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on 2 February 2017
The basic storyline is good but the ending feels very rushed . I felt that there was far to much concentration on the romance between two of the main characters , I really don't want to continually read about about their sexual exploits . This becomes tedious and rather boring and I actually struggled to finish this book due to this .
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on 25 November 2016
I rather enjoyed this until I reached the end which was then hurried to the point of where is the rest of the book please.

It was well put together, believable characters and the baddie was so wrong he was creepy. The balance of tension between the lead characters as their relationship developed then faltered due to misunderstanding. (Personally I thought she was being a little selfish here)

It would have been good to have more backstory on the monster, there were little hints but nothing concrete and only waffley hints of oddness. Or do I have to read more in the series to get to the bottom of the file that the FBI ran off with??
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on 18 June 2017
This was well written as one would expect from an English teacher however the story is extremely like at least one other book I've read recently. The exact same formula was used. Beautiful new investigator from out of town falls for her superior officer and they spend a lot of the book making love.They are hunting for a serial killer with a troubled mind and again a very formulaic story ensues. There is a glaring error towards the end.The killer and his captive are in an underground bunker with only one way in and out.How then does he manage to put a rug, a fridge and a table and chairs over the entrance while he is still down there, and why would he, even if he could perform this miracle.
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on 20 October 2017
The watcher.


Well written with some very intriguing parts. I certainly didn't see it coming that the killer would pursue Kate, not realising she was a twin and not the re-emergence of the girl he'd murdered years before. I really liked that. Also liked how you hid who the killer's uncle was until the end. That was well staged and clever.

The characters were on the whole very easy to get into but it drove me mad the constant flipping between the killer's titles. Both the name 'Smith' and 'The Watcher' were thrown in on rotation, often on the same page and sometimes in the same paragraph. Just using the name Smith would actually have more impact. Maybe use 'The Watcher' once or twice to link to the title of the story but the constant see-sawing is very distracting; it felt like we were talking about two different people.

I also would have much rather the story focused on the crime and investigation aspects and not Ben and Kate's sexual adventures. I'm no prude but it just seemed to weigh the story down. It would have been better to have kept the romantic tension going and add a sex scene at the end -- or not at all. The story didn't need it and it really didn't add anything. I felt like I wanted to get through those to get on with the story. Did we really need a heavy sex scene at night for it to jump straight to waking up the next morning and having more sex.

I couldn't work out why she was withholding information? There really wasn't any point in her doing that. What did it matter if she told him about the other murders at the start - and that of her sister as there wasn't any consequences to telling him.
I also didn't understand why she was so dramatically upset that Ben had not mentioned the tragic death of his son. They'd only known each other for weeks. Other than sex and the case they had no history at all, so her cold shouldering him over it seemed a little silly to me.

I loved the abduction scene and Ben's reaction after. The moments you gave us from Smith's POV were brilliant. I really feel if you replaced some of the sex with more material with Smith's warped way of thinking you would have a book that engaged from the start to the finish.

You certainly do have real writing skills but I had the feeling you were trying to write to a formula rather than letting what is clearly a strong imagination run free.

Let Smith run riot and leave Kate and Ben to give smouldering glances in a pairing that takes the whole book to build. For me, romantic thrillers do work well as long they are in balance and don't slow the energy of the book.

And please check for plot errors. There a few glaring ones.

Good luck with your future books.
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on 22 November 2017
My first read by this author, Jo Robertson. It was a page-turner and I thoroughly enjoyed the story and the psychological aspect of the plot, I also found it easy to follow the American policing and justice system which is so often very confusing! I also liked the romantic aspect which fitted very well into the plot and didn't interfere with the story about catching an horrific serial killer. I would definitely read another of these books.
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on 7 November 2015
I would have given this book a five star but for one obvious flaw.the story was very good ,easy to read .the characters believable and the storyline was perfect throught.but without giving too much away how could a person enter a cellar then put a carpet and a fridge over the door???
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on 6 September 2017
Exciting read which keeps you engaged until the final page. Tense thriller which has everything to keep you reading. The plot develops gradually but you are on the edge of your seat by the time you reach the final pages.
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on 3 July 2017
First time reading this author and wasn't disappointed.
What a brilliant story line it got my attention straight away
and kept you hooked right to the end.
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on 2 November 2017
Very gripping read and hard to out down. Loved how it wasn't just about catching a killer but also the consequences of losing a loved one to a depraved killer.
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on 23 July 2017
First read of this author and not bad at all.
Fast paced story of a mixed up serial killer, and the officers involved in the race to catch him.
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