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on 18 June 1999
I've used the practical info from this book in my present home with great success. I've compensated for a cut-off travel corner and love corner. Dare I say my marriage is happier and I'm actually getting tired of traveling so much? I also placed a water fountain near the front door (career area) and our business is going gangbusters. Coincidence? I don't know but even my pragmatic engineer husband believes. Now I'm building a new house on a piece of land and I'm using Feng Shui principles in the design. I did note that my architect uses the same principles unconsciously such as positioning the house according to prevailing winds and direction of the sun. This shows me that Feng Shui uses down to earth design principles that are timeless. Highly recommended as an introduction to Feng Shui.
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on 10 May 1999
This is an extremely easy to follow guide to practicing Feng Shui, even if you have never read another book about it. It's easily explained and laid out so it's easy to follow, whether you're doing one room, an entire house or even outdoors.
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on 28 December 1998
I found the book to be useful in explaining the elements and giving examples for balancing elements in living spaces. Maybe this isn't the greatest explanation the the traditional Chinese practices and philosophies, but it gave me some good ideas. Psychosomatic? Maybe. But who cares, as long as it has a positive effect? I could have done without the testimonials.
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on 8 May 1997
This book was of great interest to me as a new home owner. However, Feng Shui is presented in a somewhat biased manner, as a cure-all for healing lives. Certainly, our environments can be places of healing and nurturing energy, but the bottom line is personal preference and common sense. (in life, as well as interior decorating!) Each person has their own likes and dislikes. For example, many people enjoy having high ceilings and an open floor-plan, while others prefer more "yin" environments, with lower ceilings and dimmer, smaller rooms. Socrates said most wisely, "All things in moderation." I still believe that Feng Shui needs more westernization for it to be practical, useful, and accessible to the average American or European.
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on 5 June 1997
Okay, I'll admit I was seduced by the subtitle, ". . . Creating Balance, Harmony and Prosperity in Your Environment." I need all the balance, harmony and prosperity I can get.

Feng Shui (that's FUNG SHWAY to us mortals) is the ancient Chinese art of placement (does anyone but me notice there's never a modern Chinese art?). I came from the 1950's Irish-American art of placement: "Use a coaster! Don't lean on your elbows! Get your feet off the coffee table!"

The idea of Feng Shui is that by correct placement of objects around my environment, I will maximize the 'Chi' or energy in and around my physical world. Hey, I believe this. In college I rearranged furniture in my dorm room every month. I continued this even after I married a man who, given the option, would nail down furniture. These days I'm too tired to change the television channel after everyone has gone to bed. In this book there's a Chinese saying: "If you want to change your life, move 27 things in your house." I do this every morning trying to figure out where my son left his gloves, his hat, or his lunch box. My life hasn't changed yet.

The author claims that "Relaxation, rejuvenation, and recreation are the three primary functions of a home." The three primary functions of my house are collapse, incoherence, and get-ready-for-the-next-round-of-laundry. The front door is the gaping mouth, where all the chi enters the home. All doors are entrances for chi, which is why doorways should never be blocked and should open freely. I haven't been able to open a door in my house without banging into something since 1988. I'm in chi debt until the millenium and then some.

Halfway through the book I learned my rooms are laid out poorly, my bedrooms in the wrong place, and my blocked doors are draining me of energy. She didn't mention what stepping on those little green army guys does to your chi. It can't be good.

Ms Collins says for optimal chi, my environment should be clutter-free, contain my treasures and photos of my loved ones, fresh flowers and natural crystals to circulate chi to energy-low areas. I was getting energized just reading this book. Hey, I could throw some stuff out, rearrange the furniture, put out my crystals and burn scented candles. Maybe there's something to this. Ancient Chinese arts have to be based on something.

I was telling my husband the highlights of all this when our eight-year-old son came into the room. In quick succession he argued about his homework, his chores, his sister, and tried to negotiate a later bedtime. When he left I slumped over in my chair. My husband looked at me and asked, "Does the book say anything about living with the 'Anti-Chi'?"
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on 25 July 2005
It was by chance that I found out about Feng Shui. The book was easy to follow and gave good examples of changes that can be done to improve our home. Well since applying Feng Shui to our home, we certainly had alot of major changes to our career, family and money. It was all good and all I could ask for. I highly recommend it!!!!!!!
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on 27 May 1998
This was an easy to understand book perhaps a little too simplistic. I changed the money area of my house and immediately cash began appearing. I thought I'd get a raise or two which I did but I did not expect cash to appear in different locations around the house so far about eighty dollars.
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on 6 May 2013
This book is an easy entry into the fascinating world of Feng Shui, a lot of this is common sense, clearing out clutter and changing furniture and colours to improve the atmosphere of your home. If you enjoy change and improvement in your life then this is the book for you.
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on 3 June 1997
Terah explains the key concepts of feng shui, without making them too complicated. It is both thorough and readable. Highly recommended.
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on 21 January 1999
I am a FS Consultant and am often asked to recommend books on the subject. This one, "The Western Guide to Feng Shui", presents information in useful, small bites, and is one I frequently mention. Go ahead, you will learn something!
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