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4.0 out of 5 stars
4.0 out of 5 stars
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on 8 April 2008
TOM CLANCY'S RAINBOW SIX VEGAS 2 is set before and during the events of the previous game, and has you controlling Bishop. For most of the game you are flanked by Michael and Jung (who you may remember joined you at the Las Vegas strip in the previous game), and an optional second player (yes, this time around, two-player co-op campaign includes the computer-controlled AI like Mike and Jung!), either split-screen or online, using a drop-in, drop-out method.

As before, you can carry two main guns, a pistol, and two special grenades. This time, however, to start with only a small number of these are available to use, and the others can only be unlocked by scoring a high-enough rating to improve skills such as marksmanship, close-quarters battling and explosives (you can get points for things such as head-shots, kills while using ropes, and other special methods). The good thing is that you can improve your player's stats both online and offline, taking your character from the campaign into the terrorist hunts and multiplayer versus modes! Despite this, you can still take the guns of downed enemies, even if you haven't unlocked them for selection in outfitting stations yourself (although they disappear if you don't keep them when you visit such a station).

It's fair to say that, if you liked RSV1 then you'll probably like this, but maybe not quite as much. Whereas RSV1 was really quite well thought-out, there doesn't seem to have been quite the same level of care taken in this newer game.

Some bits slow down to a point where the frame-rate drops and the on-screen movement becomes jerky (even offline). The music and sound effects, as well as many of the yells from the terrorists themselves, have been largely borrowed from the previous game, although there are some new ones. This might seem lazy to some.

The game is much more annoying than before, too. It seems to be more prone to crashing (as I write this the game's only been out for just over a fortnight and it's crashed three times already on my 360). There are also more cheap deaths resulting, partly due to some sloppy design, partly due to the fact that bullets can now penetrate certain cover types, and partly due to you simply not being able to survive as many hits as you could seem to in the previous game. This could lead to some very frustrating deaths, and even the Terrorist Hunts on the lowest difficulty setting will test your gaming skills!

Only two players can play simultaneous co-op, even online (the previous RSV allowed four) -- while you still have two AI cohorts that make up the four, they are controlled only by player one. The thing is, the AI of your two CPU cohorts still gets in a muddle, and seems to be more problematic than it was in RSV1. (Terrorist Hunts still permit up to four players, though, which is good because they are really hard!)

The biggest problem with RSV2 is that it really doesn't add much to what we saw in RSV1 (which is now available on the Classics budget label). Yes, the ability to develop your character offline as well as on is a good idea, and you can now sprint and directly order your CPU-controlled friends to throw a grenade in a specific direction, but apart from that the game still feels like the previous game.

Don't get me wrong, the game's still quite good, but it's just a shame that more was not done to make it stand out, not only from its predecessor, but from other shooters. With Call Of Duty 4: Modern Warfare doing the rounds online and offline, RSV2 just doesn't quite reach the dizzying heights of success of that game and doesn't look and sound as good either.
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on 19 March 2008
I've played both the 1st and now the 2nd installments of the RSV series and both are very impressive, tactical and good looking games.

However, the new game RSV2, is pretty much the same as RS1.
graphics are the same, gameplay the same, etc. This is not such as bad thing as when RSV1 came out, it was the best FPS on next gen consoles. But with games like COD4, which RSV2 borrows heavily from (the ranking system, almost identical/ability to shoot through cover/sprinting, etc.) the new game is looking a bit tired and, in my opinion, just not as good a COD4.

The online play for RSV2 is very good. It is a vast progression of vegas 2 with true "jump in" two player co-op, plus extra terrorist hunt missions, 13 new maps and 2 new game types, will have you comming back for more. But, not as addictive as COD4, and with less features.

If you liked the first vegas game, the chances are, you'll love the new one. But if you haven't played the first, it may look a little dated compared to tiles like COD4.


Storyline - 4/5
Graphics - 3/5
Gameplay - 5/5
Online - 4/5
Overall - 4/5
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on 18 January 2014
Tom Clancy's Rainbow 6 Vega 2 (mouthful) is a tactical 1st/3rd person shooter.

The story is boring and alone, not too fun. The AI, both your teammates and the terrorists have less IQ than that of The Only Way Is Essex making it a chore to command your team and too much of a breeze to plow through enemies. However, when with friends the game's fun meter shoots up. You can only have 1 friend company you in single player, but that's not where the fun is located. No sir, you want Terrorist Hunt for laughs and PvP for realism.

Terrorist Hunt: Up to 4 players, Terrorist hunt has several difficulty settings (AI is still stupid) that, if set to the highest, doubles the initial amount of AI and their damage. This forces you and your friends to work together to get rid of the threat making it genuinely tense when you're going into an unknown room or hearing voice/footsteps in the distance.

PvP: Online can have up to 8 vs 8 - team Rainbow vs Terrorists. Here is the only way you'll feel you're playing against real terrorists because they are real people that think, communicate and work together. If you run through like CoD you will die. Very tense.

Buy for co-op/PvP fun, skip the campaign.
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on 20 March 2008
Just spent several hours dipping into the various offline and on-line modes. Whilst there is plenty to choose from, so far it all feels lacklustre and underwhelming.

It is also hard to adjust to both the visuals, controls and general gameplay after playing much Call of Duty 4 multiplayer over the past few days. In fact I have just spent the last hour playing Call of Duty 4 on-line and comparing the two, just from a technical standpoint alone as I know the games are of a different nature gameplay-wise, the difference is staggering. CoD 4 looks so photorealistic and the game-play much more accessible. In some instances the visuals in R6:Vegas 2 are shocking and,not to over exaggerate, typical of last generation.

On-line I think Terrorist Hunt works well but in your usual deathmatch fare it is hard to score kills and simply not much fun (for me anyway). I can jump right into CoD 4 sessions almost straight away, whereas here there seems to be much waiting around.

Still there is quite a lot on offer but the developers really should have spent more time adding the necessary final polish. I know I have been comparing this game with Call of Duty 4 but Infinity Ward raised the standards so high now that it is hard not to judge any shooter by its standards.

It may grow on me more over the next few days but from the all important first impression, it is low.
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on 16 April 2016
Game is so addictive! If ur looking for a really good coop campaign to sit with ya mate n do it split screen its a really good game!! Really fast delivery, came in two days, disc and cover is basically brand new game works like you've just took it out the packaging i have ordered at least 10 more different games will be ordering more X
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on 23 July 2008
1. If like me, you really enjoyed the original vegas, then, as this is pretty much more of the same, vegas 2 won't disappoint
2. There's plenty of thrilling and tense tactical gun fights to battle your way through, always very satisfying and fun.
3. Just about the best control set-up of any game I've played, both in the weapons handling and in the ease whith which you order your two buddies around.
4. You can now run, which although a small addition, does add to the excitement as you race for cover to avoid being mowed down by a turret gun or sniper

1. Map textures where often a bit flat and boring as if the game was rushed out (it's only a year since the original was released).
2. Seeing as all he development cost was met in the previous game I see no reason why these add-ons should cost the same as the orininal release.
3. The story didn't make one bit of sense to me but isn't that nearly always the case in computer games.
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on 2 March 2014
Chose buying this game for a friend as the strange low price of £2.00. To my surprise, it came as advertised; Brand New. Compared to my personal copy, the scratches were apparent, but no worse than mine. Delivery was swift and packaging was standard.

Onto the game itself; As much as i can say that it is fairly similar to RSV1, the sequel holds well more so than its predecessor due to the slightly larger array of weaponry, so im quite happy about that. As well as this, there was more form of story interaction with the players during co-op play, as opposed to RSV1, where not a single character spoke to you, making the online campaign seem more like a really long terrorist hunt. A very large positive to this game is character customisation is immensely frequent throughout the campaign and multiplayer, letting the player play as their own personal "Bishop".

Overall, the game is recommended for a max price of at least £12 by today's standards, and would certainly buy from my selected seller again, should a steal of a price come back around :)
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on 27 March 2008
This game kicks some serious ass and is possibly one of the best first person shooters to date, but I'm fed up of all the Call of Duty 4 fan boys putting this game down because there not identical. This game requires you to think outside the box, you must skillfully and intelligently make your way through the game in order to be successful.

Another great thing about this game is that you get to use objects and walls as cover and being honest it's overly more realistic than other first person shooters (including Call of Duty 4).

I really like Call of Duty I just want other people to open there minds and think that just because Call of Duty is not in the title it's going to be poor.

We can all agree that Call of Duty 4 is a great game but please stop comparing it to every game that comes out, I mean there are others out there!
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on 1 July 2008
the game is just fantastic. RSV1 was probably the best tactical shooter out there, but this one! WOW! its even better than the first installment. i've played every FPS that you can think of, and yes, including COD4, but this game is just in another league. although COD4 is good fun to play, RSV2 has got much more to deliver and the graphics are even better!


A must buy for all tactical FPS fans
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on 19 March 2008
THIS IS CLASS!!. This game is just continues from Vegas 1 and yes it is an exspansion pack. But if you are like me and loved Vegas 1 then you simply want more. I completed Vegas 1 and disppointed that it was all over, then Vegas 2 came out at just the right time. I have to say, they have kept everything very much the same but with new improvements of the graphics and they are alot better and most importantly the gameplay is a whole lot smoother, with new features. It's clever how they kept the gameplay the same as Vegas 1 but making a few changes to improve the gameplay, so it does not appear as a completely new game and make people like me disappointed. Shooting action in the game is superb, it's swift, tactical and best of all. You get a great satisfaction when achieved a head shot on 2 enemies, while running to cover. Then your team mates compliment you, just like they do on Vegas 1. They say "Great Shot Mate". I don't think many gamers appreciate the quality of this game, it's in a league of it's own. And for me 12 years of gaming. This is the best shooter I have played. My 2 most favourite features in the game is being able to run to cover, like it is on COD4, so you can run to cover quickly, coz it needed that badly in Vegas 1 and also making customizations on your character, whether it's weapons or outfits. Well I'm not disappointed. I think it's by far one of the best Special Forces shooting action game out there so far and one of the best shooters of all time. I do agree with IGN when they say it's not the best sequel in the world from Vegas 1. But it doesn't matter. COD4 will always stand as the greatest online game ever made. But for single player, Vegas 1 and 2 are better than COD4 and lets not forget co-op online play on Vegas 2, it's quite simply outstanding. You can play through the levels, exactly as you can through single player, with a gamer. But I prefer to play with a friend, through the mic and help eachother out through the levels.

So if you thought Vegas 1 was great then buy Vegas 2. Coz it's iceing on the cake from Vegas 1.
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