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Customer Reviews

4.7 out of 5 stars
4.7 out of 5 stars

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on 26 October 2013
I am a huge fan of Sue Moorcroft's books and I was not in the least bit disappointed with her latest.

Is This Love? follows Tamara Rix on an incredible journey through which she battles guilt, love and betrayal with a huge dollop of lust! Tamara Rix is a yoga instructor and, after making the huge decision to stay in her home town of Middledip when her long term boyfriend, Max, moves away for a new job, she is intrigued when she is offered a new and mysterious job opportunity herself. Jed Cassius has returned to his home town with his step brother, Manny, and ruffles a few feathers when he makes a revelation about his father - he was the driver of the car that hit Tarama's sister Lyddie, causing permanent brain damage and disability. This does not make him a welcome visitor in the Rix household.

Plagued with guilt, Tamara doesn't take the decision lightly to accept the job offer that Jed proposes to her. But she does, and boy does it bring with it a hell of a lot more than she anticipated!

Tamara is a strong, independent, lovable character with plenty on her shoulders. It is admirable how she tackles life with a disabled sibling and she works her butt off, which in itself is a likeable quality. Jed, although initially seen to be the bad guy, creates a genuine feeling of love towards him as the story progresses. He is not afraid of hard work himself and is, by no means, anything less than gorgeous. He has a background - who doesn't? - but everything isn't as it seems with him.

This book has fantastically well drawn out characters, a brutally honest but incredibly well handled plot line and amazingly well written scenes.

Highly recommended.
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Is This Love? is set in a fictional large village; Middledip and although the cover is a mass of pink hearts, this is not just a story of love and romance, it is a story of the sort of love that keeps a family afloat through the toughest of times. Yes, there's a good dose of romance and a perfectly adorable leading man, but the overarching theme of this story is that of sibling love.

Tamara loves her sister Lyddie, she adores her and will do anything to make Lyddie's life easier - styling her hair in the fashion of Stars Wars characters, eating popcorn, making sure that there are enough pink wafer biscuits to satisfy her and generally watching out for her. It's something of a shock to find that Lyddie is not Tamara's younger sister, in fact she is a good few years older than her - in body anyway. Lyddie was hurt in a hit and run accident many years ago, she suffered brain damage, and will always live life with the mind of a small child. The accident and it's after effects have shaped the entire family ever since.

Tamara and her boyfriend Max are splitting up. Max has a great new job, but it means moving away and Tamara just can't do that. When Lyddie's childhood sweetheart Jed arrives on the scene and delivers some devastating news to the family, Tamara is just not sure where to turn. Jed is gorgeous, she is attracted to him, but starting a relationship with him could rupture their whole family.

Sue Moorcroft is an incredibly accomplished author, she has created a wonderful cast of characters, playing out a marvellous story in a just fabulous setting. Lyddie is adorable and Jed is gorgeous. Tamara has her daft moments, but on the whole she's a pretty realistic character. Jed's employers are dark and mysterious, his brother Manny is significantly silent and the alpacas are just damn cute!

I enjoyed every page of this novel, it's the perfect anecdote to the cold, grey and damp weather outside. It's cheering, well plotted and a thoroughly great read.
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I had not read any books by Sue Moorcroft before this but it definitely won't be my last - I'm already very much looking forward to reading more of her novels!

When Tamara's sister Lyddie is involved in a car accident, she is left needing permanent care, and Tamara decides to remain in their home village, looking after Lyddie. And when Lyddie's childhood sweetheart Jed turns up in the village, he brings news that shakes the family. Tamara is fascinated by Jed, and as her feelings start growing for him, will Tamara be able to find room for both Lyddie and Jed in her life?

The characters were very-well written and believable, they really came to life from the pages. Sue had me caring greatly about them and I always wanted to read on to find out what would happen. Sue did really well with her portrayal of a family coping with disability, it was realistic and I was particularly touched by the love and devotion that Tamara has for Lyddie. I really liked Lyddie, she truly shone from the pages! I know there will be many readers out there who will fall in love with Jed! I always looked forward to his scenes and especially his moments with Tamara.

I liked the setting of Middledip and I felt immersed in the village straight away. Is This Love? has a bit of everything for everyone, there is romance, the love of a family, sisterly bonds and a great story waiting to be read.
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on 15 October 2013
Originally published on SERENDIPITY REVIEWS
Why the hell haven't I read a book by Sue Moorcroft before? I wasn't supposed to start reading this book straight away, but I got sucked in as soon as Jed Cassius appeared on the page and I couldn't put it down until I'd finished it.

Firstly, let's talk about Jed. He is one of the hottest male characters I've read since meeting The Vincent Boys by Abbi Glines. He just oozes sexual confidence, sizzling off the page and making you weak at the knees. There is a darkness to him, that bubbles just under the surface, but this just makes him even more sexy as the story progresses. You are never quite sure if he is going to turn out to be the right person for Tamara. Determined to win Tamara over, he will stop at nothing until she is his. The growing relationship between them just gets hotter and hotter as they skirt around each other.

The rest of the characters were delightful to read about and so well rounded. I loved Lyddie. She was so innocent and I just wanted to hug her and take care of her. Her relationship with Tamara was just beautiful - you could see from the beginning that Tamara would do anything for Lyddie. It wasn't just out of guilt, her love for her sister shone through.

The plot was intriguing, with plenty of juicy sub plots to get your teeth into. I never saw the events of the second half of the book coming at all - they really took me by surprise. I love the way the author mixes difficult, real life situations with hot and steamy romance all running along a fast paced , thrilling path. Sue Moorcroft writes beautifully. The book is so descriptive that you can actually visualise every little detail of the book. The author must have carried out extensive research in order to write such a detailed story.

I really really loved this book and I intend to recommend it to everyone I know. I may now need to invest in Sue Moorcroft's back catalogue because I desperately need to read them all.
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on 6 October 2013
I have read two of Sue's other books set in Middledip (All That Mullarkey & Dream A Little Dream) and loved both of those. I was therefore looking forward to reading Is This Love. I was not disappointed, another great story, which I could not put down.
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on 17 November 2013
Review by ireadnovels.wordpress.com This is Sue Moorcroft's ninth novel.I always wanted to read Starting Over by Sue Moorcroft but never got round to reading it. This was sent by Choc-Lit with a stamp mark at the back of the book in the inside saying review copy. I am now very pleased that I have finally got round to reading a Sue Moorcroft novel and what a better way to read one of Sue's novels is her brand new novel for November 2013 IS THIS LOVE. Which I must say an absolute page turner. I have read How To Make Money Writing Romantic fiction, which Sue Moorcroft sets an article in the book on love writing.
Is This Love the story is set in a village Middledip. Tamara naturally adores her sister Lyddie but Lyddie is very sadly involved in an accident by tragic ruthless hit-and run driver which leaves Lyddie suffering from brain damage and she now needs constant care from Tamara. Of course as Tamara loves her sister so much there is nothing that Tamara would not do for her sister. Tamara's boyfriend Max is offered a new job and he decides to move away. Then out of the blue Lyddies teenage sweetheart boyfriend Jed Cassius returns to Middledip bringing some devastating news to the Rix family that shatters them to the core. Tamara thinks that Jed is fantastically so hot and she just can not help herself being intrigued by him. What will Tamara do she loves her sister Lyddie but she can not stop the growing feelings that she has for Jed?.
Is This Love is a story that has memerising characters. I think that all readers will enjoy Is This Love and this novel is ideal for a topic of discussion with book clubs.Sue Moorcroft is due her credit for her ninth novel.
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 13 November 2013
This is the first book by Sue Moorcroft that I had a pleasure to read and let me tell, it won't be the last, this I am sure.
The book introduces us to Tamara Rix and her older sister Lyddie. Lyddie is mentally an 11 - year - old after hit - and - run accident in her teenage years. Tamara feels guilty of the accident, feels that it was her fault that Lyddie was hit. But she loves her sister over all and would do anything for her. She will do her hair in Princess Leia style, she will go with her every day to admire the same puppies, she will do the same yoga exercises with her.
Tamara is a yoga - instructor and her relationship with Max comes to the end, because she doesn't want to move with him to another town when he gets a new job offer. She is not going to leave Lyddie alone.
Meet Jed. He comes back to the village after years of absence and surprises the family with unexpected news about the accident. He and his brother Manny are also working as ... who? bodyguards? minders? for the secret Mr. H and his wife. Then Tamara starts working for the isolated from the world wife of Mr. H. and soon finds that she is a part of the wife's game.

I really admire Sue Moorcroft that she wrote such incredible book about mental disability. Lyddie is wonderfully described, we get to know all her ups and downs and as the downs can be really extreme and not too pleasure, I didn't feel too overwhelmed with them. It is not easy to cope with such disability and Sue made it clear that the life of Rix family is not only bed of roses but they are coping and they are doing wonderful job. The relationship all the characters have Lyddie, let it be the family, or friends, of just normal people, is touching, is tender, is full of patience and understanding. It's really brilliantly written.
The characters themselves are also great. I liked Tamara from the very beginning, she's a tender, loving and loyal person and I was really curious what she's going to do with Jed, who was indeed Lyddie's teenage sweetheart. She has her moments of course as well, moments when I just shook my head and sighed, but altogether she's a very likeable, normal, warm person. And there are no easy ways for Tamara and her love life, oh no, she must fight with her conscience.
The other characters were also very likeable. Nothing was obvious and I was wrong more than twice, thinking that I know what's going to happen, so brilliant, not predictable and full of surprises! The love between Tamara and Jed was also not so obvious with happen, with their past and with actual problems. I must admit that I'm missing such characters like Jed in the books that I read, please more Jeds! Strong - minded, handsome, brave and intelligent, I loved the interaction between him and Tamara and his determination to make things good.

This book has it all. Drama, almost crime, family issues, affairs, secret lovers and funny moments. Oh yes, there was a moment that I was really laughing out loud. But there were also things that made my eyes water. It was also brilliantly, engagingly written and I enjoyed every page of this story. It had a right pace, enough action and was skilfully written, with a lot of subplots that kept me hooked all the time. The characters had depth, complexity and intelligence. I really loved this book and am looking forward to more Sue's books. And this one I highly recommend.

I received a copy of this book from publisher in exchange for a review.
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on 8 January 2014
Sue Moorcroft always keeps it real. Her couples take their time and there is always other things going on too.

Tamara has always helped her parents take care of her sister who was in a horrible accident as a teenager and now she mind has stayed a kid forever. But Tamara loves her sister so she wants to stay close. One could say she is a bit self sacrificing, but this is what she wants. She made her own way trough life and sure she has regrets but is still happy. And I liked her, and felt for her.

Jeb is an old friend of the family who shows up and dishes out some secrets. At times I did not know where to place him, read and find out, I wanted to like him, then doubt sneaked in, and then I liked him again.

The love affair takes time, there is no instalove. There is weariness, a bit of lust in their eyes and slowly they move towards each other and take it slow. Like I said, she keeps it real. She lets it build, the lets them have doubts. No need to rush love.

The book is about...oh what to spill now, Liddie, her sister. Jeb and the budding romance of course and a secondary story that adds a bit of something else, and a bit of drama too.

I enjoyed it and read it fast. It was sweet and real.
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on 11 January 2014
Tamara has never left Middledip, she's always wanted to remain close to home.
Feeling like she should always be there for her sister Lyddie who has needed round the clock care, following an accident as a child.
But then Jed, Tamara's childhood friend returns to the village, with a secret he promised his dying father he would share.
Will one mans dying wish, change so many lives....

Sue Moorcroft delivers a poignant story, that's pulls you in almost instantly.
With so much going on, you find yourself turning the page automatically, the need to know what's happening taking over the need to do anything else!

There are so many wonderful characters, from family orientated Tamara, whose kind and caring nature often means she puts her dreams behind everyone else's. To Jed the handsome but flawed hero of the story.
There was only one character I was unsure of, Emilia raised my suspicions and I found myself not trusting her. Something about her didn't sit right with me!

'Is This Love?' Is a wondrous story that will have you gripped from beginning to end!
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on 24 October 2013
Tamara Rix, a yoga instructor, has a disabled sister called Lyddie who was seriously injured in a hit-and-run accident when they were teens. When Jed Cassius comes back into her life - Lyddie's old boyfriend, from before her accident - and says that his father was the driver responsible, it throws everyone's lives into chaos. Then Tamara's boyfriend Max leaves, just as she is approached to become a private yoga teacher for Emilia, the stay-at-home wife of a very rich businessman for whom Jed happens to be first lieutenant.

A welcome return to Middledip and Sue Moorcroft does it again, skilfully blending romance and passion (this is probably her raunchiest book yet), with a keen eye for family life and coping with disabilities and topping it all off with pacey thriller elements. I liked Tamara a lot, she's a strong character with real depth and her interplay with Jed is a real highlight, just as her relationship with Lyddie is moving and touching.

Great characterisation, a keen sense of location and time and a gripping pace all add up to another winner. Highly recommended.
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