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4.7 out of 5 stars
4.7 out of 5 stars
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Season seven of Frasier marked several turning points in the show's direction. Onscreen, we witness the culmination of the long-running Niles/Daphne attraction, in a storyline which builds over the course of several episodes, concluding with the season finale. Offscreen, two of the driving forces behind the show, Christopher Lloyd and Joe Keenan, made an unexpected departure (although they returned for the 11th and final season). Due to the big changes wrought by these factors, this season of Frasier stands as the show's peak. That is not to say that the remaining four seasons were poor; but they certainly never matched the quality of the early years, or season seven either, for that matter. Without the hilarity of Niles' schoolboy crush on Daphne, or the regular mentions of his bizarre ex-wife Maris, the show lacks some of its best, most reliably funny humour. After season seven, Niles and Daphne seem to become different characters, less humorous than before. Relish, therefore, this engaging season of Frasier, as it truly does mark the end of an era!

The episodes contained on this four-disc DVD set are:
1.) Momma Mia
2.) Father of the Bride
3.) Radio Wars
4.) Everyone's a Critic
5.) The Dog That Rocks the Cradle
6.) Rivals
7.) A Tsar is Born
8.) The Late Dr. Crane
9.) The Apparent Trap
10.) Back Talk (Part 1)
11.) The Fight Before Christmas (Part 2)
12.) Rdwrer
13.) They're Playing Our Song
14.) Big Crane on Campus
15.) Out With Dad
16.) Something About Dr. Mary
17.) Whine Club
18.) Hot Pursuit
19.) Morning Becomes Entertainment
20.) To Thine Old Self Be True
21.) Three Faces of Frasier
22.) Dark Side of the Moon
23.) Something Borrowed, Someone Blue (Part 1)
24.)Something Borrowed, Someone Blue (Part 2)

There are many standout episodes in this season, including 'A Tsar is Born' (in which Frasier and Niles believe they may belong to the Russian aristocracy); 'Back Talk' (one of the most important episodes in the series' history, thanks to a groggy Frasier's revelation during a massage from Daphne); 'Out With Dad', in which the Crane boys go to extreme lengths to save Martin from an unwanted admirer; 'Morning Becomes Entertainment', in which Frasier's stand-in role on a morning TV show beckons stardom for hsi agent, the brilliantly manipulative Bebe Glazer; and the epic 'Something Borrowed, Someone Blue' two-parter, which ends with a sublime cliffhanger. Overall, this is an unmissable season of Frasier!
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on 9 February 2006
The seventh season is definitely the best season (well equally the best along with season 4). It contans fantastic episodes such as Back Talk, The Fight Before Christmas, Dark Side Of The Moon and Something Borrowed Someone Blue parts 1 & 2. The opening episode (Momma Mia) sees Frasier date a woman who looks identical to his mother. At first he can't see it until Niles points it out to him! In "The Dog That Rocks The Cradle" (great episode) we see the return of Bulldog who becomes a babysitter for Roz's baby. Bulldog confesses in the end that he just wanted to be the babysitter because he's in love with Roz!In "Back Talk" we see Frasier's back go out - he takes medication and ends up telling Daphne that Niles is in love with her! In "Dark Side Of The Moon" ,which happens to be my favourite episode from this season, we see Daphne talking to a therapist where she realises that she loves both Niles and her fioncee Donny! In the season finale, " Something Borrowed Someone Blue" Niles elopes with his girlfriend Mel and Daphne makes the final preparations for her big wedding day. In the final scene we see Daphne become a run-away bride running off with Niles! The two finally get together! But what will happen to Donny and Mel? How will Daphne and Niles get out of it?
The DVD itself has NO special features which is very disappointing but in some of the previous Frasier DVD's we've had to watch previews before the main menu comes up but on this boxset you have the option to either watch the previews or go straight to the main menu. Overall a good purchase but no special features (come on Paramount get your act together) but still gets five stars because it's Frasier.
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VINE VOICEon 25 July 2007
Season 7 of Frasier is finally available on DVD in the UK and it is probably the most exciting season yet. This is the series when Daphne finally finds out about Niles' secret love for her, however she is in the process of arranging her marriage to her lawyer fiance, Donny when she hears the news and Niles has also met a new love, Mel, who seems to have all of Maris's worst characteristics, so things couldn't be more difficult and awkward for the two of them.

With this main storyline aside there are some absolutley hilarious episodes such as Bulldog's love for Roz being revealed after he begins scaring off all of her dates; Fraiser dates a women who is identical to his mother; Martin buys a camper van; and Frasier also gets a new producer on his show whilst Roz is on holiday who he eventually can't stand and begins to steal his show.

Once again Kelsey Grammar and the gang provide hours of side-splitting entertainment with some of the funniest scripts and fast-paced comedy, proving that this is one of the best and most hilarious US sitcoms ever. I can't wait to get season 8 now to find out what happens next!
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on 10 July 2009
I am a Frasier Crane nut, and I simply can't get enough of this programme - thankfully this series did not disappoint, with some fantastic episodes, with well thought-through plot lines, and the classic humour we have come to expect.
A must-buy for fans of the series.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 21 December 2016
I had thought that by the time we had reached season seven that the comedy would have started to dry up, but no. Although the opening episode of the season is not as great as previous ones, the wit and genius keeps coming. Two particularly fantastic quotes from season seven are the fake school Latin motto ‘Semper Ubi Sub Ubi’ and the retort that, if less is more, “just think how much more more would be!” The only downside that I can detect is the poor humour given to the character of the station manager, played by Tom McGowan.

So what surprises does season seven bring? Well, Bulldog is now a pizza delivery man in the aptly-titled episode ‘The Dog that Rocks the Cradle’. Lilith makes her usual one-episode appearance in ‘The Apparent Trip’, as does Frasier’s fearsome agent Bebe Glazer in ‘Morning Becomes Entertainment’

New repeat characters include Mel, Niles’s new woman, and Daphne’s brother Simon in another aptly-titled episode called ‘The Dark Side of the Moon’. In that late episode, Daphne starts to have doubts about Donny, having earlier in the season discovered Niles’s devotion to her. The big shock is that she realises that she loves Niles just as he marries Mel. Will the high humour level survive the deluge to come in season eight?
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VINE VOICEon 7 January 2009
Series 7 is, of course, the one where Niles and Daphne finally get together and plot developments in this story are cleverly sprinkled across the episodes with a very moving final episode. The majority of the episodes here are extremely funny with some superb episodes - Martin pretending to be gay, the Russian princess etc. Nevertheless I am not convinced this series reaches the heights of some of the early ones. For example, apart from the final episode, there is very little on-screen chemistry between Niles and Daphne. A couple of episodes of the quality of "Moondance" would really have helped build the romantic tension. Secondly, Niles' girlfriend for the series - Mel - is a deeply unsympathetic character and the episodes she features in tend to be annoying rather than funny. Thirdly we meet Daphne's dreadful family in the last couple of episodes. Their characters, in my view, do not enhance any episode they are in, and positively spoil the next series. Finally a small minority of the episodes seem to rehash storylines from past series - another Winnebago episode ! - meaning we've seen the jokes before and they are less funny this time.

Having said all that, there are many excellent episodes in Series 7 and it is well worth the money. The last episode of the series is one of the most moving of all.
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VINE VOICEon 22 August 2007
That Friday night with Dr Frasier Crane was practically a tradition in the 90s on Channel 4 but around season 7 it seemed to start getting bounced around to different timeslots and then eventually wound up on obscure triple bill Sattellite channels so I just gave up and started buying the video's. The quality of the acting and writing is superb. Many people had wearied of the dynamic of the characters by the final season in 2004 but I think as a comedy it's production values will remain in a league of their own-some superb stuff here from the 2000 series.
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on 26 November 2007
I have been disappointed by Frasier so far. I remember it from its original broadcast as being a great show. Unfortunately watching the DVDs has not been as enjoyable as I would have expected. The show can be a bit dull and not as funny as I expected. It picked up after the first few seasons but it never really matched how I remembered it.

This season is like what I thought the whole series would be like. Great, very funny episodes back to back; although the quality veers off a bit at the end of disc 3 and the first half of disc 4 as they waste time before the final wedding episodes.

I remember that the programme went downhill after Niles and Daphne got together so I think I'm safe in saying that this is the best season they made.

If you like Frasier but don't want to buy all the box sets then this is the season you should buy.

Curiously Bob 'Bulldog' Briscoe appears to have left the show as he is in only one episode?
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on 6 April 2008
Superb - and a bargain at less than £14 for 24 episodes. Just buy it.
Why is there nothing like this on (UK)TV nowadays?
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on 15 September 2013
What a great series this is. I watched it on television when it aired originally in the UK and greatly missed it when it finished. I absolutely adore all the characters (and Eddie!). I don't think I'll every get bored of watching it.
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