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on 28 May 2013
An essential motorcycling accessory. The winding route planner feature is a great addition that completely changes the riding experience.

Last year I went on a 3k mile trour acroos europe on my street triple and bought a then top-of-the line garmin piece which left me entirely frustrated, prompting me to write a wishlist of what I would want to see in a SatNav. The end of my previous SatNav was swift and sad - i failed to properly click it into the badly designed mount, and it died under the wheels of several cars on a motorway near Cote D'Azur, giving me an opportunity to upgrade.

TomTom River V5 is a blast and meets nearly every requirement on the wish list I devised last year. Here is a summary:

Build: Awesome. Small, easy access to port, excellent mounting system that is impossible to mis-mount, built of very nice, leathery plastic that just feels good in your hand.

Screen: Good. Its not like an Iphone in terms of touch ergonomics, but that is not necessarilly a minus. No gestures available, but buttons are there to press and they respond to every glove in my wardrobe with accuracy. Unlike the Garmin piece I owned, this one has very ergonomic map that can be scrolled and used to put down waypoints with ease. A great feature. Menu system is good. Some functions could be more intuitive, but overall - everything is there and accessible during a traffic light stop, so no complaints there. Not sure I've ever seen a gadget with a menu system that left me without complaints.

Winding Route Planner: A Blast!!! This is the feature that makes this SatNav. It does exactly what it says - plans a route through small roads in the countryside. I found it to be an absolute thrill. No need to spend hours on confusing motorcycle route planner websites, just start your bike, choose a town a hundred or so km away and ask TomTom to plan a winding route for you. What you get is a very fun journey. Every time i took me though a stunning route among hills, fields and beautiful scenery I never knew existed around London.

Map: Its still behind googlemaps in terms of map clarity and function.
Voice guidance: Not sure if its my headset or the SatNav, but voice guidance is distorted and hard to understand at speed. Had the same issue with Garmin.
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on 18 June 2013
Map detail, routes and menus are good. Have a previous Tom Tom so does all I was used to and expect.
I have tried to pair it with my Scala headset, and iphone and I also have a rider to pillion headset.
I know the rider to pillion and interface with the phone for music works fine.
Try and add the Tom Tom Rider and it all gets confused. Trying to revert back to Tom Tom instructions after a conversation with the pillion just doesn't always happen and I have had to do a factory reset to get the audio and pairing back.
I have reverted to unpairing the telephone with the tom tom and just having one or other. Either I can listen to music and chat to pillion or I can hear tom tom instructions and talk to pillion and also have to manually turn her off sometimes to get tom tom instructions when I need it as it won't break into a conversation even when we have been quiet for some time.
Fortunately, the screem display is good and most of the time just glancing down will do the job.
I was also hoping to use this in the car as it has lifetime maps and will be more unto date than my in car sat nav.
Despite bluetooth availablilty in the car for phone and built in sat nav, this tom tom will not pair and as it has no built in speaker will mean another £50 to get a powered mount with speaker. Rip off.
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on 21 August 2013
I have had the rider version 1 & 2 but this is far better than them both, the screen can still be seen in bright daylight, the screen is bigger and a nice size.
Free maps for life will save a fortune over the years and all the features and menus are up to Tom Tom high standard.
The Bluetooth connects to everything first time of asking.
Just a bit pricey but worth every penny.
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on 17 March 2014
This product has enhanced my weekend ride considerably with the new 'winding roads' option. To often I would choose a point on the map and head towards it, trying to avoid the main arteries as they are not the reason I was out there ...I'm a fairweather rider and will happily admit it. Now I can pre-plan a spot, head to it and enjoy the ride.
It also gives clear instructions via a headset including speed cameras and excessive speed warnings, which I find useful.
The unit is pricey (compared to the car version ...why??) and is not much different than my previous Tom Tom One in terms of visual graphics but it is obviously more intelligent in terms of software. The supplied ram mount keeps the unit stable and lifetime maps is an obvious plus.
One word of warning though, if you have it set on the minimum setting it will take you down lanes that are little more than a farmers track ...often littered with gravel. Gravel is not your friend on 2 wheels.
I recommend the unit and would buy again.
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on 26 March 2017
If you tour or travel a lot then this is a must have really.
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on 23 May 2013
The main difference between this new one and the old is the big screen which works really well. Sadly the touch screen is the same technology as the old one, I don't know if anyone at TomTom owns a mobile phone but they could learn a few things.
I have upgraded from the version 2 and don't regret it, but I was expecting more in the box like a case or a bluetooth intercom system (which came with v2).
If you want a case Currys sell an ebook case that just the right size for £7.99.
I was impressed with the number of hotels in the POIs and the itinerary that allows you to save routes from the Web 'Tyre on Travel' software.
The 'Tyre on Travel' software is excellent and will convert Garmin files into TomTom itinerary files,
connection and file transfer is easy. I look forward to trying out some of the routes on there if/when the weather finally improves.
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on 15 October 2013
Had been using a Navman S70 but treated myself to the Tomtom Rider as the Navman wouldn't charge on my bike. One advantage of this over using a car one is the little hood and special screen which allows it to be viewed in bright sunlight. TyretoTravel is a great piece of software which lets you plot a route then load it into the Rider and away you go! Having changed from a sportsbike onto an adventure bike going further but slower is what appeals to me these days so being able to use the twisty route setting will get me out into the scenery where I like to be now. The lifetime free map updates really appealed as I can't buy any for my 2009 Navman anymore and I don't want to be getting lost in the backwoods in 10 years time.

So it does what you would expect, it does it well, and the twisty routes option is great for getting you off the A roads out into the scenery where the fun lives. Highly recommended
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on 27 February 2015
I'm not a big user of SatNavs, preferring as I do to find my way by instinct / sense of smell. But I decided to get the TomTom Rider for a forthcoming tour of Europe. Old age is making me less inclined to want to be lost in the pouring rain somewhere in France, with a disintegrating map and steamed-up reading glasses. So I've taken the TomTom, paired with a Sena 3S-W Bluetooth headset on a test run, and I found it easy to set up, and the spoken directions clear and easy to follow. I think Jane (the TomTom voice) and I will get along just fine in France and Spain. We haven't argued yet, which is nice.
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on 24 January 2014
Excellent satnav - I had the original Rider 1 for 7 years but this is a leap forward in many ways. The screen is bigger, the Ram mount is solid (unlike the weedy original one) and it wires straight onto the battery. It loads routes from Tyre and it connected well with the Scala G9 headset. Free map updates too, but no padded cover for the device when off the bike.

I have found Tomtoms much more reliable than the much vaunted Garmins, two of my pals who toured Europe with me last year had recurring problems with their newish Garmins which crashed regularly! Amazon had the best price that I could find and delivery was swift and uneventful.
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on 11 September 2014
Nice piece of kit and a real step up from my previous Rider 2nd addition in both ease of use, readability and the planning facilities. First one nearly survived 18 days and 3K miles in Central Europe in the worst rain I've ever ridden through! Nearly, because it proved not to be wholly waterproof and misted up after it's soaking. Amazon were quick and efficient in replacing immediately however..still a happy bunny overall.
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