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4.6 out of 5 stars
4.6 out of 5 stars
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on 25 March 2004
I've been a big Cypress fan since their self titled album back in '91. Right up to Temples of Boom I loved them, the funky-nasal raps, the big smokey beats .. the paranoia .. everything. I felt a bit let down by 'IV' 'Skull & Bones' and 'Stoned raiders' - They drifted away from everything that made them different and became just another gangster hip-hop act, the rock-rap crossover era just didn't cut it for me. Thank God for this then, 'Till death do us part' sees The Hill boys return to top form. The tracks vary in style, 'Another body drops' Kicks off the album, rapid fire raps, busy bassline and gunshots, 'Till death comes' is laced with piano and strings, 'Latin thugs' follows in the style of 'Latin Lingo' but with a harder edge featuring Tego Calderon doing some great aggresive Latin raps, 'Ganja Bus' which features the ragga vocal stylings of Damian Marley (Yes, Son of Bob)wouldn't sound out of place in a club, 'What's your number' featuring Tim Armstrong (Rancid frontman)- samples the Clash's 'Guns of Brixton' and 'Once again' is a typical Stomping Party song in the vein of 'Insane in the brain'. The dark side of the band is still present on tracks such as 'Never know' and the title track 'Till death us do part'. It did Muggs no harm to venture out alone and experiment in different styles, such as his Trip-hop album 'Dust'. What you get here is Cypress back to their best since Black Sunday. Dark, moody and still ever so slightly Paranoid .. but now they sound like their having fun and are in party mood again. Play it LOUD.
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on 12 December 2004
I've been a big Hill fan since I heard Insane in the Brain. Black Sunday sounded great from start to finish. I then got their first album and while it took a while to get into, I got there and it was well worth it. Then the third album came out, and I thought that was it. It never grew on me and I thought that like many successful bands they had stopped trying and were just riding the wave. My enthusiasm for them waned.
Then in the final year at university I came across IV, I had no idea they'd been in the studio again, I figured they burnt themselves out after Temples of Boom, having gone their separate ways with the threesome all doing their own things. This album was to me a revelation. Checkmate, Riot starter and Lightening strikes all had a new and vibrantly aggressive edge. They managed however to keep to their roots with the likes of Tequila Sunrise and Dr Greenthumb.
Skull & Bones was a fabulous mix and it was with great relief I listened to it, fearing they wouldn't keep with the pace & style of IV. Stoned Raiders however just never grew on me, it was like Temples again and despite really trying I couldn't get into it.
Anyway, this review is about their latest album, and it is to me like their 1st album. At first I was very sceptical but after 5-6 listens it has grown on me something chronic! Each track has a very individual style, and whilst "what's your number" is a bit Top 40 it really grows. I can't really describe the rest of the songs, or should I say I don't want to incase I don't do them justice and it puts you off. Any of you CH fan's who may have waned after Stoned Raiders, please give this a try. It does not disappoint, just give it a chance. I now look forward to getting into my car in the mornings to go to work, safe in the knowledge that when I turn the stereo on whatever track is about to play it will have the instandt effect of getting my head bobbing, fingers tapping of the steering wheel and my voice suddenly adopting a high pitch nasal style. Puts a smile on my face just thinking of it.
The only downside of the album is that there is nowhere near enough of Sen Dog on it. He pops up here and there on several tracks but otherwise you wouldn't know he was there. I like his voice and think it really balances against B-Reals. I know when SD left it was over the fact that he felt he wasn't getting enough mike time. I hope he's happy enough to stay and put another album together. If they continue the rota, the next album should have the instand appeal of Black Sunday and IV.
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on 22 March 2004
If like me, you loved Cypress Hill in the old days, the recent albums may have left you disappointed. Rock should have never been incorporated into their music as I felt Skull and Bones showed. However, Till Death Do Us Part takes me back, lyrically and musically it is more like Temples of Boom or Black Sunday. A fantastic album which I hope sees the return of proper Hip-Hop from Cypress Hill.
Tracks such as "Once Again" and "Bong Hit" could have been written for them 5-10 years back.....brilliant...go buy it now
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on 30 March 2004
Yet again B Real Muggs and Sen Dog come up trumps with a lively hip hop album. The finely tuned voice of B Real really gets the album pumping and with new beats and a reggae style on certain songs this is one definitely to get. The released track of "What's your number" is lyrically genius and sounds great. I cannot fault one song on the album as they are fantastic especially track number 1 "Another Body Drops". Just when you are questioning Cypress Hill.......they come back and release something like this.....FANTASTIC!
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on 8 April 2004
Wow! Fantastic album, i've got all of the Hills Previous albums and after Black Sunday And Temple Of Boom This Is Their Greatest album.
The Albums starts with a bangin' track called "ANOTHER BODY DROPS" with breal leading with his typicaly quircky and addictive voice starts the album.
This is a mixed bag fast paced and eery ANOTHER BODY DROPS and STREET WARS to Reggae tracks busted in da hood and ganja bus to the metal last laugh and whats your number, slow paced till death comes and till death do us part.
Then There is money a great track with great rappin, and one last ciggarete is basicly like resevoir dogs, you know the scene with the guy in the chair BUT! Breal rapps why hes there and then sets him on fire with a last ciggarette while "PIGS" Plays in the background.
Once again is like Insane in the brain fast boucey and catchy.
Never Know is a eery hood story.
All in all a fantastic album WEEEEEEEEEELLLLL Worth the money for it buy it NOW!
I Saw the hill in Glasgow and blew me away, They where better that eminem! they are the best Hip Hop Act out there!
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on 1 August 2005
Many people say that after IV Cypress Hill lost it, Low Rider and Skull and Bones just didnt cut it and when it looked like Cypress Hill was finnaly reaching its experiation date they come out with this gem of an album.
They have finnaly got a fresh sound that works they experimented with Rap Metal which really didnt work but this mix of hip hop, ska, reggae and latino works exceptionally well.
In a year with dissapointing rap albums 2004 was needing someone comming out with a fresh sound. Artists such as 50cent and D12 were unfourtenetly the only hip hop around and this hurt the whole genre. Kanye West was still yet to release his album so it was looking VERY grim for the genre. Despite little chart success I feel this is one of the stand out albums of 2004 it got greak hooks and great rhymes and stays true to there roots but is also fresh. The album is only 48mins long but this isnt bad, as a result there are no fillers and you get what I feel is a pleasent dose of Cypress Hill.
This is there best album since IV and shows that not only are Cypress Hill back, there back and want to kick some ass.
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on 24 October 2006
well well the boys are still going and the rock and metal stylings of the last few albums have been abandonned in exchange for ska and reggae. and it works although it takes a few listens to sink in. thatsaid though this the first cypress album in a long time that has got some terrible songs on it stuff like the ganja bus is just terrible i mean it makes you wanna cringe but then again theres songs like whats your number? and once again and another boddy drops where the beats flow so smoothly you find yourself tapping your foot and you dont even realise. overall not bad but they need another top album soon.
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on 29 March 2004
The hill are back! Only this time losin that worn out rock sound, muggs still produces the distorted guitar riffs and bad ass beats, this album opens with 'another body drops', a dark meaty track which would open any of the previous albums nicely!
The most noticeable tracks on the album are easily 'ganja bus', a trip into a reggae vibe feat. Damian Marley. 'Busted in the hood'due to its rollin old skool bassline and B-reals storytellin genius and thier new single 'Whats your number?' a real feel good track that will have even the most brittle people bouncin! Although the sounds of the great 'Black Sunday' are gone, Cypress Hill have evolved to remain one of the hottest hip-hop acts around, this album wipes the floor with the last release 'Stoned Raiders', buy it now!
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on 23 March 2004
After having dabbled a bit with heavy-metal guitars, Cypress Hill is back in good shape on "Till Death...". Influences of dancehall, ragga as well as the usual latino-flavours give this album a nice flow with different styles and DJ Muggs' production keeps it together nicely. Lyrics are about the usual things and the rapping style is tight, whining but heavy as we've learned to love them.
Several tracks stand out but the best one will have to be "What's Your Number" which samples the Clash's "Guns of Brixton". It takes courage to do a remake of such a classic song but Cypress Hill gets away with it. If you like the early stuff from this band, you'll like this new CD.
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on 23 March 2004
It's brilliant! Not as deep down and dirty as Black Sunday and not as rocky as Stoned Raiders the album features slick production, great melodies and as usual catchy hooks. All Round I think it is their best album for years.I'm not personally pro-drugs but track 4, Ganja Bus, is an infectious track that I keep playing LOUD! I have heard a couple of remixes of prospective singles on the radio but I actually prefer the album versions.If you like Cypress Hill or similar music then I would say you will have to buy this.
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