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4.6 out of 5 stars
4.6 out of 5 stars
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on 24 August 2013
The Wonderful 101 is the newest title from Platinum Games (Bayonetta, Metal Gear Rising) and published by Nintendo.

The plot essentially revolves around a group of people collectively titled the Wonderful 100 (the extra 1 is YOU!) who are given Superpowers via medallions around their necks which allow them Superhuman powers to take on an Alien threat.

Gameplay. You start each mission with a handful of people and as you explore the world you recruit more, think of it more like Little King's Story or Pikmin, each of the main characters allow you to have different attacks, for example Wonder-Red uses a giant fist, which can be used not only to attack enemies but also to turn valves. Wonder-Blue turns people into swords, which can slash at enemies while also picking locks.

To gain these 'wonderful' abilities you need to are required to either draw symbols on the stylus or use the R stick, personally I found it better to mix it up to accomplish this as some symbols are awkward with the stick.

Controls overall in the game take a little getting used to, but ultimately are fine. I found a few people getting frustrated with the game and blaming the controls rather than their own lack of skill.

Combat in the game is similar to a lot of Platinum games with some new things mixed in, you have your different attacks however simply attacking is not enough as you'll be required to block and dodge, however to do this you will be required to spend at the shop in between levels.

This is a Platinum game through and through, expect the game to hold your hand and you'll quickly find that you'll struggle with it. However if you don't mind hard work and learning about things for yourself you'll find this title far more rewarding.

Bright Graphics
Fun Combat
Great sense of humour
Doesn't Hold Your Hand

Can make the game a lot more difficult to yourself
Can be too difficult to some

Overall the Wonderful 101 is a Wonderful experience, it's not for everyone but it feels like a rewarding experience.
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on 23 August 2013
I remember the reveal of the Wii U and Nintendo showing off a very quick clip of The Wonderful 101 (for the sake of the review I am typing TW101). I immediately thought it appeared to be a clone of Pikmin with superheroes. Up to the demo launching on the Nintendo Wii U eshop I admit I had the same misconception about the game, this is nothing like Pikmin.

Sitting down with the demo I was head kicked as enemies beat me up, sent me flying across the screen and the other 100 followers didn't seem to even care... I got extremely frustrated quickly and thought I am not buying this game!

I then watched a video on the game, a rather behind the scenes development glimpse and I caught sight of a developer playing a level; he was attacking and swiping at the Wii U gamepad quickly connecting Unite morphs one after the other and then I realised I hadn't even considered doing that.

Anyway here I am with a copy of the game a few days before release and I am over the moon with the experience. Think of it as a Power Rangers Hyper extreme over the top eye feast, that while not graphically the most impressive game on Wii U it certainly is one that utilises the Wii U system perfectly.

If you have played a Platinum Games title before you will know that they are experts in fighting mechanics, what I have come to love about TW101 is that the game rewards your experimentation allowing you to pull off extreme combos as your men and women morph into giant fists and then swords in seconds.

Usage of the gamepad is really well implemented, when the 101 enter buildings the TV view stays outside but the gamepad view swoops in and follows them about but you will need to use both TV and gamepad to solve some puzzles (All pretty straight forward but logical so not to hinder you). The gamepad screen is also used for the entry of the Unite morphs or you can use the right control stick (This is difficult!), drawing a cycle and hitting A commits the morph. The secret to this game is to ensure that while you complete a morph and start your unite attacks you then need to enter a new morph command and setup your next unite attacks, this chaining is vital in scoring the ludicrous high scores and gaining those platinum medals.

Some folk will be put off by the above and consider this a standard button masher but you really need to think about the creative ways on how to chain certain Unites together to make the most powerful combos. As you progress further into the game you unlock more combo moves as well which opens up further Unite morph opportunities.

I am aware that some reviews have said the above is a negative thing but for me its great, it makes me challenge more myself about what the next logical link would be to keep the fight going, instead of mashing buttons with no consideration (This is still rewarded but you won't be getting those platinum medals).

If you consider yourself a gamer, or want to experiment with something a little different to the typical game on the market such as another yearly football churn then this really is something that action fans would love, not to mention the over the top and often chuckling cut scenes which rock. Platinum Games have delivered the ultimate experience this year in The Wonderful 101
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on 23 August 2013
I'll just be focusing on the technical aspects of the product.


- Case, cover, game disc and manual.


- The controls of W101 are great, everything works smoothly although if you're planning to buy this game please try the demo first and learn how the controls properly work because this isn't your typical game where you jump in and know how everything works -- Nope, Wonderful 101 makes you want to play the game how it was intended otherwise you'll just die and eventually give up due to your own fault. Don't let this happen.

- In Wonderful 101 you can either use the Wii U GamePad or the Wii U Pro Controller, and it's not necessary to pick up the GamePad for additional screen because it's possible to bring up a little box with it and then hide it away when not needed.

- I'd recommend the Pro Controller over the GamePad because it lasts for 80h-90h of battery whereas the GamePad needs to be recharged every 3-4 hours which isn't comforting, though its advantage is that you can play the whole game on the GamePad without the TV on.


- They look absolutely stunning in HD with its cartoony and shiny look, I'd hope that by the cartoon-ish graphics it wouldn't be a reason for someone to ignore it (people are quick to judge it's insane).


- Sometimes the camera is unable to track your every move so you'll be wondering at least a couple of times where your character is localised, but once you catch up with its pace this isn't an issue any more.


- The game can last more or less around 20 hours and with tons of replayability you'll be sure to be playing the game more than once, even more because as you get the hang of how the game works it becomes more creative making the weapons and destroying the enemies.


- I'm really enjoying the score, however, there were times I wish they'd have given it more variety because the same background song playing constantly can break the mood of the player, but if it becomes too irritating you can mute it on the TV or go to the options and set the music to 0%.


- Audio: Japanese audio, English dub
- Subs: English, French, Italian, German and Spanish (This multi subtitled version is exclusive to the European release)

To finalise:

- Please play the demo before considering to purchase the game because this isn't the type of game that suits most gamers/people and that it'd be pointless for you to spend your hard earnt money on something you wouldn't enjoy.
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on 23 August 2013
This is what the Wii U has been waiting for an exclusive that will make you buy one. The game is really good, yes there are a few fiddly bits but they are not enough to stop this game from being great fun. The characters are crazy but this just's makes the game even more fascinating. If you own a Wii U then in my opinion this is a just have.
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on 23 July 2016
Great mechanics, great ideas, great combat system (which is incredibly rewarding and satisfying once you really get the hang of it), great art, great story, great voice acting, great music

The perfect videogame, really.
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on 27 August 2013
This came as such a pleasant surprise. If you have ever played Viewtiful Joe buy this game immediately! This game is not for young children, despite its looks, and is lengthy, colourful, addictive as heck and most importantly FUN. If you own a Nintendo Wii U then this is a must have, and it is personally a contender for my game of the year.
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on 16 September 2015
One of the most underated games on the Wii U, great fun, a little concentration and time needed to learn the controls after youve that out of the way its a great fun action game, well worth adding to your Wii U collection.
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on 2 November 2013
The Wonderful 101 is a bit like what a scrolling beat em up in 2013 looks like when designed by a very creative Japanese development team who are basically allowed to do whatever they want. This is one of the freshest and most original action games I've ever played, but it will be too incomprehensible and hectic for a lot of people.

The gameplay basically boils down to controlling a gang of superheroes and battling through a series of missions against an army of robot aliens called the Geathjerk. The games' aesthetic is a lot like a Saturday morning cartoon, and has a story crammed with bad jokes and goofy dialogue. The action is primarily viewed from an isometric viewpoint, although it changes regularly during missions and boss battles. Progress through the missions can be challenging but is generally straightforward (you have infinite continues and restart at the point of failure), and the basic controls are not too hard to get to grips with with a little practice. Your heroes battle the Geathjerk (who range from hulking robots, tanks, metal scorpions and tortoises to name but a few) through a combination of basic team attacks and unite morph attacks, which are central to the game. Unite morph attacks are triggered by drawing a shape on the Wii U gamepad or by making a gesture on the right analogue stick which enables your heroes to morph together to form a giant fist, sword, gun and more (that I won't spoil). Unite morph attacks are introduced gradually throughout your first playthrough, which is helpful as it can be quite overwhelming at the beginning when you're learning how to read the environment, dodge enemy attacks, string together your own attacks and then eventually getting to grips with the bare basics of the games' deep battle and combo system.

So what in particular is so difficult about it? Well to begin with, you can't take much knowledge with you to the Wonderful 101 given that it presents its' action in such a unique fashion. Even having played a number of games in the past by the games' designer Hideki Kamiya (like Viewtiful Joe and Bayonetta) I found there was a period of time before the basic gameplay clicked and I could more or less read enemy attacks competently and defend and counter effectively. Part of the problem is that there can be so much happening on screen at once, that it's sometimes difficult to see your central character amongst your group of heroes and the surrounding chaos. However with a bit of practice you gradually learn to parse the environment and spot certain enemy cues that signal that it's time to dodge, counter etc and in turn develop a type of sixth sense for the action which is very satisfying. The second biggest challenge to getting into The Wonderful 101 is that it does very little to hold the players hand or teach any of the games systems or mechanics. A basic tutorial window may pop up to highlight how to pull off a particular move, but there is no in-game help to teach the player how to actually fight properly, which is key to understanding and in turn enjoying the game. Thankfully at the time of writing there are a number of videos online that explain the fighting system and I strongly recommend checking them out. Another issue is using the gamepad touchscreen interface for unite morph attacks, which while very responsive isn't practical for when the action ramps up to anything above a simmer (which is a lot). Thankfully with a bit of practice the right analogue stick gestures work perfectly for pulling off Unite Morphs, and are akin to learning special moves in a fighting game like Streetfighter.

Once you get to grips with the Wonderful 101's controls and gameplay systems, it reveals itself to be a very complex action game with a huge scope for mastery. During missions, you are rewarded after each discrete action segment with a medal corresponding to your combined performance in damage avoidance, time to complete and combo score. There is an intricate combo system which has to be learned in order to score the higher platinum and pure platinum medals, and as such the enjoyment in achieving these comes from repeated play of each of the games' story missions. This is absolutely one of those games that gets better and more satisfying the more and more you play it and the amount of content here means it could conceivably take years let alone months to master it all.

Have I explained it properly? I'm not so sure. Forget the deceptively cute aesthetic, The Wonderful 101 is a hardcore, somewhat perplexing game and certainly won't appeal to everyone. It has flaws and can be frustrating. Sometimes the fixed camera doesn't give you the perfect view of the action resulting in unfair damage, the games unwillingness to explain itself will result in many of the more creative sections of the game (it makes some smart use of the Wii U gamepad) a blunder on first playthrough until you realise what the hell you were actually supposed to be doing, and being so unrestrained there are some sections which fall a bit flat and I wish they'd simply been taken out to help the pacing a little and avoid repetition. However, if you are intrigued by the premise of a deep, complex and somewhat renegade action title then this is absolutely one to check out. The Wonderful 101 is one of the most creative action games I've played in a very long time and for some it could be right up there as one of their favourites ever.
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on 27 August 2013
If you have a WiiU you really should give this game a go. It's very original and very funny in places. It's Packed full of great action and characters, it's not perfect but in the age of boring FPS and boring FPS this really is a breath of fresh air.
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on 24 August 2013
Really fun game, something fresh. Go out and buy it and support diversity and a good company, that not only thinks about money.
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