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4.4 out of 5 stars
4.4 out of 5 stars
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on 28 August 2010
I am a fan of the first two Torchwood series, but when watching them I always felt that they were lacking something slightly, but this feeling is lost quickly in the 3rd series. Brilliantly crafted and well written this drama pulls you in and really affects you, I gon't want to give anything away but at several points in Episode 4 and 5 I was in floods. When it was first broadcast people were worried that the 5-part drama would not work as well as a full series, but luckily they were proved wrong and it really works. I would definitely recommend this to any fans of Torchwood or sci-fi but would warn you that if you are used to the upbeat, happy-go-lucky tone of Doctor Who you are in for a shock, as this has a much darker tone, but is still worth a watch and I would say that it is the best Torchwood series but I think it also would appeal to people who are not as clued up on the "who-verse" as me.
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on 19 July 2009
Torchwood. The show that started off as a spin-off to the juggernaut that is Doctor Who. That is no longer the case, as Torchwood manages to find it's own feet in this series, which can only be described as a masterpiece of television.

Firstly, I have watched all of season one and two of Torchwood. Although I enjoyed them all, there is definitely a feel that the show was inconsistent with it's writing and acting. You'd often have a great episode, and then you'd be left with something rather like a damp squid. To someone who is not a long term fan, this would have left a sour taste in their mouths. However, all of that is shoved aside with 'Children of Earth', the 5 part television event that was originally broadcast over 5 consecutive days. There is not one episode in this series that you could describe as weak - each part added to the story and kept the flow running nicely along.

Secondly, the acting. Oh the praise I have regarding this subject. Not only do the original cast members manage to 'up their game', but the guest stars in this series are where the show shined. One man in particular, Peter Capaldi (who plays John Frobisher) totally out-acted the rest of the cast. Wonderful on all accounts. You want to hate him, but find it impossible to do so as Capaldi manages to pull in viewer sympathy in light of the outrageously wrong things he is plotting to do. A guy who perfectly portrays the family man who will do anything, no matter how awful, to protect his family. Never before have I seen such beautiful acting in a British sci-fi drama.

Another thing to mention is that this series of Torchwood, which happens to be the third, is not just accessible for people who have watched the previous series. Any new viewer can easily begin watching this series, having not watched any of the previous, and enjoy what is on offer. Yes, perhaps long term fans can garner more from this series, but new viewers can just as easily love it.

For a show that is in it's third series, it is very surprising that it continues to impress and shock the viewers. As a matter of fact, 'Children of Earth' is much better than over 90% of new doctor who stories. This is from a show that spawned as a 'spin off', and has now managed to be better than most of it's older brother.

Finally, if you are looking at this product and wondering whether it would be worth watching if you've never watched Torchwood before, then my advice is to just do it. You will not regret it. As far as British sci-fi goes, this package is up there with the best of the bunch. I promise you, you will feel horrified, shocked, amazed, surprised, excited, upset, devastated and angry all at once when you watch this.

5/5 on all fronts.
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on 14 July 2016
Torchwood enlists the help of a simple (or so we are led to believe), office secretary named Lois Habiba to infiltrate the government and it's "deal" with the aliens known as the 456, to hand over 10% of the Earths population of children. Fans of the series will remember the famous contact lenses that act as a web cam with additional applications. Miss Habiba finally puts them on and knowing if caught, she could be tried for treason, goes ahead with Torchwood's plan to help save the children.
The five part mini-series is very exciting and as usual so brilliant in the way creators of the show bring so much humanity and realism to each of the characters. If this were an American production, we would marvel at the special effects, but leave not feeling much. Torchwood always puts a human face, human emotions, human relationships at the forefront of each segment. The alien stuff, things exploding etc. are just the icing on an amazing cake.
Without spoiling too much, there is of course the specter of death always looming around the members of Torchwood, their family and friends, just like it is in real life for all people.
This simple fact makes Torchwood stand out as completely unique in the world of Sci-Fi, Fantasy television and movie productions.
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on 26 December 2011
already a huge, massive doctor who and torchwood fan i was so excited when this was originally broadcast, five episodes in total and shown over one week, monday to friday... bought it on blu ray and even though i still knew the story i was amazed to find i was still completely hooked... it was and is an instant classic but still fresh... u don't have to be a previous fan of the series to jump straight in... it is a total emotional rollercoaster, u laugh, u cry, u are totally hooked into the stories and characters... even one particularly disagreeable character i ended up just loving them towards the end and ended up being so bloody upset for them...

i enjoyed series 4 also but for me, this series was amazing... 5 hours long and it just didn't pull any punches drama wise... an excellent story expertly told... to this day there are a few scenes i find damn hard to watch without a lump in my throat... magnificent performances from everyone involved....

this story could come with a money back guarantee!
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on 11 July 2009
Torchwood returns for a five-hour single-story drama which is more watchable than ever. Lots of highly improbable action and suspense combine with a very topical critique of our self-interested political establishment, as aliens come to earth with large-scale child abduction plans. In an interesting deviation from the archetypal alien invasion movie in which the government automatically fights, the (British) government opts for collaboration with the aliens. The vacuousness of (electoral) democracy is revealed as politicians seek to do deals with the aliens, shamefully looking after their own interests while selling out the people, and the people's children, starting with the most vulnerable and defenceless. The nepotism and classism in British politics is portrayed with consummate irony and the darkly comic depiction of politicians' spin/lies is most appropriate at this point in time. The politicians' focus on preserving image and power at all costs is mockingly portrayed, as the unelected and unaccountable Torchwood team fight for an ethical approach to the issue of alien terrorism. And all this with an all-action plot which keeps you guessing, and lots of last-minute escapes which make the Bond movies seem banal and unimaginative in comparison. Wonderful stuff. Don't miss it
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on 22 August 2015
I have some hilarious memories of my first encounter of this show - a young man I was supporting, who has special needs, would watch snippets of both "Torchwood" and "Doctor Who" in the morning as part of his waking-up routine. This particular series he seemed - as I was - particularly taken with. He would stop in the middle of the room, stare dead ahead, and suddenly come out with "We are coming!" He loved the series, I loved the series. Some that came before, and some that followed, were not as strong as this one!
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on 8 January 2014
There have been 4 series of Torchwood, and it's unlikely that there will ever be a 5th. This DVD contains the entire 3rd series, actually 5 programmes broadcast on consecutive nights originally. It's not a DVD you can watch and understand without knowing what Torchwood is, how it is connected to Dr Who and why Torchwood has been reduced to just 3 people. However, for anyone who's seen Dr Who and not watched Torchwood, or has seen some of the earlier programmes, THIS is the one to watch. There's a single story line, involving powerful aliens, scared politicians, secrets from the past, and great performances from all the cast members.

If this DVD doesn't move you or affect you in any way, then you're probably dead. When aliens can control all of your children, how do you say no when they ask for a 'Gift'? If you're a child, the idea of an alien taking you over will scare you, and if you're a parent the idea of having your children taken away from you is a nightmare. Torchwood 3 handles the concept with more sensitivity than you expect in a sci-fi prfogramme, and the deaths are real, present and moving.

As a bonus, Torchwood 3 has Peter Capaldi in it as a civil servant caught in the middle of the whole mess. His performance is mesmerizing and bodes well for his stint as the 12th Doctor.

If you haven't seen Torchwood 3 then you're in for a treat. Everybody else will relish a chance to see this story again.
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on 11 July 2009
TORCHWOOD: C of E gets a lightning fast DVD release hot on the heels of its incredibly successful 5 night run on BBC1. A mini series stripped across one week can either build an audience or lose one along the way, and this one seems to have managed to maintain its audience throughout which I think is testament to the fact that the viewing public seem to have found it very compelling. Whether it's an enjoyable experience for them is another question as the subject matter was very hard to watch at times, but strong gripping storytelling it certainly turned out to be, and if anyone missed all or part of it and was wondering what all the fuss was about, well, now's your chance to catch up.

In many ways this serial was the TORCHWOOD we always hoped we'd get. A grown-up, hard hitting science fiction series that refuses to pull its punches as it tells a big story set on the world stage and cuts free of its Cardiff roots to give a sense of truly national and international crisis. Much of it is set in London (real London, not Cardiff London) and whilst no-one would ever want to diminish the efforts of other shows made by BBC Wales, this truly gave it a bigger budget feel. Yes, it had its faults, and yes there were moments when it seemed utterly preposterous, and what viewers new to the concept thought of the strangely indestructible Captain Jack Harkness is anyone's guess, but there was one heck of a story in there, which kept me glued right until the very last second of its five hour running time, and few TV dramas can do that to me these days.

Some of the issues tackled along the way will move you or just anger you in ways that TV drama seldom manages to do any more, and you are left with a belief that faced with such a threat, yes, that's exactly how certain people would behave. You just want to shout at the television set "Look at what you're doing!" as the slow, clinical execution of the functions of the state swing into action. And then there's the matter of the children. Strangely sinister at first as they are possessed by the as yet unseen threat known only as the 4-5-6, then heartbreakingly vulnerable when the full horror of the alien plan becomes clear. Whether using the threat against children as a dramatic tool is successful or not rather depends on your own response to what you see, but it certainly made me stop and think more than once. I thought it was powerful stuff.

As to whether TORCHWOOD itself can survive the cataclysmic events of these 5 days remains to be seen. Certainly the success of the series probably ensures another run, but the show itself is changed forever by what happens during the course of this story and can never be the same again. The main cast, John Barrowman, Eve Myles, Gareth David-Lloyd and Kai Owen give exemplary and emotional performances throughout and they are joined by an amazing guest cast including a stunning and ultimately shocking turn by Peter Capaldi as John Frobisher (an actor I'd pencilled in as a potential Doctor Who once upon a long ago), Paul Copley, Cush Jumbo, Susan Brown and Nicholas Farrell as the cheekily named but ultimately weak minded PM Mr Brian Green (note those initials and that colour reference).

This release also includes TORCHWOOD: DECLASSIFIED, a behind the scenes piece and a short audio clip "In the Shadows" read by Eve Myles.
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on 23 August 2009
When it was announced that the new series of the Doctor Who spin-off would be a five part story broadcast on consecutive nights, I have to admit that I was pretty disappointed. However, being abroad when it was transmitted I have just watched the DVD and have been completely blown away.

Without spoiling it for those who haven't watched it yet, this mini-series is darker, more savage, and packs a greater emotional punch than anything seen in the first two series'. The action takes the three remaining Torchwood operatives - dashing and indestructible sex-machine Captain Jack Harkness, suave coffee expert Ianto Jones, and feisty ex-police officer Gwen Cooper - with Gwen's dopey husband Rhys in tow - out of The Hub, and sees them not only fighting the insidious alien presence known only as `The 456', but also battling for their reputations and being hunted by their own government.

There are occasional flashes of Russell T Davies' overly sentimental tendencies here, but this is ultimately a thrilling and compelling adventure, with myriad twists and turns, and a climax that will leave Torchwood fans desperate for more but wondering if their heroes will ever return...
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on 18 March 2015
As a torchwood fan loved it, and living where it was filmed was interesting to see how they incorporated some of the shots. Never knew we had a warehouse on one of the estates!! Good to refresh memory from TV series.
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