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on 6 March 2017
All the various threads are now coming together increasing the expectation and thus the need to keep reading.
Unfortunately the time line at the beginning of the book was a little confusing as it over lapped with the previous one, but that's a minor point. The bigger problem was the number of typographical errors in the book, some of which repeated straight through the book, such as pleasure which was broken into two words plea sure.
Over all the book brings us to the brink of the final battle in a very compelling manner.
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on 31 December 2010
If you've come this far with this sequence, you'll probably see it all the way to the end now in any case. As with The Gathering Storm, this volume benefits from a combination of Brandon Sanderson's sparer, faster style compared to Robert Jordan's and the simple need to push on to the finale in the next instalment. That said, it's less satisfying than The Gathering Storm as there is a strong feeling of pieces being set on the board in the right places for the conclusion, and along with a number of earlier volumes there are long passages where nothing actually seems to happen. You are asked to turn a lot of pages and invest a lot of time for sometimes limited reward. Despite this, there are a couple of fascinating plot twists and developments, and just enough resolutions to keep you going. But Brandon Sanderson has an awful lot to do in the final volume given how many threads are still floating around waiting to be tied up.
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on 27 February 2012
Have read all of Robert Jordan's Wheel of Time books a number of times and this one is just as good as the others in the series. Brandon Sanderson has done a cracking job again in book number 13, with many strands of the story slowly being brought together for the final book. Like many other readers I agree that Sanderson is not perfect, and his portrayal of Mat is not quite right although I cannot put my finger on why.

The book hangs together well, although on a personal level the book focuses more on my least favourite characters but that does not make the storyline any less exciting. Excellent book that paves the way for the final instillation.
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on 27 April 2017
good book
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on 17 March 2017
Beside the excellent story, this kindle version is very well formated, including italics and a significant break between character swaps within the same chapter. 5/5
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at last the cycle of books comes toward a close and this is a taster of the final conflict - the final book better be good to wrap this series up.
well scribed and it is ....a cliffhanger for the final book
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on 20 February 2011
I have been following the wheel of time since I picked up book 1 as a teenager. Overall I quite like Brandon's writing. He captures the spirit of Jordan's legacy and had made a very good stab at finishing Jordan's Epic.

The threads of the storylines are all neatly coming together and are being tied off nicely and I'm not going to put in spoilers to say which.

However this book and the previous one could have done with some editing. My main issue is the timeline was messed up for about half the story, most clearly with Mat and Perrin. In fact a chapter half way through the book really illustrates the messed up timeline as Perrin witnesses Rand's conflict from the end of the previous book. This would have been fine if Rand hadn't appeared earlier in the book.

Apart from this slightly messy structure I think this was overall a good addition to the series tieing off the stories. I also liked the way the story finished on a cliff hanger.

I suspect that the three final books should really have been two. This would have allowed Perrin and Mat's stories to keep up with Rand. However there is a limit to how many pages can fit in a book.
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on 31 October 2011
This was a hugely emotional and engaging read for me.

This series was in the wilderness for a while - books 7-11 were interesting but not captivating and the inevitable approach of the final battle seemed vague and distant. Not any more. Brandon Sanderson has masterfully set the series back on track for a nail biting conclusion.
The plot after a long time of stagnation picks up pace from the first page. There hardly seems enough space in the book to deal with all the rapidly progressing plot points. All the major characters get significant plot progression and by the end of the book Tarmon Gai'don is now imminent.

Brandon Sanderson has done and continues to do an excellent job caretaking the final books in the series. The style of writing is not mimicing Jordans but the characters dialogue and actions would not have seemed out of place compared to those of earlier books in the series. Anyone grumbling about his aproach to the series from a literary point of view really needs to look at the constraints he is working under and applaud him for his craft.

I actually felt like I was living in a dreamland divorced from reality while reading this - I was so focussed reading it. Theres been a good number of very good books this year - but In terms of rankig them for plot , emotional impact and construction this is without a doubt one of the best - if not the best book.
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 27 December 2011
After plodding with difficulty through books 5-11, I did not know what to expect from this one. In book 12, we started to see some action, but book 13 is a whirlwind of action!!! Of course, we still have a fair account of the usual stubborn, self centered, sniffing, snorting women (the usual ones) but the action make them very forgettable. Strangely enough, I appreciate Nynaeve much more now. She is actually a great, caring woman. Oh yes, plenty of Perrin and plenty of Mat. Mat is back to his old self, I did not like what the author had made of him in the last book, a toy boy to a queen and an indecisive, confused puppy to these women rather than the loveable scoundrel with a golden heart he is. But in the Tower of Midnight, he shows a bravery and a self sacrifice to save someone he did not especially love in the past that makes him a true hero. There is a twist at the end, a character who is coming back and a surprise. I won't say more. Towers of Midnight made me forget about the long periods where nothing happened in the Wheel of Time, of all the boring chapters and of all of the pages I skipped. But the Wheel weaves as the Wheel wills and no matter how much I moaned and complained about The Wheel of Time, it is a gripping series, and I was lucky to be able to read it with no interruption, but now that I have to wait, I am at loss at what to read next... Love it or hate it, in my case, love it and hate it (at times) Wheel of Time draws you into it and you cannot really escape.

p.s. about the style of the book, I have to say that Mr Sanderson has done a brilliant work at keeping Mr Jordan's style. It is not a mean feat and I will check out other books by Mr Sanderson.
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on 17 January 2011
The problem with this book is that Robert Jordan didn't write it! As a novel it's great; the story lines are great, the characters are great and the action is fabulous. It even has pace, something the Wheel of Time series has sadly lacked on occasion.

However, if you love Mat's character then you'll be disappointed. Sanderson just can't get this character right, in fact many of the characters aren't fully realised. They aren't after all his characters and Robert Jordan's characterisation was first class. Jordan created characters whose actions fully matched their personalities and their motivations could be traced back to foreshadowing laid down in previous books of the series. His characters don't shift in the wind of plot development rather the opposite.

That attention to detail, to world building, to characterisation is gone. What it is replaced with is plot revelation, pace and action. You do find out what happens next. It is plausible. It follows the multiple strands style of previous books. Perrin finally comes to grips with himself and some great final encounters / scenes are set up for revelation in the last book of the series.

Was I satisfied when I put the book down? Yes, I knew what happened next and it fit in with what had been set up before. No because this isn't a Wheel of Time novel. It is set in the same universe, uses the same characters and completes the next step of the journey but fans of Jordan's style of writing rather than say fans of the series will be disappointed.
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