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4.1 out of 5 stars
4.1 out of 5 stars
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on 6 May 2015
I think it's an excellent Bond adventure ! Brosnan is effortlessly cool as always and is for me the best Bond (Moore is my second fav). I think this is his best performance as Bond, even though I think he was great in all his films.
Yeoh is also brilliant and beautiful and she too is super-cool. Add in the fact that she did lots of her stunts herself, then you have a very convincing Bond girl (she's also from the Chinese Intelligence in this film).
I personally think that Pryce is a great villain ! He may not be as menacing as Sanchez but then that's not the point of him... He's a megalomaniac looking for coverage rights of a war he's looking on starting, he's a different kind of villain (in my mind). Some of the speeches he does are fantastic, and I love the "there's no news, like bad news" line.
Plus, we have, albeit for a very short amount of time, the unforgettable Dr Kaufman !
All in all, a great Bond adventure with all the elements to make any Bond fan extremely happy (like me !)
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on 21 August 2016
I enjoyed this 114 min REGION B/2 DVD especially with Teri Hatcher playing a key role. Media mongul Elliot Carver plans to use a stolen encoder to start a war between China and UK to boost ratings for his cable network. Carvers wife Paris (Teri Hatcher) is an ex girlfriend of 007 and her help costs her her life. Bond must then fight Carver with the help of a Chinese spy. I found the ultimate edition special features disc very good indeed.
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on 10 January 2016
Tomorrow Never Dies is the second James Bond outing for Pierce Brosnan. There is some nice bit of action and cool getaway scenes particularly in Saigon together with the interesting casting of Jonathan Pryce as the Media Mogul baddie with Gotz Otto as his henchman and the unlikely heroic casting of Michelle Yeoh as Bond's leading lady towards the film's ending. The plots worked fine of course. The film and its techniques were acceptable when it originally hit the box office and like Goldeneye, must be one of Brosnan's better entries in the Bond film franchise.
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on 23 July 2006
Elliot Carver (Jonathan Pryce, DE-LOVELY, PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN) is a global telecommunications mogal who has just to break into the Chinese market to completely cover the whole world with his broadcasting. To get a stranglehold in this evasive market, he stages a plot to try and get the British and the Chinese to start a war, upon which he would report and take pictures. As a result, a British warship is sunk, and M (Dame Judi Dench) sends James Bond (Pierce Brosnan) to the area to discover what is going on and to put an end to it. It is in doing so that he meets and teams up with what could be an equivalent to him, Chinese agent Wai Lin (Michelle Yeoh; CROUCHING TIGER, HIDDEN DRAGON; MEMOIRS OF A GEISHA; POLICE STORY III: SUPERCOP), who was reportedly very popular with female Bond fans!

Also featuring Geoffrey Palmer (who at the time was starring in a TV series with Dench, AS TIME GOES BY -- the scenes with these two together are very funny), Teri Hatcher (TV's DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES) as Paris Carver (Elliot's wife, who once had a relationship with Bond) and Joe Don Baker (reprising his role as Jack Wade from GOLDENEYE), the film doesn't have quite the same level of enjoyment that GOLDENEYE had (and Jonathan Pryce's villain is hardly that much of a threat to Bond), but is still enjoyable enough to recommend it. Desmond Llewelyn returns as Q yet again, giving his usual gadgets, in particular a remote-controlled car, with the controls in Bond's mobile phone.

This Ultimate Edition, like the GOLDENEYE one, contains a first for the UK public: the UNCUT version, as stated on the cover under the title. The BBFC waived all of their cuts applied to the previous 12-rated versions, allowing this uncut version under their Different Versions at Different Categories Policy 2004. As a result, the film is now rated 15; the fight sounds are restored to their original louder volume, and another restoration is that Wai Lin now uses a weapon that the BBFC didn't allow when the film was originally classified, but do now allow under newer guidelines.

There is also a Bonus Disc crammed with various features, but the fact that the film is now uncut should attract loyal fans, especially if, for whatever reason, they didn't buy any of the previous versions.
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VINE VOICEon 22 January 2008
If there is an example of star charisma pulling a movie through, then it is here, in Brosnan's second Bond outing where he appears effortlessly cool and comfortable in the role. Every time he is on screen, the film works. The director (Roger Spottiswoode) is new to Bond movies, and yet he manages to pull off something that looks just like a Bond movie should - harking back to the Moore era, with quips and the odd comedy moment to add levity to the proceedings.
After a standout opening sequence where Bond infiltrates an arms bazaar on a mountain top before reducing most of the materials on display to scrap, the plot revolves around a media baron out to achieve global media domination. It's a neat updated twist on the megalomaniac idea. To do this, he is engineering a war between Britain and China in order to breach the Chinese media market - this means Bond has to work with a Chinese agent (who coincidentally happens to be a beautiful woman..) to stop the madman before WW III erupts. You know, business as usual for a Bond movie.
One of the standout elements of the movie, is David Arnold's terrific score (with the exception of the main theme tune) - finally, someone has taken on John Barry's mantle, and taken the Bond themes and not just run with them but given them new life, livening them up for a new generation - fantastic stuff. Other ingredients which hit exactly the right note are Judi Dench as M, Teri Hatcher as the (rather short-lived) Bond girl, Michelle Yeoh's spunky Chinese agent and the remote control car chase.
There are however some real problems with the movie. One or two of the action scenes are a little too orchestrated... the helicopter trying to slice up Bond with its blades must have looked great on paper, but fails to convince. And then the old Bond movie dilemma - when the bad guy is not good, the movie falls flat. Jonathan Pryce is never really menacing - He doesn't even look as menacing as the real Rupert Murdoch! He just looks like an actor spouting menacing lines.. and speaking of lines, the script veers from some real witty quips (Admiral Roebuck: `With all due respect, M, I think you don't have the balls for this job.' M: `Maybe. But the advantage is, I don't have to think with them all the time.'), to some real clunkers that fall flat on delivery (`There's no news like bad news ` - how long did it take to come up with that classic??).
The great thing about Bond movies is how they walk the tightrope of cliché to deliver the same old Bond film ingredients, but with inventiveness. With the Bike chase, the car chase, the quirky and interesting secondary characters, that is exactly what this movie does - for the first half. Then, the second half falls into the trap of just being Bond running about killing people, waving a machine gun around instead of killing carefully and with precision the way he ought to, trying hard to kill a guy with grey hair and glasses. It's as much action as we have seen in a Bond finale in a long time, but it does not really thrill.
That aside, if you can try and ignore the ubiquitous product placement, then the cocktail of Brosnan excelling in a role he seems destined to play, David Arnold's exciting score, and Michelle Yeoh matching Bond bullet for bullet and kick for kick rather than be the dull women on the sideline, makes this worth a watch.

As per the other Brosnan releases, there is a gaping hole in the extras where we might expect a retrospective documentary, however that quibble aside there are plenty of other extras, with two commentaries, storyboards, deleted scenes ( none of which are memorable) and a couple of fluff pieces about `the making of' that offer no insight into the genesis of story or movie in general. Good, but not quite `ultimate'. Picture and sound are perfect, as we have come to expect in this remastered series.
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on 30 April 2009
This could possibly be a flagship in newer Bond films: action saturated more than packed, with the due amount of suspence and rhythm, with spectacular stunts and gadgets, beautiful women and two (plus a third minor one) bigger than life villains.

The plot is the usual, indifferent pretext: a media mogul, duly crazed, wants absolute power and is efficiently portrayed by a Jonathan Pryce who seems to be having tons of fun.
The comparative novelty is that the enemy power is not Russia but China, but this is little change: the only consequence of import is that one of the two female leads is beautiful -and quite athletic- Michelle Yeoh who, for once, is nearly as deadly as Bond himself in the role of a Chinese secret service colonel. She makes the most of her role (not well served by a superficial script) and is beautiful to look at: no one could legitimately ask for more.

The other female lead is the aristocratic beauty of Teri Hatcher, a former lover of 007. Hers is perhaps the only well rounded character: her love for Bond seems genuine and once in a while James seems to return her affection. She's a competent actress and the filming director makes the most not only of a flawless body but also of her sensitive face.

This not a masterpiece for sure, but fans will hardly find anything wrong in a film that begins with a breathtaking opening sequence and runs to its end without skipping a single beat.
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on 22 November 2002
You know, I really dont know why this Bond outing gets such a hard time, to me, its easily the best Brosnan and compares very favourably with Moore and Connerys material (albeit of a different style).
Some of the other reviewers here feel that the plot is left wanting and Ill grant them that there is little in the way of complexity, but there doesnt need to be. The core concept of a media magnate Bond villian in the style of a mad Murdoch figure, is a superb one. All to often Bond relies on 2D, self parodying baddies with nothing more than world domination at heart. This film makes an intelligent contribution to 21st century concerns about media manipulation without becoming dull or preaching. This lack of black and white thinking extends to the inclusion of Wai Lin, the chinese agent, who, out of step with 95% of Bond films, works for an opposing super power, and isnt inherently evil. In fact her inclusion as an ally of Jim Bond makes for a suprememly entertaning partnership, again a real progression from the usual bimbos that Bond ends up bedding!
On a lighter level, the action is the best Ive ever seen in Bond, with some masterful set peices and an amazing pre title sequence that sets the agenda from the first minute and dark humour without a raised eyebrow in sight...
What Bond should be, when its not trying to hard to steal its own past...
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on 24 December 2011
I love watching a Bond movie from time to time, and I'm particularly interested in the Pierce Brosnan era. My favourite 007 outing is Goldeneye which was not only a great movie but also a great Nintendo 64 video game that followed a couple years later. That said I think Tomorrow Never Dies is a good movie as well, even if the film critics were not so fond of it.

A British Navy ship and a couple of Chinese migs have been attacked out in the South China seas. Both Britain and China are blaming each other for trying to pick a fight with the other nation, and the incident threatens to ignite World War III. But what really started the fight were a bunch of bad guys controlling a stealth boat. MI6 believes that the mastermind behind the attack is media baron, Elliot Carver (Jonathan Pryce), who has orchestrated the incident in a bid to boost ratings for his news business, the Carver Media Group. James Bond (Pierce Brosnan) is sent in to investigate Carver and stop him. Hold on, let me get this straight. A news guy has started a fight between two countries because he wants a few more people watching his news programmes?...Oooo-kay.

Brosnan made his 2nd appearance as 007 in TND, once again bringing his excellent portrayal of the Martini-swigging secret agent: emotionally vulnerable at times but mainly super cool. I'm not so sure about Jonathan Pryce who plays the main villain, Elliot Carver. Based on his lines and the tone of his voice he sounds OK; but appearance wise he's just not convincing, and he doesn't have any standout features about him, like metal teeth or a deadly bowler hat. I don't think he can even throw a proper punch. Fortunately Bond villain respect is kept intact thanks to Gotz Otto who plays Mr. Stamper, a hard-as-nails bad guy with bleached hair, strong German accent and a strong physique. He's a true villain you can be proud to hate.

Judi Dench made her 2nd appearance as M, a now seemingly iconic role that no one can picture her not being in. Desmond Llewelyn made his 2nd to last appearance as the useful but frustrated gadget designer, Q. As for the Bond girls? Well the Desperate Housewife Teri Hatcher looks stunning in her role as Elliot Carver's wife, Paris Carver; and Michelle Yeoh who plays Wai Lin?...Ah who cares what else she's done! She looks good as well, and she can throw a mean kick.

TND is a little light on the gadgets compared to most other Bond movies. The only gadget really worth talking about is the mobile phone. But there are plenty of great action scenes, including a crazy car chase through a German parking lot. There are plenty of one-liners from Mr. Bond as well, some of which are cheesy but most of them actually sound cool. The pick of the bunch is when Bond punches a guard over a railing and into a newspaper printing machine, after which he says "They'll print anything these days."

I have the Ultimate Edition of TND which comes on two discs. Disc 1 is the actual movie while disc 2 has all the extras. They include some deleted scenes; a James Bond theme tune remix; the full version of the TND theme by Sheryl Crow; some pictures of the actors in the movie and much more. There's plenty for the diehard Bond fans to feast upon.

The plot is a little silly, and Carver isn't the most convincing villain ever to grace the Bond universe, but Tomorrow Never Dies is mostly very good. Definitely one for the hardcore Bond fans, although casual movie watchers shouldn't be afraid to take a look at this either.
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on 4 November 2014
Big fans of james bomd in my house and I found I had one missing so had to get it. My daughter now watches it too so may need a spare. U all must be familar wif bond but peirce bronon to my girl is one of the best. Due to amazon prime, well pleased wif delivery, prompt service, packed well and excellent value for such an action packed movie.
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on 17 November 2006
There are a host of reviews about this film so will focus on the digital mastering. I found the DTS sound to be a worthwhile edition. It brings alive the feature better than the 'special edition' however I was not as impressed with the picture quality. Some mosaic was often present and the colours were not as sharp as could have been. This film isn't old therefore I would have expected the picture to be a lot crisper if it actually had been digitally remastered, I really couldn't tell the difference between the 'special edition' one and this. I presume for instance Dr. No will look cleaner?

The film itself is very good and features the best Bond car chase. The title pages are rather long winded though and you'd just wish the film would get going.
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