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4.5 out of 5 stars
4.5 out of 5 stars
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on 1 June 2005
I have owned this book for years, but I recently have discovered another, newer version that is far superior. It is "Think and Grow Rich!: The Original Version, Restored and Revised" published by Aventine Press. For one thing it is a bigger book, both in size and in pages (412). It turns out that the book that this review is about is an abridged version of the original, something I never knew in all the times I have read it over the years. This smaller version, while good, contains nothing like the additional information in the "Restored and Revised" version, which I heard 2002 World Snooker Champion Peter Ebdon speaking about. There is just a wealth of fascinating facts and information in the back of the book. In the older book (the rather plain, smaller "Think and Grow Rich" this review concerns), the print is difficult to read, there is little space for jotting notes. The newer revised version reads better and by comparison is a far more useful learning instrument. Napoleon Hill's work is probably the most important ever done, anywhere in the world, in the motivational and self-improvement field. Whichever version you read, it will change your life forever, for the better.
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on 11 February 2005
I was introduced to "Think and Grow Rich!" by an alcoholic member of our cemetery sales team. I had a wife and three children at the time, and we were just barely making it. My only source of income was the commissions I made knocking on doors selling cemetery property, and they were hard to come by, especially since almost nobody was a permanent resident in the Miami area. Reading "Think and Grow Rich!" gave me a crutch to lean on as I forced myself out to pound those doors where the potential prospects were. If my family was going to eat, I had to convince people to buy cemetery property 30 or 40 or more years before they would need it. The Six-Step Success Formula the book contains helped me to realize that there was a way even for an uneducated lunkhead like me to make it like the big guys. I followed the success formula faithfully, and, lo and behold, my whole life turned around. I truly believe that Dr. Hill has the same message the Bible has for us. It was just little easier for me to apply. I went on to build the largest cemetery organization in the country starting out from my basement. In 1970, we sold 30 cemeteries to Service Corporation International, making it possible for them to become the largest funeral-cemetery company in the world. I served as President of their Cemetery Division for three years. I'm now 82 years old, living comfortably on the shores of Lake Hartwell with my wife of 62 years. Almost all my good fortune came about because I had the good fortune to be introduced to "Think and Grow Rich!" in 1953. (This new addition of the book is actually closer to the one I read back then. The versions sold since the 1960s omit a lot of material that Mr. Cornwell has put back in.) I have given away many cases of this great book. It was required reading in my company and in my family, and it has made a difference in a lot of the people's lives who were given the opportunity to make it part of their lives. Thank you, Ross Cornwell, for this wonderful "added value" new edition of the book that has meant everything to me -- and for giving me this opportunity to look back and appreciate how really important all of this is and what a difference it has made in my life and the lives of so many others.
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on 3 July 2006
I bought this book two years ago. It turned my life around. Following the principles Napoleon Hill teaches in this great book enabled me to overcome a serious, long-term drinking problem, in a matter of weeks. It also gave me the courage to quit a dead end job and start my own business. Not a week goes by that I don't pick up this book and re-read a section related to some problem that has come up. I also re-study a chapter and the endnotes each week to keep my motivation hitting on all cylinders. When I finish, I start over again with the first chapter. I will read this book and study it in this fashion for the rest of my life, just as I do with my Bible. Those two resources are the blueprint and the foundation for leading a purposeful, meaningful life. I give copies of Think and Grow Rich to people whom I think it will help. I recommend it to anyone who is seeking the key to success in life in all aspects.
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on 30 April 2006
"Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, the mind can achieve."

-Napoleon Hill

If you asked me to recommend to you the single best book I have ever read, my answer would be a very definite "Think and Grow Rich".

First published in 1937, this is the end product of two decades of research conducted by Napoleon Hill. His research started when Andrew Carnegie (the steel tycoon who was then the richest man on earth) gave him the assignment of organizing a Philosophy of Personal Achievement. Hill, who was a poor journalist, armed with just an introductory letter from Carnegie, set out to interview over five hundred successful people including Henry Ford, Thomas Edison, Alexander Graham Bell, John D. Rockefeller, George Eastman, William Wrigley Jr. and Charles M. Schwab. Hill then revealed the priceless wisdom of his research in the form of the thirteen steps to success (in Think and Grow Rich) and the seventeen principles of success (in courses and lectures he conducted).

The concepts taught by Napoleon Hill transformed my life. Some of these include developing a definite purpose, building a Positive Mental Attitude (PMA), channeling the power of the sub-conscious mind and dealing with adversity. Everything he wrote about or talked about is thought provoking. He was wise, humble and funny. His philosophy is universal; he did not mix it with religion. The riches he referred to were more than money, for the Philosophy of Personal Achievement can be applied to anything in life.

Hill was well ahead of his time. This book has a chapter dedicated to some of today's most important issues - Specialized Knowledge, Decision Making, Imagination and Organized Planning (in which he deals with Leadership). He also has principles for Teamwork, Creative Vision, Health, etc.

This is a classic, and hence the examples are old (not to be confused with outdated). But they are as relevant today as they were in the early twentieth century. Here is an example from T&GR in the chapter on Desire:

On the morning after the Great Fire of Chicago (1871), a group of merchants on Chicago's State Street went into a conference to decide whether to rebuild their stores or leave Chicago. All but one decided to leave. The merchant who decided to stay pointed a finger to the remains of his store and said "Gentlemen, on that very spot I will build the world's greatest store, no matter how many times it may burn down." His name was Marshall Field and his store still exists, and in Hill's words is "a towering monument to that state of mind known as a burning desire." I lived in Chicago from 2002 through 2004 and worked three blocks away from this impressive store on State Street. Sometimes I would visit it or stand outside it to derive inspiration and be reminded of the power of desire. It is amazing that Hill describes "burning desire" with a story based on the Chicago Fire.

There are thousands of self-help books out in the market and hundreds of self proclaimed "gurus" who have made a living by copying the wisdom in Hill's books. As I went through some of those books I realized that there was not much in them that Hill had not already written about. I recommend quality over quantity. Instead of reading through many books, I recommend that you study the following works of Hill and internalize his wisdom:

1. Think and Grow Rich

2. Napoleon Hill's Keys to Success: The 17 Principles of Personal Achievement

3. Your Right To Be Rich [Unabridged]

By internalizing, I mean studying in depth - analyzing the ideas, making notes and summaries.

Some have criticized Hill's work by stating that his research was unscientific. They pass him up for Jim Collins (whose "Good to Great" dedicates 76 out of its 300 pages to research methodology and notes that hardly anybody ever reads) or Marcus Buckingham (whose "First Break..." similarly uses 25 pages for Gallup's Meta Analysis and what not). These people don't know what they are missing.

I am greatly indebted to Napoleon Hill. The purpose of my writing this is to spread awareness of his work so that more people can benefit from it. This, I believe is the best way in which Hill would have liked to have been repaid.
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on 22 August 2005
Reading and assimilating the principles spelled out in "Think and Grow Rich" can be an astounding life-changing experience. I know. I read it more than thirty years ago, I re-read it at least once every year, and I believe it to be responsible for every success I have attained since reaching adulthood. I have in my library almpost every edition of this book that has been published, including the first, a rare 1937 copy. I was delighted several months ago to find this new edition that is without a doubt the finest, most useful I have ever read. It is actually better than the 1937 book. It has features that I have never seen in any other edition--an extremely useful index, a good appendix, and hundreds of endnotes that provide a tremendous amount of information about the people and events Napoleon Hill mentions in the book and which clarify many points of his philosophy. Virtually every version of "Think and Grow Rich" available today is an abridgment of Dr. Hill's 1937 original. Those that are not abridged are outdated or else they distort Napoleon Hill's message. This new book restores all material that has been left out, but it cleans up some incorrect grammar and obsolete language and some terminology that could be considered offensive today. I have long urged just about everybody I meet to study Napoleon Hill's philosophy, and I now urge them to use this new book to do it. It has long been my custom to give copies of "Think and Grow Rich" to every young adult I meet who I believe has the potential to achieve significant and even great things in life. This new book is the perfect "study tool" for personal success.
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on 16 July 2009
I first became aware of this book whilst listening to the audio-book of 'Millionaire Upgrade' by Richard Parkes Cordock. I was reluctant to purchase it however because of the poor reviews of the paperback version, which claimed that the text was of poor quality, amongst other things.

The first thing I will state is that this book is of the finest quality, you need not worry about its tangible condition, or indeed the quality of the information itself. The book contains an introduction by Tom Butler-Bowden (whose book 50 Self-Help Classics I intend to buy), which was very helpful, and it also contains the original text of 'Think And Grow Rich', which went out of copyright. It is pointed out that Napoleon Hill produced a revised, copyrighted edition, in 1960, however 'it is an abridgement which cuts out some of the interesting details in the original...'

As for the book itself and its content, I believe it to be the most important book I have ever read. I've read a few self-help books but none have touched me in the way that this has. As a Graduate, currently working in a minimum wage job, I feel like my life has lost its direction a bit and that I've been wandering aimlessly, but after reading the principles, in 'Think And Grow Rich', I believe that I can go now get my life back on track and I can make some positive plans for the future.

This won't happen overnight nor after reading the book only once, it will require daily application and persistence, and I suspect that my copy of 'Think And Grow Rich' will some become dog-eared from repetitive use! It's going to become my new handbook to living.

Having read other self-help books, I was already familiar with some of the principles, such as 'persistence' however there was quite alot of new material in 'Think And Grow Rich' which I was previously unfamiliar with. The Chapter on 'The Mystery of Sex Transmutation' was particularly interesting, as were the Chapters on 'Auto-Suggestion' and 'How to Outwit the Six Ghosts of Fear.'

The Author is clearly qualified having spent over 20 years of his life researching successful people and his work is endorsed by many distinguished figures such as Theodore Roosevelt, Thomas Edison and many many others.

One thing I found particularly interesting about the book, is that it was written at a time or not longer after, the Great Depression caused by the Wall Street Crash of 1929. Considering the recession we currently face, the book provides alot of hope: 'The "depression" was a blessing in disguise. It reduced the whole world to a new starting point that gives every one a new opportunity.'

It is cited as the Greatest Motivational Book of all time, on the back cover, and I would have to agree that it is certainly the most motivational I have ever read. The author's enthusiasm leaps out of the pages and you can't help but be inspired. The book requires alot of self-analysis and asks many probing questions, which really makes you think. I've read the book from cover to cover to get a feel for it but it's one I will be returning to again and again and studying in-depth.

I shall conclude my review as the Ralston Society conclude the book: 'No matter whether you are rich or poor-you have one asset as great as the richest man living-and that is time. But with each setting sun you become one day older; and have one day less in which to attain the success and wealth you desire....' Why wait any longer? The investment of money in this book is well worth it, but remember that you also have to invest much time and committment, in applying the principles to your life as well.
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on 26 June 2006
The idea that we become what we think about most of the time is hardly new. This philosophy has been passed down through prophets, holy men, sages and philosophers for millenia. Yet Napoleon Hills classic masterpiece 'Think and Grow Rich' takes the concept to a new level by not only reminding us of the fact but telling us HOW to think correctly!

And the 'rich' he is telling us to grow into is not only money. I truly believe that if you follow the principles laid down in this book, you will grow richness in every area of your life and that you will meet with success that you would never believe possible.

Read this book then actually DO what it tells you for 30'll change your life!

Dax Moy


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on 21 May 2008
Great book - but please do NOT get this version!

All it is, is a printed pdf file with a cover on it.

There are no lines between paragraphs, its printed on 7.5" wide paper and the text runs from edge to edge with hardly any margin at all.

I sent mine back as soon as I received it. It is unreadable.
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on 20 February 2005
In searching online a couple of months ago, I came across a new edition of Napoleon Hill's famous book 'Think and Grow Rich.' Hill was the man who invented the term 'Master Mind Group' after he'd spent 20 or 25 years studying more than 500 of the wealthiest, most successful people in America. The title of the new Hill book is 'Think and Grow Rich!: The Original Version, Restored and Revised.' I'm a big Napoleon Hill fan and attribute most of the success I have achieved, both personally and in my business, to following the 13 steps to riches (in more ways than just money!) that Hill explains in the book. This new version is simply fabulous. I have read 'Think and Grow Rich!' 15 or 20 times. Because the book was written so long ago, I've always had a hundred questions about who this person was that Hill talks about, or what exactly was he referring to when he wrote something about an event or situation. This 'Original Version, Restored and Revised' answers just about every question --in an extensive endnotes section at the back of the book. I find that the book has a wealth of interesting new information -- about Hill, about the times he lived and worked in, about the whole Think and Grow Rich Philosophy. The book also, for the first time I believe ever (I think I've read just about every edition of the book ever published), has an index, which really makes it easy to locate something in the book. There's a great appendix. This book is just packed with valuable material to make one's study of the principles of success much easier and more effective. It's one of those books that is tough to put down. When you read the endorsements for this new book on the covers and inside -- from some very famous and influential individuals -- you'll see what I mean about the book being impressive. Bryan Tracy, who wrote 'Getting Rich Your Own Way' and other top sellers, said, 'This is the best single book on personal success ever written; it made me a millionaire -- starting from nothing.' I agree with him. Nobody who is interested in attaining personal success and significant wealth can have a library complete without this terrific new book.
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on 24 February 2005
This book contains the secret to financial and other kinds of success in life. Ross Cornwell has restored "Think and Grow Rich!" back to the way Napoleon Hill first published it, but he has added valuable new features. For the first time there is an endnotes section at the back of the book that explains many things contained in the book. There are probably more than 150 endnotes. There are several interesting items in an appendix that tell us a lot about Hill and his work. For the first time the book has an index, and it is very extensive. Here and there a word or two or a phrase has been changed to make something clearer. This is just an outstanding book, much easier to read than any othe version I have read. I predict it will soon be the one most followers of Hill will want to own.
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