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Transformers: Classics UK volume 3 covers perhaps the greatest period of stories in the entirety of the long UK series, and arguably the entire history of Transformers comic books.

Included in this volume are the following stories:

'Target 2006': During the events of Transformers the Movie, the Decepticons Galvatron, Cyclonus and Scourge travel back to Earth 1986 in order to create a weapon capible of destroying the planet-eating Unicron in the future. The appearence of Galvatron and his cronies results in the disappearence of Optimus Prime. On Cybertron 1986, Autobot resistance leader Emirate Xxaron dispatches Ultra Magnus to investigate Primes mysterious disappearence. Meanwhile the future Autobots Hotrod, Kup and Blurr travel to the past to stop Galvatron.

'Prey': After the events of Target 2006, during which the Autobots were forced to team up with one of their greaest enemies, the returned Optimus Prime is concerned that his fellow Autobots are incapible of surviving without his leadership, therefore he divises a cunning plan to force them to consider how they would continue without him. Unfortunately the plan goes less than smoothly when Prime finds himself pursued by the Decepticons ultimate hunters - the Predacons!

'The Harder they Die/Distant Thunder/Under Fire': Prime finds himself transported to Cybertron, where he is hunted by the Autobots elite commando unit the Wreckers as a suspected Decepticon double-agent. Whilst helping the injured Autobot Outback, Prime also reveals exactly where he disappeared to during Target 2006.

'The Gift': In this Christmas special, long time ally to the Autobots Buster Witwicky departs wisdom to crisis-stricken Jetfire about what it means to be born on Earth.

'Fallen Angel': At the conclusion of Transformers the Movie, Galvatron - who had been hurled into spce by Rodimus Prime - uses the time travel technology he still possesses after Target 2006, to return to Earth and plan enew. This brings him into conflict with Blaster and a team of Autobots recently arrived from Cybertron, the Dinobots, and the Earth-bound Decepticons.

'Resurrection': On Cybertron, Optimus Prime galvanises the Autobot resistance movement to launch a series of lightning raids on the Decepticons. Meanwhile Megatron is brought into conflict with current Cybertronian Decepticon ruler Lord Straxus, in a battle that one one of them will walk away from...

As with other volumes, this book also includes all manner of additional material, including toy adverts, fact-files, letters pages, 'Robo-Capers', and a synopsis of each story including interviews with the artists and writers who worked on them.

The massive ten-parter 'Target 2006' represents the high point of this volume, and still remains one of the finest Transformers tales of all time, although all of the stories in this volume are of a particular high quality, and are not to be missed.
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on 18 May 2015
Here's where TFUK hits its stride

Two words

Target 2006

This is where the uk comic began to use the 1986 Movie character's as the US comic wasn't using them.

Thus every few months after a run of us stories we would get our very own epic using set in the 21st century (remember this was the 80s) or and adventure set on cybertron where our minds would be blown away.

Target 2006 was the first of those epics and many more would follow all interconnected into a grander saga.

In this volume you also get the stories Pray and the first part of the Fallen Angel saga so you have value for money indeed here
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on 3 March 2014
This is probably the strongest collection so far and further underlines Simon Furman's credentials
Long time Transformers comic fans and fans in general will probably have heard of Target : 2006 and it has aged very well as is still worthy of all the hype surrounding it. Best Transformers story ever? Well, everyone has their opinion, but this story is considered the benchmark for all that preceded and followed it.
Having said that, this volume definetley contains some of Target : 2006's rivals to its throne! 'Prey' is another classic story where Optimus Prime's attempt to test his Autobots badly backfires and is the reference point to the following stories which climaxes in 'Resurrection'.
The only thing that could be even considered a problem in this volume is that it jumps back and forth between the time-travelling, Target : 2006/Galvatron stories and the present day Optimus Prime/Megatron/Cyberton arc and can possibly be a little confusing, barring that, this as good a UK Classics Collection as you're ever likely to this possible future!!!
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on 21 April 2013
i've downloaded and now returned this item twice. The kindle file downloads about 1/4 of the volume and gives up. Amazon have failed to fix the fault and still seem to have the item for sale on the site. I went through endless discussions with the customer service people who continually blame my kit.... given ive tried it repeatedly on more than one device logic would suggest the problem continues to be with the product. No hassle on finally returning, its just disappointing this continues to be so flawed as the previous titles work perfectly.

Its nice to see the Transformers UK stuff is remembered and I for one want them all in a digital format... part of my youth and intellectual growth (this is good stuff in here.... characters.... ideas and Senior's artwork still kicks ass). They need to release Zoids and Dragons Claws for kindle now.
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on 28 September 2013
Ok,first, the book itself is great. While it lasts. My issue is with the kindle download. I have downloaded the title on 3 different devices, and like the other reviewers I only get 112 pages of a 300+ page book.

Edit: I contacted Amazon regarding this issue, and they sent me an updated version of the book, with my missing 2 thirds. If you're having ths problem, I reccommend dropping Kindle support a line, and they should sort you out. I've increased the star rating to reflect this.
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on 16 September 2013
I was really getting in to this. As a forces kid in Germany, my collection was somewhat inconsistent so I've been looking forward to getting the full story. No such joy. At page 109 you swipe the screen to be greeted with the back cover: "We beat Scourge easily" The end.
Gutted. Sadly, it's not the first failure either (Spotlight Vol 1 gives me an entirely different comic about wilderness survival). I'm sure a refund will be forthcoming but that's not really the point. If Amazon are going to be honest about their Kindles being shopping portals, then they should be bending over backwards to maintain their bread and butter: Kindle books.

Sadly this volume's average is going to drop right down and cost them even more sales. A shame because I'd really like to know what happens...
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on 31 December 2014
Unfortunately I have this same problem; the book only partially downloads, treating the page ending "We beat Scourge easily..." as the final page then cutting straight to the endpaper. Repeated re-downloads don't seem to fix this at all, and yet it seems other people don't have this problem so I'm at a loss to see what could be causing it. Really, Amazon need a better way to flag up a faulty download and be prepared to do more to fix it. If it's that a certain region's data centre has a corrupted or incomplete copy of the file, then replace it with the master copy. If it's that our kindled are somehow caching the erroneous "endpoint" and refusing to download beyond that each time, software update with an easy way to clear that cache. Anyone had this problem with this or other titles and been able to correct it?
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on 2 March 2013
This volume collects 'Target 2006' and the start of 'Fallen Angel'. These stories are some of the greatest in the Transformers comic series so this Volume is an absolute must have.
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on 15 February 2016
I always loved the Transformers comic and it's great to be able to read them again. Most of the stories read just as well now as they did when they where new.
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on 14 March 2013
Its a great book glad I got it cant wait for the next book in the series awesome stuff buy it now
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