole did line up, so no drilling required.

My opinion still hasn't changed. If you are practical and can carry out the PDI, that should have been done in the factory, the huge saving for the amount of machine you are getting is well worth the effort. If not, you should perhaps buy one of the major brands. I did have a question so emailed Trueshopping. I received a fast response and a tool expert phoned back to answer my query personally. Great service so no worries about this supplier.

"Update 2"
Used all attachments in anger last week and am delighted. I did try the hedge trimmer on my domestic privet and found to be a bit too industrial, not having the control for a fine finish. On my larger scale, coarser, hedges this was perfect, cutting through 5mm stems of hazel with ease. The chainsaw and strimmer were also just as required. This is a heavy and powerful tool, so not for the faint hearted. I'm pleased I didn't buy the 50cc model as this would be too powerful, fuel hungry and heavy for comfortable use. The engine starts well from cold and then with the first pull when hot. I am highly delighted.
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on 7 June 2012
Hmm, the jury remains out on this purchase for me. The instructions are a total waste of time and the item itself isn't particularly well made. I had to take the pruning saw apart in order to get it to work as it had been over-tightened and the chain wouldn't rotate, after fiddling with it, it ran well and did a suitable job.

The strap broke within 5 minutes of using it for the first time. It's a swine to start and it smokes worse than a 60-a-day man despite following the instructions on the mixing bottle to the letter.

Had i bought this from a shop i'd have returned it for a refund as soon as i found the pruning saw not working, as it was, it was too much faff to mess about with a return hence i fixed it myself instead... should i really need to fix something within a week? should i really have to accept a broken strap on first use? should it smoke so much when in use? Nope, it would have gone back to the shop and i'd have spent my money on something a bit better instead, ho hum.


I've just ordered a Draper Pro Strimmer/Brushcutter because the "bargain" multi-tool garbage that I bought less than 3 months ago, is now broken and beyond repair - DON'T WASTE YOUR MONEY PEOPLE, BUY SOMETHING YOU CAN TRUST - I didn't and now I'm paying the price, literally, this stuff is cheap, imported, rubbish and isn't worth half of what it's being sold for.

Bought - June 2012
Broken - August 2012

Awesomeness points? NONE!
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on 26 August 2011
On purchasing the 5 in 1 gardening tool kit i found it to be an excellent investment.i am a self employed gardener and found that this tool/tools will tackle any job so thankyou to true shopping of burnley for their propt delivery of goods. thanks again gardener.
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