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on 30 August 2010
i'd like to disagree with the las 3 reviews i purchased this camera for my husband as a birthday present and i have to say, i can't fault it.

the picture quality is brilliant colours are very vibrant and clear.
i have had no problem with the sound quality as was previously stated, even in the playground i picks up all the voices clearly even ones that are 10 foot away. there is noise in the back ground but i would say it is wind/cars going past rather than a fault with the camera.

yes there are better cameras but for the price this is A+ standard.
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on 12 May 2010
I should start by saying I have returned this item as I was distinctly unimpressed with it.

I am realistic enough to realise that at this price you will not get a top of the range HD camcorder and to read the tech specs you could be forgiven for thinking that it is a viable purchase.

First the good, its reasonably well made, comes with a good array of accessories (leads/carry case) and initially is quite impressive footage wise (supports 720 as well as 1080).

However, once you have spent an hour or so with it you begin to see why to me it is almost unusable. Primarily my biggest issue was once you have 'saved' your settings you find that the next time you turn it on they have reset to the defaults. This happens every time you turn it off! Frustrating enough normally but if you are at an event where your taking small clips over a period of a couple of hours or so absolutely infuriating.

Which leads on to the fact that if you are taking handheld footage you have to turn the stabilty on each time otherwise the footage can be nauseating and tbh, even when it is on the difference is marginal.

I have never used a product that resets itself everytime you turn it off although date and time stay consistent.

Footage isn't bad in perfect conditions (they soon deteriorate in less than ideal) although the colours are 'bloomy' and oversaturated and the audio wasn't bad. Motion is very poor unless you pan sloooowly.

If you can overlook this momentous over sight then it probably is good value for money but my advice is to steer well clear, spend a bit more if you can or go real budget as there is no middle ground with this product.
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on 28 June 2010
Having done quite a bit of research on camcorders and being quite a gadget junkie I am embarrassed to say that I got this purchase all wrong.
It is a very poor piece of kit from a reputable company. As other reviewers have said it is not at the top end price bracket, nonetheless you expect more for your money.
The buttons are flimsy, the fact it goes back to default every time you switch it off is an unbelievably bad piece of design. Most importantly however is the picture quality which is poor. Colours are washed out to the extreme - even in good light. In dim conditions it simply cannot handle it - the picture is very grainy and disappointing.
I bought my camera for 180 and was happy to sell it on for 100 quid a couple of months later just to get shut of it.

I will be spending a little more next time - lesson learnt!
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on 1 June 2010
I bought this camera because the Gadget Show had recommended it. A 1080p camera for less than £180 sounded too good to be true and so it proved to be. Picture quality is superb but the controls default every time you switch it off and you have to go through the whole selection process again every time you switch it on.

That however is not the worst of it.

The sound quality is appalling. No matter what you do - mount on a tripod, operate the controls by the remote control - there is an annoying loud clicking on the sound track.

I went on line and discovered that others had experienced this and the sound is the internal microphone picking up the sound of the autofocus motor!

The autofocus motor works continuously so there is nothing you can do to avoid the noise as there is no external microphone port on this camera.

In other words, this is a fault that afflicts the entire range. Toshiba knows about it and has done NOTHING to rectify it!

Avoid this so-called bargain like the plague! I'm returning mine today!

John Mangan
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on 18 December 2010
I was looking for a cheap full HD camcorder to make You-Tube videos with and decided that this seemed to offer the best that I could afford.
The 1920 X 1080p video is excellent giving a good range of colours although in lower light levels (indoors under modern low wattage bulbs) it can struggle a little. It is feature packed, offering slow motion and stop frame recording as well as a host of picture quality settings. The 10 mega pixel still camera is definitely an added bonus as is the lens which is decidedly wider angled than I am used to from my previous camcorder.

The biggest let down (and it is an important feature to think about) is the horrendous audio it produces. There is a constant clicking noise from the zoom motor and the recorded sounds are gritty and full of "white noise" which makes it impossible to use. I have resorted to using a separate recording device for my videos!

The remote control is basic but very handy.

Overall I would NOT recommend this camera to anyone due entirely to it's appalling audio capability!
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on 2 October 2010
This camera is decent quality for the price. The image is good outdoors or in daylight.
Low light levels make the image grainy though. Generally I'm pretty
happy with this purchase.
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on 21 April 2012
I bought the Camileo H30 primarily for time lapse. With a 32GB Class 10 SDHC card (ByteStor 32GB SDHC Class 10 Memory Card) I can set it up on suction window mount (Hama 00004371 Traveller Flex and Suction Pro Bendable Suction Pod) for hours (or even days using the included mains power adapter) on end and record clouds in glorious 1080P @ 1 second intervals. Great for the price (paid just over £100 from Amazon).

I did read the reviews before buying and so was aware of it's 'features'. The main problem is finding a software package that will edit the files this camera produces because it creates non standard .avi files with proprietary audio & video codecs.

The bundled Arcsoftware just doesn't read the camera files on my old Pentium P4 Vista 64 bit PC ... although Windows 7 users apparently have more success and have been able to import and convert them using Windows Live Movie Maker 11.

Other users also report that the Cyberlink suite recognises the file format.

Beware of the bundled Arcsoft media Conversion software ... it is not what it at first seems. If you read the manual you find the following puzzling statement :

"The bundled software CD contains ArcSoft MediaConverter that features video file converter to convert
multiple video formats into compatible format with your camcorder. In this way, you can convert various
video files formats and playback your favorite movies on your camcorder."

... errrr hang on a minute. So the 'Video Conversion' software package included with the camera lets you put videos onto the camera!

The bundled trial Magix editing package does work with the camera's files, but of course you will need to shell out £59.99-£79.99 after the 30 day trial period expires if you decide to keep using it.

Windows Media Player and Quicktime both have problems playing footage with sound ... especially in 1080P. DivX Plus player copes @ 720P, but stutters @ 1080P. DivX Plus Converter fails to tecognise the file format.

I've tried downloading the freebie K-Lite codec packs but, on my system at least, they did not solve my editing issues.

That said, for the price, it's a great little camera for time lapse and motion detection. Set it up (on a tripod or suction mount) to watch your garden birdfeeder or the skies through your window and view the footage in Cyberlink Power DVD (without sound) at the end of the day ...great fun.

Don't buy it as an all rounder cheap camcorder ... you will be dissappointed with it's image stabilisation capabilities and find it tricky to edit your footage.
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on 10 March 2014
This camera was an ebay purchase: Somewhat foolishly I read the review AFTER making a bid.
The review mention 'poor sound', 'bad sound' & I wondered what I had done.
Well, I won the camcorder & I have had some opportunity to get acquainted with it. The previous owner hadn't made much use of it, I wonder why........
The battery was in poor shape & I have bought a replacement in the event it doesn't re-generate.
The battery doesn't have "Toshiba" on it, so perhaps even the one in the camera is a replacement?
I am therefore unable to tell you how long you would get out of the battery. At least replacements are widely available, I got a replacement from Amazon.
The camera itself has some substance to it. I don't know what the material used in it are, but it feels like there was some alloy used as well as plastic.
The really cheap camcorders are all-plastic & you really feel they'd blow out of your hand.

The video is clear, the colours rich. I have tried the different quality settings. In good light there is nothing wrong. The video appears quite neutral in tone. I had a cheapo Vivitar which produced video with a noticeable magenta cast I had to correct in the edit process.
As I am getting acquainted with the camera I haven't explored the settings other than to set the time & date. I had to use a deficient battery at first, but I got a replacement battery via Amazon. I haven't used the camera enough to know what it's endurance is. I haven't left it on all the time. The Toshiba boots up in a very short time. AFAIK a 4 GB storage card holds enough for 40 min of video @ 1080P: Based on past experience with a Mobius @ 1080P. Goodness knows how long the same card would last on the WVGA or VGA setting. It would be more video than I have battery power to film at present.

There is one problem which knocks the camera down & that is the sound, or I would have given the camera a higher rating.There is a crackle on the sound.
The opinion suggests the cause is pickup from the AF motor correcting focus & as you can't set the focus manually or connect an external microphone so you are stuck with this.

Whether it is the AF motor or an issue with wind affecting the microphone I don't know yet, but a slice of foam from an old mic wind screen should cut the rumble wind causes, even if the crackling is proved to be from inside the camera. It amazes me why Toshiba would have done nothing about an issue like this. Given the original purchase price of the camera I would have assumed the priorities would have been decent video, decent sound and then add the bells n whistles.

One last comment, applicable to SD storage media for ANY camcorder: Buy it and test it with H2testW and Crystal Disk Mark. You will then be assured that it is fit for use.
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on 28 December 2010
I was bought this video camera to film my wedding by a friend, I love it. My friend is the techy one so he looked into the gadgetary whilst I like to take the pictures. It is easy to use, compact and comes with everything you need in the box. The only small criticism is the touchscreen is a bit slower to respond but then I am used to my I phone. The settings are easy to manouvre and I have had no problems with it resetting itself.
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on 15 September 2011
Bought this just for taking on holiday and filming in and around the home. It's a great little product for the price considering it's HD. It's nothing fancy but does exactly what it says on the tin. It's not the best in low light but then again if you want a good alrounder then you have to pay the premium for it.
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