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4.0 out of 5 stars
4.0 out of 5 stars
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on 10 March 2011
Nothing wrong with the film, or discs, but if you are buying this for the extras then be aware they have all expired. The digital copy and the 3D holographic experience both expired on 30th November 2010.
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on 26 November 2015
This DVD was for my sons but I like this film too. Shia LeBeouf is great as the lead. Here is a bit of trivia for you. There is a part in this where the characters are propelled into a desert somewhere and when they land Shia's character has an injured, bandaged hand. The injury to his hand is real. Shia was in a car crash in real life where his car rolled over. He had his hand resting above the doorframe at the time. So he walked away from that with broken fingers.
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VINE VOICEon 9 January 2010
I am a Transformer's fan. I loved the original animated film (1986) and really enjoyed Michael Bay's first Transformer outing (2007): sure it was not high art, but with a straight forward plot, fantastic battle scenes and a great score from Steve Jabolosky, it ticked all the right blockbuster boxes. So I was excited about Revenge of the Fallen (2009).

There are not words enough to describe the cinematic train wreck that is this movie. With an incoherent plot, complete lack of meaningful characterisation, and not even a decent action sequence the film lumbers on and on for a seemingly endless 2.5 hours. I completely agree with a previous reviewer who commented on the silly humour which fills the film, with a plethora of fart, sex and drug jokes; plus stir in some gratuitous up-skirt shots of some hottie trying to mount Shia Le Beouf, and it's clear this film is aimed squarely at frat boys and and an all male adolescent demographic. As such it feels like a marketing machine has identified this target audience, spewed out a bunch of things to appeal to this audience (big robots? check. hot babes? check. low brow comedy ad nauseum? check) and just jumbled out those ingredients with no particular order or semblance of cohesion. The result is awful; relentlessly, unremittingly, irredeemably, awful.
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on 13 December 2009
I was really excited at the release of a second Transformers film, but on watching it at the cinema, I thought the film was ruined by silly humor! There was some 'silly humor' in the first Transformers film but not enough for me to dislike the film. I went to see the film a second time to try and convince myself to like the film more, but it just annoyed me even more! Throughout the film there was too much of this 'silly humor' whether it came from the transformer twins, little transformer humping Megan Fox, 'grandad' transformer, Sams room mate, or especially Sams mom! The storyline wasnt that brilliant either, and half the time I was wondering what was going on! Also, none of the acting stood out as good from any of the cast! Only part I did like was Optimus Prime battling against the Decepticoms. I have never slated a film this badly before, thus showing my complete disappointment in what could of been one of the best films of the year, lets hope Spielberg directs any possible sequel rather than just being a producer.
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on 21 December 2014
Just rewatched this film after the travesties the later Transformer films have become. And I have to say, the 2nd movie also holds up to the cornerstone in CGI action set up by the first. One star deduction due to a rather anti-climactic final bossfight, and too much unneeded silly humor culminating in a John Torturro wearing a jock strap (nobody wanted to see that, Michael Bay).

However, there's plenty of action from beginning till end, a chilling antagonist, an awesome final act filmed in Egypt, and while the story does seem more fragmented than in the first film's relatively clear plotline, nevertheless an enjoyable rollercoaster ride.
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on 29 May 2015
I am a huge fan of the Transformers franchise and thus have bought the entire series of films.

The product was fairly cheap, making it the obvious choice to go for. The delivery was fairly quick but upon arrival, I noticed the disk itself was not properly held in place and slipped from its holder. When inspecting the disk itself, it does not seem to have any serious damage, however, I have noted a smudge towards the centre, possibly a fingerprint. (Despite the DVD case being sealed upon arrival).

The case has a lot of marks/scratches running along the width of its ridge.

(I have given this rating, based upon the quality of the product received, not the film itself).
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on 15 February 2014
A little back story first; I'm notorious for buying DVDs on the cheap on Amazon just for the sake of adding to my collection- Own over 600 DVDs at this present moment in time, spanning all types of genres and eras. Never understand why I do it, but I usually 'binge buy' and end up getting 5-6 films at any given time, only to not watch them until months later.

This happens to be one of 'them' films- I brought the first Transformers film a long while back now, and being the kind of person who buys films in a series just so I own them all (am I the only person out there who does this??!) ended up buying this and 'Dark of The Moon' at the same time (for a combined price of under £3 at the time too- bargain!)

Literally have only just got around to watching this movie 4 & a half Years after it was released (todays date being 15th February 2014) after a heavy day studying for an accountancy exam- After a solid 8 hours or so of revising I felt I deserved to relax for the evening and scanned my collection for something suitable to watch.

As I stated before, I own a wide variety of movies, but wanted a typical 'Saturday night' kind of film- Something that I could switch off and zone out to watch, something that typically doesn't have much of a plot or any noteworthy acting in, but something that would entertain me all the same.

This certainly ticked all the boxes; the CGI was good, it was fast paced for the most part of the film, and although it will never be in my favourite films of all time, it did the job required of it- Considering i'm not the biggest fan of the action genre (typically films heavily reliant on action scenes to progress a story along rather than a good script are my biggest nightmare in films but on a given time or day I can deal with them) nor the greatest fan of Transformers (I grew up in the 80's, but was always a Ninja Turtles kid...) think the biggest compliment I could pay the film is I actually enjoyed it!

Maybe I had low expectations after hearing so much negativity about it or maybe it's the fact that it was such a simple film to sit down and watch but recommend it all the same.

(Still think Shia LaBeouf is a fool mind you...)
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Michael Bay is, at heart, a 10 year old boy, caught at the cusp with the first hairs on his pubis, filled with raging hormones, aware of the lure of girls, but with no real understanding of the female gender in anything but the most primitive manner. It's a fleetingly short stage of life, where the body is kidnapped by unformed desire, where big explosions and primitive ideas are still amazingly cool, and a world where a shiny truck can actually be the leader of a mechanoid alien race.

To call this film emotionally retarded is .. well, it's an insult. This film isn't just emotionally challenged : it has the insight, depth, cohesion, logic, intelligence and sensitivity smaller than my pet rabbit.

Though there is an excuse, during The Writers Strike, the film still existed. Instead of piecing together a plot and finding a reason for it, "Revenge Of The Fallen" started with all the action setpieces carefully constructed but no plot, no dialogue, no reason. It was only after that a (presumably cheap) somewhat unemployed and incompetent writer was appointed to make sense of it all in a short timescale, put together the pieces, and try and create a narrative that explained what the dickens was going on. And he failed.

This film doesn't make any sense. Not one iota. And not in a "2001" sense where what is happening is so obtuse that it is difficult to decipher. Transformers 2 is just... intellectually rancid and spiritually bankrupt.

At not one point did I care in the slightest what I was watching. I was watching stuff blow up, I was watching a bunch of 60 foot tall animated robot trucks fight about something hidden in a pyramid that would suck the Sun out of the sky. But I didn't care. In some ways the end of all human life would be preferable to the Autocondeceptabots winning, because I was losing the will to live in this tale which isn't worth telling.

I was having what you could call "The Shakes". Within the first hour I had seen so much stuff explode - helicopters, aircraft carriers, cities, cars, lampposts, telephones - in fact anything and everything you can possibly blow up bites the dust. I just wanted the noise and colours to stop for a little while.

And, with too much screentime occupied by two borderline racist, misogynist, jive-talkin', idiotic Deceptatwinbots, I started to feel myself getting stupider. Because maybe if I couldn't think and was stupid, I might enjoy this more.

Well, some stuff blows up, there's some loud stuff, a few explosions, some shots of Megan Fox's backside, and ultimately a few hundred million pounds are wasted in generating some popcorn sales. But none of means anything. I cared more about what I'm having for dinner, which I will forget in 8 hours, than anything in this film. It's ultimately utterly forgettable, with no context - the events of the film are fading from memory before the end credits, because the narrative smoke has the substance - and weight - of a cloud.

When the Apocalypse comes, and Mankind is asked to justify its existence, for heavens sake, don't show this film to the judge. We'll be judged guilty.

Don't see this, and don't pay for it. All you are doing is encouraging them to make more films like this. And believe me, humanity does not need that on it's conscience.
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VINE VOICEon 24 October 2009
I've been a Transformers fan for well over two decades now, grew up with Generation 1, got caught on the recent tide of nostalgia and thoroughly enjoyed Michael Bay's first live action movie, despite the obvious differences from the franchise's first incarnation. Things change, and the movie was a blast. I looked forward to the sequel, hoping for more of the same but with a bigger scope to reflect the growing threat.

Well, more is certainly what we got with Revenge of the Fallen, there's no doubt about that. More robots, more locations, more fight sequences, improved effects. It's all up there on the screen, no doubt about that. The movie looks incredible.

Unfortunately, Michael Bay doesn't seem to know when to stop. There are simply too many Transformers on screen now to care about, and the few of them that do receive adequate screen time to get to know tend to be the more grating, comedy relief characters, while the potentially more interesting Transformers are relegated to the background.

Oh yes, the 'comedy'. There's way too much of it, and it's faaaaar too juvenile in nature. Jokes about stoned mothers, Transfomers showing their 'affection' for their new human friends, Devastator's swinging wrecking balls... I must admit the odd snigger, but felt quite ashamed with myself for it. This kind of stuff is just out of place, making it seem like giant shape-shifting robots have wandered onto the set of the latest instalment of the interminable American Pie series. And as for those twins...

A shame, because there is good stuff here. The core Transformers from the previous film remain and work well for the time they have on screen (save Bumblebee, who seems to have turned into Sam's stalker). Megatron and Starscream's relationship is expanded and works brilliantly. The human cast work well, particularly Shia LaBeouf , Josh Duhamel and John Turturro, whose comedy relief character DOES work. Soundwave is perfect as a sinister puppetmaster, keeping a close eye on things from space. And Ravage is simply brilliant.

Despite slight disappointment, I'm still looking forward to the third in the series. Just know when to hold back next time, eh Mr. Bay...?
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on 15 September 2009
I would say this film was good but not great, the first half of the film was preaty good but it got really boged down when they reached Egypt and don't get me started on Mudflap and Skids, there was no need for them in this film while on the other hand Megan Fox was fantastic. The 1st film was better and I fell that they can fix the problems for this film and make a good 3rd film, i advice that you don't rush out to get this film but wait thill it gose down in price a bit.
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