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Customer reviews

4.2 out of 5 stars
4.2 out of 5 stars
Format: Vinyl|Change
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on 3 February 2017
I first bought Think Tank a number of years ago, unfortunately after writing off a car I forgot to remove the CD from the player when it was collected a few years back. As the CD was protected it was the only album that I had not managed to transfer into MP3 format so I have not had a listen for years. Anyway, enough of the hard luck stories and onto the product review.

The fact that I have now purchased the same album twice would indicate that I rate this album highly. Heavily influenced by African folk music at the time of its release Blur have infused that vibe throughout Think Tank and the music itself is removed from much of Blur's other material. It doesnt have an indie feel to it like much of thier early stuff, or a riff heavy Song 2 style footstomper, but it works..... really really well. Top Track for me has to be 'Out of Time' which, as someone who has worked in Africa will recognise, fits with the general vibe of much of the continent, not too rushed but altogether a pleasant song. Try it, you will be surprised how good it is!
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on 20 July 2003
Eevryone who is in despair over the state of the current music industry should go and treat themself to a copy of Think Tank -- it is the first fresh , effervescent, REAL music to have graced the charts in a long time. Blur ,manage to mix up the raw and exciting edges that Punk stirred up over 25 years ago now whilst adding their own unique touches on tracks like CRazy BEaT that has just the faint echo of The Sex Pistols - but a resounding new edge. 'We've Got A File On You' would be at home with any Clash lovers and there are tunes to match every mood , smooth classy blues in 'Brothers & Sisters, juxtaposing life affirming uplifting melodies like 'Good Song' with the melancholy and contemplative 'Out Of Time', or the divinely reflective sadness of'Caravan'.'Sweet Song' is truly beautiful a sublime star-gazing lullaby. Musically, vocally and lyrically Blur excel on this album with their rare, innovative and eclectic style;absent of any poor tracks.Think Tank is a moment of musical emancipation freed from all the mechanically packaged fodder that usually stalks the charts. This album has reaffirmed my faith in believing that there are some truly authentic musicians out there still trying to break the mould and create something on par with a work of art- true genius
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on 10 May 2003
Think Tank is awesome! This is without doubt some of their best work! Creativity is VERY hard to come by these days, by judging all the garbage in today’s charts. Blur always seem to come up trumps producing refreshing and thought provoking music.
The album as a whole is very solid; however there are some tracks that you put on repeat and can't stop playing. Standout tracks are 'out of time', 'on the way to the club' and 'good song’ which drifts along gentle guitar strings. 'Caravan' is my favourite track on the CD Which has an ambient and chilled vibe to it. 'Sweet song' is beautiful and 'Jets' is probably the coolest song on the album. 'Crazy beat' IS crazy, and harps back to the days of 'song2' as they both have a similar vibe.
I won't bother comparing it to their previous work, all I can say is, this is a quality album, so go out and buy it and judge it for yourself.
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on 24 July 2006
This is one of the best albums that I have ever heard. I have to admit, I was not a big Blur fan during the Britpop era-I tended to side more with Oasis' style of music, but this has converted me. The album is simply gorgeous, from the almost tear inducing yet strangely happy Battery in your Leg and Sweet Song, to the politically inclined Out of Time and jump-around inducing Crazy Beat. Good Song is a highlight, which is just beautiful.

This album is different to anything else that I have ever heard, which seems to take its influences from old Blur, Gorrilaz, indie and Morrocan music. Oddly enough, it works fantastically. Dont buy it as a Blur fan, buy it as a music lover.
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on 18 May 2003
Blur's latest effort is not so unlike their previous two albums as some would suggest. Although 'Out of Time' can instantly be recoginised as another sorrowful blur classic a la 'Tender' it takes a while to complelely understand and appreciate the rest of the music on the album. I found that the more I played the CD the more I enjoyed 'Think Tank' Songs such as the imaginitive 'Good song' are touching while 'Battery in your leg' stands tall against any of Radiohead's mourning mellodies. Like in most of blur's albums their are a few tracks which are uninspiring, 'We've got a file on you' reminded me of their earlier, trashier and easily forgetable grunge songs from their first albums.
Blur seem to be able to perform well without their old Guitarist, Coxan, and there appears to be no reason to split the band up while they continue to produce such enjoyable and ground breaking albums as this one
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on 18 June 2003
I bought this album because of an offer in a shop where i could get it cheap. I had listened to some of blur's other albums and thought they were pretty good, but i was not expecting something like this. It did take a few listenings, but after that, the true greatness of this album started to dawn. The sound of this album isn't like anything i've ever heard. It was recorded in Marocco, and this really shows on the songs. Highlights include Sweet Song, the name says it all, Brothers and Sisters, an anthem if i ever heard one, and the new single, Crazy Beat, a different kind of heavy. This album is so full of contrasts, but manages to pull everything off really convincingly. Even the sax solo on Jets does not feel out of place. If you are a hardcore fan of blur's old material, i would advise you to steer clear of this, but if you have an open mind, get this and prepare to have your mind broadened.
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on 5 May 2003
This is without a doubt 'The Damon Albarn Album.'It infact actually sounds much more alike The gorilaz album than it does any previous blur album. The strong influence of his Mali music project on the new sound of blur is also instantly clear; the rythmns, the singing and the sounds throughout the album strike with quite a strong African flavour. Without the input of guitarist Graham Coxon (apart from on the final track)Damon has a creative monopoly which does drive the album with a much tighter focus than previous ablbum 13, but also leaves a kind of hole in the blur sound, to the extent that blur sound less blur sounding than ever with the exception of 2 or 3 tracks.
Think Tank is though a very good album. The tighter focus and atmospheric theme provide the album with a lovely flow. Blur's venture into such a radical sound for a white indie british guitar band can be compared to that of radiohead, except blur's being driven by their lust for new cultures rather than experimentation. The tunes are excellent. Furthermore Alex has never played better bass lines, while Dave provides far and away his most interesting drumming yet. And yes Blur have once more proved that they are more intelligent, more talented, more cocky, and more determined to challenge themselves and their fans than any of their peers.
Blur's last album? Who knows. In years to come though Blur will be remembered as a band, maybe THE band of their generation who created the most brilliantly diverse collection of music, never being boring whilst at the same time never failing to knock out brilliant pop tunes! Think Tank enhances their already impressive portfollio and blur fans should love them all the more for it.
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on 23 February 2004
Think Tank has is weak points, like the "White Album" or "Kid A" but overall it is loaded with gorgeous songs, subtle production and inspired performances. I am a great Coxon fan and I hope that his departure from the Blur fold is not permanent but even with a minimum of Graham's input this is still a great album which I have listened to every day since I got it.
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on 22 January 2004
Coxon has gone and people start moaning because the stuff sounds different. Whereas with Oasis people complain because it sounds similar and recognisable. Think Tank is the evolution of Blur from Britpop outfit to an experienced, musically diverse band. It's like no album before which is why it appeals. It might be reminiscent of the clash of sounds coming from a Pink Floyd album, but Blur have more style. The secret track is electric (known as Me, White Noise and with the typical Cockey Phil Daniels on it) and it's immediate sound of the percussion to Ambulance is clever and brilliant. Each track has a different influence and it does not drift into a world music theme too much. The essence of Blur's guitaring is evident in the catchy Crazy Beat, We've Got A File On You and Coxon's soulful guitar appears on Battery. Everything else is a combination of jazz, ballad and a general world music experiment. A clever and intriguing offer that shows the band are full of musical talent and not just rock-obsessed men trying to reassemble what they once had. Go buy it.
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on 8 May 2003
True to the rumours, Think tank is a 'new' blur if you like. Although if you were not sure whether to buy think tank or not because you liked the old blur and not sure whether you will like this new style, then youve got nothing to worry about.
Think tank has a more rounded feel to it than the likes of 13 where many of the songs are very similar. Think tank however has much more varied types of songs, 'out of time', 'caravan' and 'battery in your leg' are very much like the old blur, there is also abit of song 2 style in 'weve got a file on you'
Some of the songs that are new to what we have been used to from blur include 'crazy beat' 'jets' and 'gene by gene' I think that blur have not experimented to much though as all of the added style of songs are very effective.
The album as a whole is still good without graham coxon although you can't help but feel that theres something special about 'battery in your leg' with it being the last song with coxon on it. This album grows on you the more you listen to it, so listen to and enjoy the new blur.
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