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on 10 September 2015
The ratio between price and performance is vastly unmatched. First I'll discuss the physical properties of the flask. The lid/cup is solid and does not bend, it is made from durable plastic and coated with a rubberised plastic for grip in certain places. The coating scratches very easily and leaves white marks which started to appear all over and very soon after using it. The stopper, this is by far the worst part of the flask, it has virtually no grip, is too slim and must be tightened very securely to function as a vacuum flask. Because of the almost non-existent grip, tightening and loosening the stopper is an arduous and frustrating task. The body of the flask was slightly misshapen, it was almost cylindrical and smooth but certain areas felt compressed or expanded when holding it in my hand.

Now I'll talk about the thermal performance. As stated on the manufacturer's website, it should keep hot drinks hot for 24 hours. It does not. I was lucky to get 12 hours if I made sure the stopper was so tight that I almost broke a sweat trying to make it so. On average I had about 10 hours of temperature retention until the drink started to become mildly warm. When pouring in my coffee and adding a splash of warm milk, the drink was too hot to sip, but opening it about 10 hours later it would be warm enough to reasonably enjoy, but too cold to be called hot, and that's only if I didn't open it in between. If I filled it up to the brim and had several cups from it during the day, it would only remain hot for about 6 hours, after which I could notice a distinct drop in temperature and made me question whether or not to drink it. And of course, opening the flask several times within a 6 hour period caused my hand to become quite sore because of the ridiculously bad stopper.

I also tried another vacuum flask from the same brand, Thermos, but from a different product line to see if I could get better results. I opted for a "Light & Compact" flask from Thermos, and overall the experience was not as bad as this, but I still came away disappointed and I will never be going back to the Thermos brand again.

I cannot recommend this product in any way and would advise everyone to look elsewhere for a vacuum flask.
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on 17 November 2014
To small..will be returning
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on 9 September 2013
Yes, the flask is nice and light and it does keep liquids much hotter for longer. I have both the 800ml and the 500ml. I use them while fishing and they are great because even the last cupful out of the flask is good and hot.
Unfortunately the 800ml flask lost its vacuum after only 14 months and it wasn't damaged in any way.
Amazon told me to return it to Thermos, which I did, at a cost to me of over £5 postage. Unlike Amazon, Thermos won't pay returns postage. Thermos returns are slow as well, after waiting for over three weeks, I was at the point of sending another letter to Thermos, asking where the replacement flask was but the new flask arrived just before I posted out the letter.
I paid the full price of £29.50 for this flask and did not expect it to fail after such a short time. I notice that Thermos have reduced the original 10yr warranty to 5yrs. I wonder if they are experiencing a high failure rate for these products.
5 stars for flask performance, but 3 stars subtracted for short lifespan and having to pay the returns postage myself.
Update 27 Mar 2015.
Replacement flask now scuppered as well. Here I am fishing, and swigging a lukewarm cuppa. Well done thermos. This one lasted 18 months. Subtract another star.
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on 12 October 2015
Sadly let down in a big way because [despite the bumf] it is not very robust - for stuffing in a rucksack - dinted on first outing so lost heat retention effectiveness! Green rubber grip and rubber base came off almost immediately - this actually made it easier to put in the rucksack - If they improved the strength of the outer casing and made it narrower at the bottom for stuffing into rucksacks it would be perfect? best ever heat retention but useless if you dent it so perhaps worth the expensive price tag if you treat it with care - urban use only!
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on 17 October 2015
Quite simply the best flask I have had. I believe they do a new version so buy it.
I can get three and a half mugs out of it.
I make it at 6 in the morning (preheat with boiling water for a few minutes) and I can still have a steaming hot mug at 3 in the afternoon.(I should add that I only fill it with hot water, I have made tea in it with milk and it still is boiling by 3 but that's just my preference) For me I have no problems overall although some people may find the screw on stopper hard to twist off sometimes, shouldn't bother most men.
Build quality is excellent gets chucked about no problem.
If it's a flask you're after look no further.
Like most things you have to pay that bit extra to get quality. I have had mine coming up for a year now and I use it every day and could not be without it.
Just a tip aswell, I use Brita water and it stops the scaling up inside the flask so I doesn't need cleaning quite as much. If you are actually making tea or coffee inside then it will need cleaning out after every use. Hope this helps ;)
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on 24 October 2017
After four and half years of regular use this flask is still going strong and it still keeps drinks hot or cold for 24 hours. It has survived thousands of miles of travel in hot and freezing conditions. I've dropped it countless times.
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on 4 March 2018
Best flask we have ever had, expensive but so worth the extra money would definitely recommend
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on 23 April 2015
I bought this flask after I did my homework reading a lot of comments for the best thermo insulation flask available. And I said, THIS IS THE ONE.
Let me be perfectly clear. It is a good flask. Keeps coffee hot 8+ hours. Hot, not warm. You don't feel hotness outside, wish it was 1.0l but I knew it is not.

My complain is about plastic/silicone o-ring and stopper. DO NOT PUT COFFEE or tea inside this flask, because thing will smell after it like hell. So forget to use it after for something else, like water. Flask itself do not keep odour, but stopper does.

And, ok, i went to thermos online shop to buy spare, and WHOH WHY it is limited to UK only Thermos? On amazon there is no one to buy, and what should I do now?

So, international buyers, be aware. You will pay good amount of money for a flask, you will be happy when you get it, but do not use for strong odour liquids or your happiness will be short timed.


After one month using it every day, this flask is AWESOME!!!!

24h and you still can cook instant noodles with water! Soak it for few minutes and good to go.

The bad coffee smell from start is significantly less, but still theres some. I believe it will disappear after some time.

Minus star for spare parts not available outside UK.
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on 29 December 2017
Brilliant and have bought again
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on 1 November 2014
I was really expecting big things from this having read loads of great reviews online, I couldn't wait to get my hands on one, naturally I came to Amazon.

When it arrived I measured out the water, boiled the kettle and filled flask, I screwed the lid on tight and give it a shake and to my surprise water came out, hmm ... so I tightened it more and still I could shake water out, so I realllllly tightened it and then it was tight and sealed.

Now I am no normal guy, I go to the gym and consider myself way stronger than average, now when I came to undo this it was so hard that I have pulled some tendons in my left hand which is still killing me days later, how an elderly person is supposed to use this is beyond me.

I left it a day as I wanted to try again because I really want this flask but on examination when I screw the plastic cap in theres a very slight wobble and if boiling hot water is coming out then so is the heat too.

Maybe I just got a bad one ? A few other reviews mention about this cap not being level on their flasks, but I bought this to use with my expensive DSLR camera and to keep next to it in the camera backpack, but with the water leaking, heat loss and stupidly hard to fully tighten cap, its just not practical for my needs.

It wont stop me looking at other Thermos flasks but I am going to need one with a more secure cap than this.

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