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4.1 out of 5 stars
4.1 out of 5 stars
Platform: PlayStation 4|Change
Price:£16.53+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime
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on 27 June 2014
OK, so I saw a lot of negative reviews for this which made me hesitant to get it, but as a huge Transformers fan, I just decided I'd go for it, and I'm glad I did.
Is it pretty? No. It's actually a little worse looking than Fall of Cybertron on PS3, and this is on PS4!
There are frequent pauses in gameplay as it loads the next part of the level, voice acting & script varies in quality, the generic bots you smash through are as generic as they were in the other two games....BUT, it essentially plays the same as War for, and Fall of, Cybertron. Which is a good thing, because those games were a lot of fun, so far the story isn't even comparable to those games, there is only one (!) multiplayer mode : Escalation. Which is disappointing as I loved playing Team Deathmatch in the previous games.
Is it worth the current price? Eh...probably not, but it is fun. There's no advantage to getting this on PS4 or XBONE so if you still have last gen console you're probably better off getting it on that (and waiting for a price drop).
Story wise it seems set between the 2 previous (non-film related) games, which can be...odd, at times. But yeah, worth checking out, I'm hoping they add more multiplayer options in DLC/Updates, oh, also : Grimlock is not a playable Character anymore judging from the selection screen in Escalation.
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on 30 June 2014
First things first, I was a big fan of the Cybertron game on ps3, so was quite looking forward to giving this new game a go.
Somehow, things have gone backwards though. Graphics are quite poor for a PS4 game, it looks as though they've just made the version for ps3 and xbox360 and ported it across to ps4. The campaign mode was the first I tried, and it is very noticeable, that the difficulty is all over the place for it. There are 14 missions, that switch without warning or reason from Autobot to Decepticon, very unevenly. The dull audio and level design certainly don't help either, both being lame. There are plenty of weapons when you get into the game that service you well, and the 20 guns have distinct styles that look good. However, the enemies you will encounter are no fun. The special powers you get are vastly over or under powered, and the upgrading falls flat on its face, and has little or no impact.
The best part of the game, is undoubtedly Escalation mode (which is curiously absent on the Wii-U version), and is a co-op mode that lauches you and upto 3 team mates into 15 waves of progressively harder enemies on 8 maps.
Overall the game does have a few good things going for it, but all in all it feels like they are desperate to cash in on the new Transformers movie out at the same time (Age of Extinction). Disappointing. Worth a rent at best. But only if you are a massive Transformers fan. Otherwise leave well alone.
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on 6 August 2014
I was looking forward to this as I really enjoyed War for Cybertron & Fall of Cybertron but playing this glitchy poorly put together game is like smearing yourself in vomit while jamming wasps into your eyes. Do not buy, you'll regret it.
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VINE VOICEon 29 September 2014
Being a long term Transformers fan, I'm picky about the lore in a overly geeky way and I admit that the Michael Bay movies ruffled a few feathers where this was concerned. The All-Spark was an obvious trade-off for the Matrix of Leadership and got even more complicated when the Matrix itself appeared in later movies.

So Rise of the Dark Spark doesn't do me any favours, with the `Dark Spark' adding an even more convoluted element to the power sources that control the mechanical beings.

This Dark Spark gives the bearer the power to manipulate time and space, as well as to create zombiefied robots out of enemies. It's no Wonder Optimus Prime wants to remove it from prying hands of those who would use it for evil. Yes, Megatron, I'm talking about you. But this is a movie tie-in with the latest and fourth film in the franchise, so the whole Megatron saga is all in flashback form and the main villain of the piece is Lockdown (who just happens to the the main new Transformer in the latest movie). Overall, though, you'll just want to forget the convoluted story which desperately tries, and fails, to meld the two universes together.

The ultimate sin, though, is a post credits scene that will leave any old time fans wondering if the developer was playing some sick joke on them for the last few hours and is now just taunting them. At best it's a confusing addition to an already confusing story.

Developer Edge of Reality seemed to have phoned the gameplay on this one in. It's simply corridor after corridor, with only a few sparks (hah) of originality where grappling hooks come in. Yes, the robots transform, and have to for levels where flight is essential, but it always feels a bit forced and the vehicle modes are often an afterthought rather than a cool feature.

On the PS4 the environments are given very little time to shine, with mostly bland corridors and un-inspiring outdoor scenes making up most of the game world. Occasional glimpses of greatness only serve to remind me that it's no step up from the last two Cybertron games, even on new hardware. While the game world isn't awful, per se, the layouts have a rushed feeling about them. Only the multiplayer mode's maps seem to have had some thought go into their creation and even then they feel somewhat generic.

Escalation Mode is the only other gameplay option on offer here, no co-op or other multiplayer modes. It's a return to the `Horde' style gameplay with waves of enemies that get stronger as you progress. Stations dotted around the map let you build gun towers, medical areas and various weapons for a short time, the trade off being that you need to spend credits to afford them. It's a nice idea that works well on some maps and not so well on others. Again, though, for a game about transforming robots, the vehicle modes are very seldom required.

Transformers games have usually gone either way based on their source; the movie games aren't great but those based on the original comics or cartoons are far better. This new game is based both on the movies and the comics or, at least, the previous comic-based games. So I guess the overall question is this; which side of the fence does Rise of the Dark Spark fall on? Is it a bad movie game or a good original game? As you may have already guessed, just like the game's hodge-podge of movie tie-in and High Moon-based titles, it sits somewhere in between.

Even as a hardcore Transformers fan, this feels like a chore at times and there's a feeling as the credits roll that it could have been much better.
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on 7 October 2016
The boy loves this game, not the biggest in the world, if u want something like skyrim then this isn't for you, great graffix and brings the characters to life. Good movements and good game, just not THAT big.
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on 4 July 2014
I have played the previous transformers game and enjoyed very much the multiplayer PVP side of the game. I would like to point out before anyone buying this game that the multiplayer I've just mentioned is NOT in this one.
All we get is the 4 player CO-OP side of online play.
Though the co-op is alright in my opinion, I would much rather have had the 7-8 player team deathmatch style of online play.

Having said that the game is predominantly centred on the single player campaign that links to the 4th movie in the franchise. While I am at the early stages of playing this mode I would like to state that things certainly are put together a little bit lazily.
For example you would expect that a transformer like Bumblebee when in robot mode to be pretty tall when upright.. right? So now that the setting is on Earth you would expect him to be standing quite high compared to buildings. Well.... that's not what happens here. Like the other transformers featured they stand only a little bit taller than any human. It breaks the spell that this game should be spinning.
Ignoring the issues like the one mentioned, the story is pretty good. So there is something there for your hard earned money. However this game ends up at three stars in my opinion, stating quite strongly that this game is nowhere near the game it could have been.
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on 27 June 2014
Not going to lie it's a little bit s***. The graphics are a step down from the previous two, and the game play is shoddy. Don't buy it.
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on 10 June 2015
Oh dear!
Warning, this was not made by the people who made the last two (only) good Transformers games on last gen.
Graphics are terrible, look worse than 360/PS3. Very bland when on earth, only slightly prettier on cybertron.
Not really worth the £10
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on 8 April 2015
My Son loved this game and it was such good value for money compared to other sellers. Excellent.
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on 5 March 2015
My son loves it!

Smooth visuals,colourful and enjoyable to watch as well as play.
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