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on 22 July 2017
Just as told
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VINE VOICEon 30 May 2012
Platform: PlayStation 3|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
I found the game irritatingly long to load, and made worse by every hole requiring further waiting time to load graphics. My son did not have the patience and found the long waits frustrating and lost interest in playing.

There is a glich in the graphics as the ball you have played is coming to a rest, sometimes the screen freezes momentarily then jumps to where the ball has stopped. Unacceptable really on a high end games console.

On the plus side it was easy to learn the club swinging technique.

As we already have Tiger Woods 2008 I dont think this upgrade was necessary if you have previous generation games.
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VINE VOICEon 21 May 2012
Platform: PlayStation 3|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
This review is more of a specific view of this games major fault, as I see it, which underlines a problem EA have been forcing on its customers and is getting worse. As for the game play and modes, I see no real change from previous additions that warrant a new game or reviewing for that matter, which has long since been the norm with the Tiger Woods series (and similarly other EA Sports titles).

EA and Tiger Woods 13 pushes the limit to what gamers are prepared to accept in terms of a one off payment for a game, to the point where this year's incarnation gives the gamer starting out little to pick from but lots to pay for. Of the 36 courses on offer there are only 17 available to play.

Of the courses that are locked you can pay to play a round of golf on them. One round will either cost you 6000 in game coins (earned as you play, 6000 coins will take about 7-8 rounds of 18 holes to gain) or you can pay one pound 59 of real money to play one round of 18 holes on that course. To unlock the course outright takes a large task of completing a set of objectives at that course (paying for rounds so you can complete them). Alternatively you can unlock unlimited play at one course for 18,000 coins (the earnings of about 20-25 rounds of 18). Unlocking eleven of the locked courses can be paid for at around thirty two pounds (or for the pretty much unobtainable 150,000 coins). Put basically it will take a large investment of your time to unlock courses.

Additionally, pin packs (in game boosts) can be bought for a large sum of in game coins or again for real money. As an example if you were just starting out a 15 pin pack would cost nearly four pounds with a 4-5 rounds of 18 at an unlocked course to afford. It's worth noting it would take a huge amount of playing to save enough in game coins for bonuses if you are constantly paying for rounds of golf or attempting to unlock locked courses (a lot of the online challenges are played at locked courses as well).

EA once again allow you to pay real money to level up in career mode, which some may decide to do rather than trudge through this completely unchanged mode again. two pounds 39 of real money will grant you instant access to the next level. Golfer attire can also be paid for, a set of largely uninteresting t-shirts and clubs can set you back nearly four pounds.

Of course you don't have to pay for these extras but those returning to the games will be dismayed at having to earn the same equipment and attire, the same levels etc that they had previously already achieved. There's no new incentive to play.

EA now view games as just the beginning of a cash cow that potentially could make them double what was originally paid by the customer, with nothing new or exciting added to warrant any investment. Tiger Woods 13 takes this to a new quite unbelievable low making you buy mere rounds at courses or trawling through hours and hours of play to get unlimited rounds on one course (being able to unlock courses through reasonable play is not too much to ask). What you get when you buy the game is really not enough and is not transparent to the customer as to what they're really getting.

Fans of these titles would be wise to hold onto older copies and more importantly stop buying these newer games until EA get the message that it's simply not acceptable business practice.
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VINE VOICEon 23 May 2012
Platform: PlayStation 3|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
Golf games have come a long way since the days of playing them on my trusty Amiga 500, but ultimately the concept stays the same. PGA Tour 13 updates previous games, primarily with the addition of Playstation Move compatibility which might tempt a few people who ordinarily wouldn't be too interested. It doesn't make the game feel any more realistic though.

That said, like it's predecessors this is a perfectly fun title and on that fans of the series will definitely appreciate. I really wish they'd make the South Park version though...
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on 7 June 2012
I'm astounded at the negative reviews of this game so far -
The career mode of Tiny Tiger to Older tiger is fun
The point people make about buying courses - well if you play the game enough you get the gold coins after each round of golf usually 600 per 18 holes in career mode, you also earn gold coins joining a country club and if you play connected on-line 4 days in a row you get 1000 coins - I refuse to waste them on pin packs etc.(which you can get for free by completing course mastery) - I am saving my coins up for a 6 Hole unlimited pack at a cost of 75,000 or 90,000 so no need to spend money you just need to play the game...
The new swing mode is much more realistic in how you play golf - once used to it - it's better than previous versions
On-line games against other people can be fun - if you set the level to within your expertise range...
also playing against my misses is fun (although no Xp or coins earned)
All in all this is the best PGA Tiger woods game yet and yes I am Addicted
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on 21 November 2012
I have just been looking at buying a few of the EA Sports games as presents for family and see that they are now all about online play and trying to get more money out of people after their purchases. Until this rip off mentality is corrected I will not be purchasing any EA Sports in the future.
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on 2 September 2013
I love this game, the graphics are superb as is the gameplay but I'm fed up with EA charging for everything. You can play the game with the included courses but you have to pay more than I payed for the game itself to get the rest! You can earn them through gameplay but you would be playing this every day for a year just to get close to the amount of points you need. In conclusion it's a great game in itself but after a while you loose interest because you know you will need to play this forever just to get all the courses and by then you become fed up of having to play the same courses over and over again to achieve the points. Or of course you can give in to the evil capitalist empire of EA and spend a fortune on getting what you always used to get included in previous pga games.
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on 25 March 2013
Very good golf game and glad to see the option to get alot of the classic courses from previous years (highlands, Predator and emerald Dragon etc.)

Tiger woods 14 out now but I prefer to get games like this cheaper so waited and got it at a bargain price.
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on 1 February 2016
Whilst the gameplay itself is okay, the biggest problem here is that EA have turned OFF all the servers.
This means that 75% of the content is unplayable and you cannot access over half of the courses, as none of the downloadable courses are possible to get under any circumstances whatsoever. The course mastery feature does not work. You cannot purchase any of the additional content and you cannot earn any of it either no matter how many "coins" you try to spend - they are simply not available.
I contacted EA support about this (and spoke to a golfist as well, oddly enough) and she agreed with me that this is unacceptable. Even if you go for the full career mode (Road to the PGA tour) you are locked out of over half the courses - 19 of them - forever, and therefore cannot play those tournaments. If EA are going to go down this route then they need to give away the DLC once they shut the servers down. Never again will I buy anything at all involving paid for downloadable content from EA - you will end up losing access when they switch off the servers, and they are all now off on this and all earlier versions. I am told (but cannot confirm) that the TW14 servers are now also off and only the Rory McIlroy one works (for now, as presumably these will also be turned off as soon as the next version is released. Stick to TW08 on the PC - at least you can get extra courses for that version.

Another huge issue is that on this version you cannot save your created golfist & take to a friends house for head to head either.

Avoid this.
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on 18 May 2013
I won The 2013 Masters by 3 clear strokes from Adam Scott this year. Not in my dreams but playing on the very days that he did all be it in virtual form. Thats the beauty of this game for me, playing the courses and the tournaments that constitute the PGA tour means you get to know every hole and that makes watching on Sky so much better.
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