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on 23 August 2013
Solid feeling watch that may be chunkier than you think. It's 12mm thick if that helps
your decision. The leather strap is strong, water resistant and looks good quality.
Not like some of the weedy looking ones that you see that look fragile and you end
up with white threads peeling out of fastening holes.
The compass works ok and seems to read the same as the stand alone compass that
I have. It is affected by large metal objects such as fridge freezers, but you don't meet
many of them in the wilderness. :-) It is easy to set up.
Date is quite small and may be difficult to see if you wear glasses and are not wearing
them when you glance at the watch. Again, easy to change the date.
The tide function works but may need regular recalibrating to keep it accurate. This is
easy to do and there are many tide table sources available on the web.
Temperature reading is accurate when not on wrist, but obviously reads body heat when worn.
The only thing I don't like, which is why I dropped it to 4 stars, is that they've made the lower
half of the 4th hand the same colour and roughly the same size and shape as the hour hand.
This means that you can't just glance at the watch to get the time, because when you do
you initially see two hour hands which makes you pause and check which is which. They
should have made it orange the same as the top half.
A way around this, if you don't need the tide function, is to set the tide times so that the hour
hand covers the lower half of the 4th hand as they go round roughly in unison.
You can leave the 4th hand in either tide or temp mode, the compass mode only stays
reading for approx 30 seconds and then reverts back to what you originally set, either tide
or temperature.
You have a low battery warning with the second hand. If it starts to read seconds in 2 second
jumps it means the battery is low. If it reads in 5 second jumps it means it is about to give out

Quite pleased with the watch. It is solid and well made with a good quality strap. For longevity
only time will tell. I've had my automatic Seiko for 33 years and it still looks like new. So this
Timex will have a lot to live up to if it is going to match the Seiko.

Hope this review will assist you in making your decision as we all look for different things in a watch.
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on 7 December 2013
Yes it's large and I've had my leg pulled but it does the business. My house is practically on the beach of the largest Scottish sea loch so I obviously own a boat and go fishing, so the watch comes in handy - if you don't know how then you don't need a watch like this! I've read some of the previous reviews which are mostly complimentary. Most tide watches need occasional adjustment and yes the thermometer is influenced by body temperature but it's no hastle taking the watch off to get a reading. The compass is influenced by nearby magnetic metal but so is any compass. I'm not put off by peoples opinion of Timex or Casio. In my opinion this watch feels like a good solid piece of equipment and I'm very pleased with it so far.
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on 30 January 2014
I've had this for just two days and didn't even worn it much, but this watch is fantastic! Especially for the price.

I really like the larger and ticker band, the leather (but maybe not genuine - it says water resistant leather) strap - it feels kinda cheap on the inside and synthetic on the outside, but it looks very good on the wrist, especially with the embroidering little wholes. The band has a nice aluminium finish. The watch itself is a little bigger than the regular sized watch, but it isn't heavy at all.
The compass works very well after calibration - there's a video on youtube showing how to do that. Be sure to also set the declination value for your region after the calibration. You can find it online. The temperature reading works ok, but not very fast - it needs around 5-10 minutes to make a reading when going from inside to outside in the winter (20-30 degrees difference). I haven't tried it in water (yet), but they say it should work. Just make sure that you don't press any buttons when inside the water.

Overall I am very happy with the purchase. I hope that this watch will last me many years. It surely looks like it will.

One thing about the packaging - there was a layer of dust inside and there weren't any plastic wraps at all on the watch. Looks like a returned one, but no other marks or something showing usage. The packaging box is on the cheapish side, certainly not like Armani... I bought it from Kay's Watch Shop on Amazon for 2.5 GBP less than the current Amazon's price, but at the time Amazon didn't have it in stock...
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on 10 January 2014
I agree that the watch is big ,but it is a good looking watch.
It is not so heavy (86grams) so it is comfortable on the hand.
Compass and temp work very well. Tide function is not tested yet

One downside is when i read time my eyes focus first on the indicator hand (temp compass tide hand) and then to time hands. I think that i will get used it eventually.

Nice watch at a very good price that time will show how durable it is

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on 16 August 2013
Actually I did thorough research on this time piece so I knew what to expect. Leather strap is quite good, Tide and the temperature are as expected. I knew that, while having watch on the risk it will actually measure my body temperature and it is really accurate :) Indiglo light is quite good and I can read time in pitch black. Only what I am not pleased with, is a compass. I sow in couple of video presentations that it is working fine, but on my watch it is not. Simply while rotating the watch compass doesn't preserve north direction. I will probably send it back, but it doesn't affect overall impression. I love how it looks on my risk :)
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on 3 October 2014
Nice watch, I normally only buy high end Citizen Eco Drive and this is only a Timex so buying it for 50 quid on the daily deals seemed like a good idea. It feels well put together and looks OK. I have a decent sized wrist so it doesn't look too big.

The tide function works perfectly, the thermometer function is affected by body temperature but leave it standing and it is accurate enough for normal needs. The compass works well and is fairly accurate away from metal and magnets.

The strap is excellent quality and feels well made, the time is easy to read and this is one of the few watches where I can see the date without my glasses..!

All in all, for 50 quid I am happy.
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on 17 December 2014
I wear this on my right arm because it hurts to wear it on my left with them 3 buttons stabbing my wrist. Other than that the watch works perfectly.
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on 7 October 2014
Arrived within the time stated. Very good watch. After calibration the compass seems accurate to within 2-3 degrees which I am happy with.
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on 23 February 2015
I love this watch!

Very well made, solid build, nice materials and looks incredible. The compass works and is relatively accurate - you might not use it to travel the globe but it gives you an idea of the right direction you need to head. I haven't used the tide function. The face-glo is a good touch too! :)
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on 13 October 2013
temperature is a bit off sometimes due to body temperature
as for the tide, could not confirm yet, it uses magnet field from the moon to tell tide.
compass is nice but does not work inside a car for example or near magnetic/iron materials
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