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on 14 March 2017
Delivered as agreed, no problems so far.
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on 10 December 2014
Fantastic service and product,
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on 29 January 2002
I bought this when the film came out and all I can say is thank God it is not an audio cassette or it would have worn out by now. Whilst every track is fantastic the best are the haunting "Rose", "The Sinking" (fantastic violin playing) and the "Death of Titanic" - haunting and robust. The score runs in much the order of the film so you can imagine the scenes in the correct order when listening to it. The only (small) critisim I have is that "A Building Panic" from Horner's follow-up "Return to Titanic" was not included here between tracks 8 and 9. Otherwise, if you're one of the very few who doesn't own this CD yet, go out and buy it. It should be in your collection.
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on 26 August 2017
I loved Titanic - thought it was a beautiful film. Cried my eyes out so I did. Have been listening to this cd of the music from the film which was one of its great strengths. The score was composed by James Horner and the album is produced by him - the tracks include wonderfully evocative orchestral and instrumental music (featuring what I believe is the Irish bagpipes) as well as the beautiful ballad My Heart Will Go On performed by the brilliant Celine Dion. A splendid CD to complement a splendid film.
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on 18 March 2001
The panoply of emotions that this soundtrack conveys is something of a 20th century feat in film music. From the deeply mechanical movements of the ship to the woeful outpourings of its doomed passengers, Horner manages to play an important role in our suspension of disbelief as viewers. If any one composer has made moviegoers feel more empathy towards characters and strikingly conveyed the grandeur of the mother of all moving objects then it is Horner. What is most intelligent with this soundtrack though is his inherent ability to blend the most authentic music of the time with the modern. To understand the size of achievement here we can't say that we have something bigger than John Wiliiams's Star Wars or ET which revolutionised our viewing of modern film, but we can say that it comes pretty near, especially when we look at the technological blending of music that Horner manages to so convincingly and satisfyingly manipulate. Music can extend the emotional and psychological range of characters and envelop and involve audiences in ways nothing else in movies can, and with this soundtrack Horner has done it perfectly.
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on 4 September 2003
Well James horner has produced a wonderfull score which captures
the drama and the majesty of story of titanic, the music tells it's own story as we watch and remember those who lost their lives in this maritime disaster.
for those who love horners music this is a great score to have,
i play this cd all time, it's wonderfull.
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on 5 February 2013
'Titanic' is my ultimate film score and I listen to it an awful lot, it's one of those that has such quality that you can never tire of hearing it. Every track is perfect, from haunting melodies that bring tears to your eyes to powerful, pounding ensembles that make your heart race. If I had to pick favorites, my first would be 'Hard to Starboard'. You can literally feel the tension building through the music as the ship approaches the iceberg and can then pinpoint the moment of the collision along with the frantic attempts to get the ship clear. By the end of the track you're left feeling like the characters - breathless, hoping enough was done to get out of the way in time along with that horrible feeling that it didn't work.

'Death of Titanic' is quite simply the best piece of music ever. The section at 6 minutes in sounds like people crying, it sounds so freaky but at the same time it's heart rendering because of the emotion that you can feel coming through it, such genius conducting.

The score takes you through all sorts of human emotions: distant and haunting memories, hope and excitement, euphoria, increasing danger, dreaded realization, panic, hope lost, unbearable sadness, hope of new beginnings and final peace. It's difficult to find ways to describe this kind of music that really do it justice.

This introduced me to JH and his other work, as a result I believe myself to be his number 1 fan as I don't think he has produced anything that I can't connect with. He gives you all that music should be and much more.

For me, 'Titanic' is Horner's greatest piece and it will always be an immense pleasure for me to listen to it time after time.
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on 12 October 2014
I don't know what it is about this soundtrack, but it does something to my body that I just love. I know that sounds really odd, but whenever I hear this music, my hairs stand on end, I get goose-pimples all over and I just melt. It's the most mesmerising music ever and I still get the same reaction several years on and many listenings later. Just wonderful.
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on 12 February 2016
The late and great James Horner wrote many wonderful soundtracks during his life time.

This CD I bought whilst I was in America back in 1997 as at that point the film hadn’t been released in the UK.

Music was composed and conducted by the late and great James Horner.

The CD booklet has the track listing, an article by James Cameron and there are some lovely still photos from the film.

This CD is also a picture disc, it shows part of the “Titanic” all in blue.

If you were to ask me if I’d any favourites I’d have to say yes, (even though I love listening to the entire CD set), it’s “Rose”. I can no longer listen to the great song “My Heart Will Go On” because it was played at my late fathers’ funeral, (we picked that song because of the words), so at the moment it still has sad memories attached to it.

Personally I love this soundtrack it reminds me of such a great film as well as a great composer.
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on 8 April 2013
First, be careful. if you already have Titanic soundtrack AND return to Titanic, you don't need this, this is just a re-packaged format of those two. If however you want one or the other, the extra pound or two to get this is worth it. All the music you enjoyed and can now understand (first time I listened to this was before I saw the film and was bored rigid with it).

Delicate piano bits, soaring dramatic tunes, melodic aaahhhhiinng from Sissel and of course that song that you either love or hate.
James Horner is probably as prolific but less known than John Williams in the world of movie soundtrack. This is undoubtedly his best and deservedly won an oscar and I truly believe without out we would all have wanted the Titanic sunk much sooner than it did, instead lay back, headphones on and reimagine in your own head as you listen to the titanic sail, sink and be mourned.
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