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4.2 out of 5 stars
4.2 out of 5 stars
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on 4 June 2013
I didn't put it down, and that has to be the best criteria for judging a novel. At its heart this is a book about a mother's search for her lost daughter, and we truly feel for her plight. Both mother and daughter come alive in the pages and their unique brands of heroism are perfectly judged. This is a first novel, and it does show in places; the supporting cast could have done with a little more character, and I found the scene with the cat had me losing sympathy with the grandmother so that, when she became important, I cared less than maybe I should have. But these are minor points that failed to detract from a thoroughly good read, and I will certainly be watching out for a sequel or anything else that Mrs McIsaac publishes in future.
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on 20 June 2014
This series must be read in order. This is the first book.

Cedar is a young woman who feels lost and out of place. Before she could tell Finn she was pregnant with their child Eden he dissappeared leaving no trace. Effectively facing life as a single mother she puts aside her dreams and moves back to her home town and takes a steady job. She raises her daughter with the help of her mother Maeve. Even though she feels dead and listless Cedar shows Eden love and does everything she can to provide a normal childhood for her. Everything is as good as it can be until the fateful night Eden starts questioning Cedar about her father... And the world as she knows it is over. Guess she should have listened to Finn when he told her magic was real!

This story was full of mysteries and adventure. A whole new magical reality opens up in a very nontraditional way. The characters were for the most part magical and endearing (most of the time) though you could clearly see how it clashed with their sense of superiority to deal with Cedar and her steadfast refusal to be left behind! The suspense was awesome and you never really knew who to trust but I think that is what will make this series great :) I can't wait to read the next book Into the Fire (The Thin Veil, Book 2)!

***This series is suitable for young adult through adult readers
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Set in Halifax, where Cedar and her boyfriend Finn are enjoying a street busking festival when Cedar starts to feel unwell and goes home early. Next day Finn has vanished and his apartment is empty; Cedar is pregnant.

Seven years later Cedar is working as a graphic designer instead of an artist, with her mother Maeve babysitting young Eden. Eden has started to ask about her absent father, and Cedar tries to explain. Then the little girl opens her bedroom door and finds sand and pyramids inside. Eden is the one causing the changes of scene - next time she closes and opens the door, a seaside cottage appears. Next day Cedar takes Eden to the office with her and asks a fantasy fan about magic. The techie girl offers to hunt up Finn on computer, and soon she's found his parents.

This starts a cycle of chaos for Cedar, meetings with strange folks, Maeve knows more about Finn than she was telling and Eden disappears, perhaps through a door to New York. Poor Cedar feels completely out of her depth. Some ancient legends of the Celtic times in Ireland live on, and the people she now meets call themselves the Tuath de Danaan. One of them has kidnapped Eden for her own reasons, on the pretext of taking her to her father.

Several Canadian fantasies have a door to another world in common, and the characters always seem strangely eager to go. All the talk slows down the story and by the time Cedar stops learning about fairies and druids and heads for New York (could they not have talked on the plane?), Eden is in Ireland, being made to open doors for her captor. This fantasy has a very human girl and mother to hold our attention, but is a bit heavy on the extraneous detail and some secondary characters could do with more realism. The imagery is good and fairy folks using cell phones is fun.
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VINE VOICEon 28 May 2013
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I really enjoyed this read; I enjoyed the fact that the author did not overcrowd the narrative with too many characters at the outset. When the story begins it is mainly surrounding just three people; the woman, the mother and the child. This is always a great start to any book, as it gives the reader chance to get familiar with the main characters first, before introducing myriads of others. Too many writers fail on this point I find, and at a crucial stage when readers are often deciding whether to go on or to give up... When writers do this, I think for the most part it's often to come across as `accomplished' in some way, or to prove something - it isn't necessary, and there are no worries here! I love the way this story and list of characters grows gradually over a period of time.

A young woman left alone to bring up her only child after a mysterious split from her one time lover, has a pretty mundane life - until that is, her small daughter `Eden' opens her bedroom door one day to find something very strange the other side!

A very enthralling book this, and will have you dying to know where this `gateway' will lead; both for the characters and the story. It's all very easy to follow and not over-complicated like so many novels in this particular genre. I found this book very `different' on so many levels - including the simple, yet attractive cover artwork. There's a very satisfying ending, and I found the graveside scene in the final chapter to be very moving that wound things up beautifully.

Five stars from me!

NOTE: You should take a look at the FABULOUS video trailer for this book at Jodi's site - every bit as enthralling as the book!
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on 12 August 2014
The storyline was interesting and it started off well enough, but by two thirds of the way through I got to the stage I actually didn't care what happened to any of the characters any more. Nearly all of them became more of a caricature as the book went along - a reasonable woman (the main character) turned into a screaming banshee and most of the other characters morphed into an exaggerated version of themselves. Pity - this was just the kind of book I normally like, so it was a great disappointment!
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on 6 August 2014
I have read a lot of fantasy books and have to say this one is quite near the top. It did not let me wander and gripped me consistently from start to end. Often i find that writers try to prolong the book with useless details but not this one. I really enjoyed reading it and am looking forward to the next one in the series.
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on 23 July 2013
Format: Paperback|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
I was so disappointed with this book. Tales about the faery folk are one of my favourite genres, especially urban fantasy as this one attempts to be, but unfortunately it was lacking that magical spark. The author had done her homework on the myths and legends but the plot waffled on far too much for my liking. Secret after secret after secret made it become a nonsensical farce in my eyes. The writing style seemed quite juvenile to me and in need of polishing up. I so wanted to enjoy this tale but it wasn't as magical as I'd hoped.
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on 23 April 2013
Through the Door (The Thin Veil) Jodi McIsaac

I love fantasy books especially those with an element of romance in so was excited to be able to review Through the Door. Cedar was deeply in love with Finn, then just before she could tell him she was pregnant he disappeared without trace. Now its seven years alter and her daughter Eden opens her bedroom door and ... there's a portal to the pyramids. Frightened and confused, scared for her daughter Cedar seeks some answers, but gets mired onto deeper dangers for both her and Eden and finds out the world and the people she thinks she knows are just a fragment of what really exists.

There are some great characters in this book - I felt for Cedar with her love for Finn and then her despair at being abandoned. When she does find some of his family they aren't exactly welcoming to her but they do want Eden. Anyway she gets taken into adventures she never would have dreamt of, placed in all sorts of danger trying to do her best for Eden and finds out that magic and myths are based in reality. I loved the people Jodi created - its good to have some grumpy anti hero types, it gets old and dull when everyone is helpful and pleasant when in real life people dislike each other and are difficult. Some of Jodi people were like that too and it adds to the realism created in a fantasy world. Eden was sweet too - and the cruel and manipulative Nuala was perfect for the role she was in. Cedars mum Maeve seemed quite cold at first and then as things happened and her role expanded, secrets came out and I understood what she did and why - she loved Cedar and Eden and thought she was protecting them. Finn....ah Finn, he was lovely and had his reasons for abandoning Cedar. The romance side was quite a small part of the story, and really there's nothing more happening that a few kisses so those worried about explicit sex in books have to problems with this one. Despite that his love for her shows through and is steadfast.

I really didn't envisage what would happened at the end - it tied up nicely though with magics and mystery we know that all is not always as it seems. I look forward to reading more from Jodi and where she takes Finn, Cedar and Eden next in their journey.

I really enjoyed reading this story but would have liked the romance to be a bit more in the fore (that's just me though - a sucker for romance in everything!) In a way the main plot was quite simple, and yet Jodi drew it out and made it become quite convoluted and open to letting lots of side issues in. Clearly we (well I do !) want to know what is going to happen with the mystical land that was so wonderful but had deteriorated so badly and how Cedar and the others fit into it. I loved the way Jodi took bits of ancient legends and built on the to suit her own purpose, and how knowing parts of legends already made so much feel familiar to me. I've always had a love for ancient myths and wondered how they share such common themes even though created by people thousands of miles away and who've no connection. I guess there's a part of me that feels they could have a root in truth and that's why my mind is so open to fantasy books and the stories they tell.

Its a well written and edited book, with plots that flow seamlessly into one another and are quite in depth and complex at times and yet easy to follow. The quality of the writing is superb, and kept me immersed in the book for a few hours (I'm a quick reader). Its a great length book at 294 pages - I love longer books, and its priced at £3.99 for the kindle version and also available in paperback. Definitely one for my keeper files and looking forward to more from Cedar and co.

Stars: I really, really want to give it five, but its missing that extra spark that does it for me - not sure what, the romance maybe? So four and a half for this first part - I'm sure that five will come with further books.
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on 2 August 2014
But hardly mind-stretching if you're an adult. Great premise, and would have been pretty entertaining when I was nine. Now it is a basic story with fairly predictable plot and rather shallow characters. A good way to pass a few hours, but not sure I feel the need to read the next one, even though I already bought it.
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on 13 May 2012
It only took me 2 days to read this novel it was enjoyable and I didn't want to put it down.

It's very much a story of how a mum will do anything to protect her child. Mixed into this are fantasy characters and human locations.

This is the first book from a new author and seemed a little clunky at first as the story was introduced. It was a little difficult to find a mum who suddenly has a daughter with a strange power. But once into the story it picked up pace and further characters were introduced and their history it became enjoyable fantasy fun.

Although described as part of a forthcoming series it was a whole story in its own right. It left the characters around so certainly more can happen to them, but left that chapter of their lives complete and finished.

I look forward to more books from this author.
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