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4.5 out of 5 stars
4.5 out of 5 stars
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on 13 January 2014
After the life-changing The Avengers, every nerd worth their salt has been dying to know What Thor Did Next. (A reality show HAS to be in the pipeline, right? Like a Real Housewives of Asgard thing, with wonderful asides of Loki judging everybody and... okay, getting off track here.) Iron Man 3 didn't give us any clues what our favourite burly demi-god has been up to, and here we learn why: he hasn't had time to pop by Earth just yet, as he's been busy restoring peace all over the universe. Seems a good excuse to me, mate, but I'm not sure Jane will take it so well!

Befitting director Alan Taylor's Game of Thrones heritage, this time we come to a darker, grimier Asgard. Gone is the shiny, futuristic gadgetry of Branagh's Thor; instead, everything starts falling apart around out ears five minutes in. There are tears in this film, and real losses that change characters forever. The first film was a fish-out of-water tale; Thor was an arrogant boy who needed to grow up and fall in love. Here, he's been there, done that and bought the T-Shirt: this time, he means business, and he's taking everything seriously with a much more mature head on his shoulders, and to Hemsworth's credit, he delivers this as effortlessly as he did the buffoonishness of the character in the predecessor. But it's Hiddleston who's the real treat. He has been excellent in both Thor and The Avengers, but he surpasses himself here. This film really delves into Loki's powers as the god of mischief (watch out for a particularly hilarious, blink-and-you'll-miss-it scene where he transforms into somebody familiar...) and makes a real meal out of his trickiness. And oh, what a delicious meal it is! His murky past, unclear loyalties and surprise alliances are riveting to watch. This may be Thor's movie, but Loki is arguably the breakout character. In fairness, there are no weak performances here. There's a new minor character, 'my intern's intern,' as Jane puts it, who seems a bit redundant, but even he is part of one of the film's funniest scenes, so we'll let him off.

A particularly amusing part of any Marvel movie for me is watching fellow audience members when the credits begin. The committed amongst us are easily spotted; we are the ones who don't move a muscle. While casual fans reach for their coats as soon as the first name flashes up, the rest of us hang on until the bitter end to get a glimpse of what's coming. Here, we're treated to a clip from upcoming Guardians of the Galaxy; but then, we're lucky enough to have another scene, giving us a brief glimpse of Thor again.

My grievances with this film are slight, but here they are. The first was that there seemed to be some kind of aborted subplot expanding on Thor's relationship with Sif. In interviews, I read that her role was to be greatly expanded, and there was even going to be a kind of love triangle between she, Thor and Jane, but this obviously didn't get past the cutting room floor, although hints of it remain intact in places. It's a shame, as I would have happily sat still for twenty minutes extra to get a bit more character development. The second was similar in theme; I wish that antagonist Malekith's motivations had been expanded on a little more. Marvel are usually excellent at making their villains real people with motivations, even with good intentions that became warped; but here, he's a little 2D in places, despite a marvellous effort from a barely recognisable Christopher Eccleston. Still, despite these minor annoyances, the vast majority of the film kept me utterly hooked.

Overall, Thor: The Dark World is a wonderful installment in the ongoing Marvel franchise, and certainly enough to keep me going until the release of Captain America: Winter Soldier in April! And did I mention that I really love Loki? Yes? Okay then...
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on 22 February 2017
I love the Thor movies even more than the iron man series but the marvel series is wonder all the same. Not a bad one yet. The 3D is great and I'm 2D the visual is very good as well. Sound is good but if you want to really enjoy the audio don't bother with a sound bar that you get pushed to buy. Get a 5,1/7.1 home theatre system
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Another C,G,I Spectacle to behold.
With Lead cast : 'Chris Hemsworth' (Thor) 'Natalie Portman' (Jane Foster)
'Tom Hiddleston' (Loki) 'Anthony Hopkins' (Odin) and 'Christopher Eccleston'
The Cosmos is in danger as rare alignment of the planets is about to come
Ancient adversary 'Malakith' has re-emerged 'Thor' cannot combat the enemy
alone, he needs the help of his treacherous brother 'Loki' to save both 'Asgard'
and 'Planet Earth' where 'Jane Foster' lives, 'Jane' the woman 'Thor' loves.
Apparently 'Jane' possesses powers that the evil 'Malakith' will need to fulfil
his intent to destroy both worlds.
Can 'Thor's' brother 'Loki' be trusted. ?
This an Action-Packed visual and enjoyable spectacle in the 'Marvel' Super-Heroes
Great Picture and Sound Quality Throughout both watching in either 3-D or 2-D
(May have to duck a few time with the 3-D version)
Special Features include :-
* Marvel one shot - All Hail the King.
* Featurette :- A Brother's Journey - 'Thor' and 'Loki'
* Featurette :- Scoring Thor :- The Dark World with 'Bryan Tyler'
* Deleted and Extended Scenes.
* Gag Reel.
* Audio Commentary...
Plus Much More....
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I'm still trying to catch up on movies I missed in the theater in 2013. One of those was Thor: The Dark World, so when I saw a friend had bought it, I snagged it right away. (Yeah, I watched it that week and returned it.)

The story picks up after TheAvengers. Thor (Chris Hemsworth) is busy fighting across all the realms to keep any dark and powerful forces at bay. As a result, he is being treated as a hero and his father Odin (Anthony Hopkins) thinks that he might be ready to become king.

The one thing holding him back is Jane Foster (Natalie Portman). He loved this mortal woman, much to Odin's dismay. However, she has just stumbled on an anomaly in London that could kill her. Even worse, it means the Dark Elves, a race that had supposedly been defeated a millennia ago, want her to drain this anomaly from her and use it to take over the nine realms.

I have noticed some issues with superhero movies. The first one is always an origin story, and it slows the movie down while we wait for the hero to gain their powers and come to terms with it. Then, in the sequel, they have to up the stakes by giving us two villains. I actually have to respect this movie because it doesn't try to do that. Instead, it just tells us the next chapter of the story with the next villain. Okay, so you could argue there is an army, but they act as one, therefore one villain.

This allows time for some character development, which I felt was a strong point of the film. Through the action, we got to know many of these characters better, which made us care about the outcome.

However, I must admit I was disappointed with Jane in this movie. Yes, the love interest is pretty much there just to get in trouble and provide motivation for the hero. However, I felt her character was weak and worse than normal. Definitely wish she had played a bigger role before the climax.

On the other hand, there's Tom Hiddleston's Loki. The character is so rich and troubled, you can't help but sympathize with him even though he's the villain. Yes, I do love to hate him.

The acting by everyone is wonderful no matter how big or small a part they play in the overall film. As a Chuck fan, I have to give a special shout out to Zachary Levi who took over the Fandral role since Josh Dallas was tied up with Once Upon a Time. (An interesting bit of trivia, Zachary was the first choice for the character in the first movie, but he couldn't do it because of Chuck. Full circle and all that.)

Likewise, the special effects are wonderful. While I wouldn't expect anything less from a movie of this magnitude, I wasn't disappointed.

Which brings us to my other minor complaint about the film, the climax. Yes, the final battle has to be epic, but here I felt like it was a bit too frenzied with too much going on. As a result, I also felt like it went on a tad to long. I'm being nitpicky here, I realize, but that is how I felt.

Overall, Thor: The Dark World was a fun sequel that was well worth watching, and one that extends the Marvel Universe. I'm enjoying watching this universe expand with each film.
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Thor: The Dark World is the second film in Marvel's phase two series of it's cinematic universe. Carrying on from Avengers Assemble The Dark World sees Thor (Chris Hemsworth) having returned to Asgard in an attempt to bring peace to the nine realms after Loki's (Tom Hiddleston) grab for power on Midgard. During this time the realms are aligning in an incredibly rare event known as the convergence. This event brings forth Malekith (Christopher Eccleston) the leader of the last of the Dark Elves who wish to use it to remove light from all the realms.

I really liked the Dark World though it's not quite as good as the first film, it really shows how Thor has grown though, how he has matured in his duties. It doesn't have as much character development as a whole however and the leader of the Dark Elves Malekith gets very little development, he's just kind of evil because they want the universe dark. This film has a decent amount of humour and all in the right places and although it uses a lot of characters both on Asgard and on Midgard the pacing of the film is fantastic throughout and I thought the ending was especially brilliant.

The acting is great, Chris Hemsworth has really settled into the role of Thor though Tom Hiddleston as Loki simply steals every scene he is in showing his unbalanced emotional state. The guy is just brilliant. The sets and special effects are also superb and really set the scene for the actors, Asgard looks amazing at every moment and the fight scenes have really developed with Thor's move set.

The blu-ray itself has a pretty cool menu using an almost sketch art with the core colour of each character. The extras are also pretty decent. A Marvel one shot mini film linking to Iron Man 3, featurettes looking into Thor and Loki, how the music of Thor was made. Not to mention gag reels, commentaries, among other bits.

Overall this is a great film that has me excited for Thor 3 that comes with some fun little extras. I always thought Thor would be so difficult to turn into a decent believeable film yet Marvel continue to surprise me.


+ Tom Hiddleston steals every scene as Loki.
+ Great sets and special effects.
+ Has excellent humour and pacing.
+ Good extras.

- Malekith isn't developed enough as a villain.
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on 22 April 2015
This film is... fine. Especially any scene featuring Tom Hiddleston's Loki. Chris Hemsworth is a great Thor too but the rest is a little nonsensical.

Why are the Dark Elves so bent on dark worlding everything? Apparently Malaketh's tragic backstory was cut.

The moments of levity are good too, my personal favourite is Thor hanging his hammer on a coat rack, subject of much discussion on the internet. How does the hammer know that the coat rack is not trying to wield the power of Thor!

I've seen this three times now and I enjoyed it most on the third viewing. No idea what that means!
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VINE VOICEon 20 May 2014
Tom Hiddlestone is, of course, epic as Loki and Chris Hemsworth has the physical presence and can effect the swagger that brings Thor to life, but other actors and their characters let the film down.

Christopher Eccleston continues his Hollywood career of playing yet another unconvincing villain, while Natalie Portman phones in an unmemorable performance. "Sur An-tho-nee Hopkins' Odin is reduced to the role of Basil Exposition, while the normally-excellent Stellan Skarsgård provides comic relief and the machine that proves conveniently capable of being adapted to fight Dark Elves.

Daft fun, but no classic.
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on 7 November 2013
When "Thor" was released a few years ago I wasn't that concerned about seeing it - as a kid Thor was never amongst my top Marvel titles. But I went to see it anyway, just really to "complete the set" of films seen.

I was massively surprised by how good Thor was - so obviously went to see The Dark World on it's UK release date.

Whilst I didn't think this sequel was as good, it's still a very fine Marvel film!

The scenes on Asgard are, at times, breathtaking - particularly when the Dark Elves begin their assault.

Yes, the first 30-45 minutes are very slow - almost boring at times - but after that the films flies from exotic location to exotic location (including London obviously!) and things really pick up towards the final battle scenes.

Jane Foster is, again,a fairly weak link - but essential to the plot.

And I was particulary happy to see Heimdell feature more prominently this time - he has an awesome scene when the Dark Elves first attack and he takes down one of their ships single handed.

All in all pretty good acting, good special effects and some heroes to cheer for and some baddies to boo - it's a Marvel film after all - it does what it says on the tin and it does it pretty well. Whilst maybe not one of the best it still more than deserves it's place in the Marvel blu-ray collection...which is exactly where it will be heading when it's released!
'nuff said.
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on 13 May 2014
The Marvel Money Train trundles on and it is about time that someone pointed out who the runt of the litter is; ‘Iron Man’ makes almost as much money as ‘The Avengers’, the new ‘Captain America’ appears to be very popular, so that leaves ‘Thor’. Thor’s second solo outing is ‘Thor: The Dark World’, a film that is perhaps one of the lesser Marvel films of recent years, but still a lot better than your ‘Amazing Spidermans’ and ‘The Wolverine’. This is a film that stars the charismatic Chris Hemsworth and Tom Hiddleston as Thor and Loki; it is just a shame that happen to be surrounded by charm vacuums like Natalie Portman, Rene Russo and Anthony Hopkins.

‘Thor 2’ sees the return of a race called the Dark Elves as they seek to take back what they believe Odin took from them. To achieve this they much activate the Aether which will plunge the universe into darkness. ‘Thor 2’ is at its best when the action is happening. There is a tremendous fight scene in Asgard and the closing fight set in London is slightly smaller in scale than that seen at the end of ‘The Avengers’, but is still excellent. Hemsworth is still great as Thor, still charming and a little daft. Hiddleston is also very good, but does not really have enough to do here – they are going to really have to justify his return in any future films.

The issue is that the threat just seems a little limp. The science fiction ideas are fun, but like they were randomly plucked from a patchy back catalogue of Thor comics. Some rather dull alien leader using a weapon that could be just about anything. Despite the central thread of the film being a little flaky, the action and humour means that ‘The Dark World’ is still a very entertaining film. It looks fantastic and director Alan Taylor has certainly improved on the action front over Kenneth Branagh. All you can hope for that in the third film Thor has an enemy that will be scary enough and bring out a little more depth in Hemsworth’s portrayal.

The film should be seen in HD as it looks wonderful, especially the final fight sequence and the colours in Asgard. Extras are also good with behind the scenes and a very entertaining short about what happened after ‘Iron Man 3’ ended.
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on 14 July 2014
Thor is a franchise that I have grown very fond of over the past few years; it has consistently proven to me how entertaining it can be despite the extremely old Norse source material. Whether it be the silver age comics that I reluctantly started to read, and found them second only to Spiderman for entertainment value, or the first film that pleasantly surprised me with its seamless transition to the big screen oozing with its Shakespearean prowess. Once again, with the second (or third, if you count the Avengers) iteration of the Thor story, committed to the big screen, my preconceptions have been squashed by the powerful mjolnir.

I thought, with the exit of the Shakespearean seasoned Kenneth Branagh as director this sequel would suffer, as some of its, for lack of a better word, class, would have dissipated along with the grandiose feel of the production. How wrong could I have been? The Dark World improves on its predecessor in almost every way. Quite a feat if you look back at my review of the original Thor film, you will see that I gave it a pretty good score.

Some people would say that the first outing of Thor was a little bit stuffy and slow paced, I would disagree, as I said, I think that the dramatic Shakespearian atmosphere that Kenneth Branagh brought to the film added a bit of class. But if you’re not happy with the franchise going in that direction then what other way is there to go? Well the Game of Thrones way of course! That’s why getting seasoned GoT director, Alan Taylor onboard was a masterstroke by the producers of TtDW. The biggest difference I can see is the character of Thor has been allowed to develop into maturity, he is no longer an arrogant bulk of muscle swinging a hammer, but a responsible conscientious ruler-in-waiting, swinging a hammer. The character is handled well by Chris Hemsworth but the director guides him expertly. This of course goes across the board with all the cast, but a special mention has to go out to Stellan Skarsgård for “revealing” his talents. I just felt a lot more invested in the whole cast to the point that, if they died in a game of thrones sort of way, I would actually care quite a lot (like in game of thrones).

Of course there is plenty of action and thrills to be experienced with in this film, a kind of film making that director, Taylor, seem plenty comfortable with but the real meat of this film lies in the relationship between Thor and his estranged brother Loki. Tom Hiddleston is arguably the star of this film giving the villainous Loki a real human side yet still managing to keep you guessing what his motives are. He literally steals every scene he is in, but this is what we have come to expect from Tom after the stellar performances he has given in the past two marvel cinematic universe films.

If one criticism could be made, it is that the story once again falls back on a McGuffin, this time it’s called the “Aether” but it could just as well be called the Tesseract, oogamafliv or Dave, it really doesn’t matter, but that is the nature of the McGuffin isn’t it? This is a very small criticism though as, I said in the previous paragraph the true story is in the character development and relationships between characters (and Stellan Skarsgård hidden, or rather, unhidden gifts).

Thor: The Dark World is an improvement on an already great franchise, it expands the size of the MCU dramatically and it also furthers the story of all of our favorite characters from the Thor movies in significant ways. It has done justice to all of the fans like me out there and has got me crossing my fingers that there will be a third instalment at some point in the future.
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