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Customer reviews

4.6 out of 5 stars
4.6 out of 5 stars
The Untold History of the United States
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on 22 April 2015
Wow. This was a real eye opener for me I read it cover to cover in two sittings. A challenging thought provoking book that deals with difficult sometimes uncomfortable truths.
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on 6 September 2017
six stars
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on 14 January 2015
I wish everyone in the world could read this book or if they don't have time, to watch it on DVD.
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on 22 January 2014
This is a powerful socio-political history of the most powerful nation that has ever graced the planet. A country that will have us believe...and we would like to believe...that it is the bastion of freedom and democracy. This has been the 'American century' and this book tells us how they achieved this platitude. It is not I might add with any sort of diplomatic grace, humility or democratic panache. This book will outline to you how they got it so wrong?

The authors present a well referenced, researched and informed viewpoint that is hard to ignore. The evidence is overwhelming, the western world, with few exceptions, has been run by what can only be termed as a cacophony of self seeking, arrogant, racist, sub intellectuals for the last hundred years. That Regan used to fall asleep during his morning briefings just about sums up the quality! Those who have occupied that most esteemed of political offices over the last hundred years have left a US democratic legacy that is battered and bleeding, maybe mortally so. A legacy that has seen the ruin of their international reputation and that is also catapulting them into a financial meltdown. It is a story pitted with political, financial and military disasters on such a grand scale that it beggars belief.

I will say however that the fact that they also did a lot of good is hardly highlighted at all in the book. In any case, the good is totally overwhelmed by the sheer quantity of bad. They made decisions that left millions dead, destroyed entire countries and nullified what should be basic world commodities, that of a reasonable amount of world peace and stability without the threat or risk of an armageddon. The lies, deceit and sheer arrogance practiced by most of these historic figures (and administrations) belies belief. Here we find the true reasons behind the unlawful or unwarranted sovereign interventions in Korea, Vietnam, Panama, Grenada, Iraq and Afghanistan, the clandestine and bloody subterfuge involved in supporting rogue states and dictators, state authorised assassinations, the common use of torture by government agencies and the lack of conformity to domestic and international laws. In turn there are lost opportunities to shackle the growth of nuclear weapons, the eternal shame of their unnecessary use and the basic system incompetences involved in alleged near misses.

The list is endless and it makes very sad reading. Sad because most of us know that it is true and that the people of the US deserve better. Sadder still is that I could write the same review about the UK. A very comprehensive and authoritative book brilliantly researched that is superbly written. One of my best reads ever.
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on 16 August 2014
phenomenal analysis of the true history of the us empire. recommended to all awakened souls wanting change on this beautiful blue planet called gaia,
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on 4 March 2017
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on 27 July 2013
This is fantastic. it offers a real insight into how America used insidious tactics to consolidate interests and agendas around the world. America got rich after the war by gaining footholds in Eastern European, African and Asian countries which they had no viable claims to from the outset! Documents the conflicting programs in history involving capitalism and communism during the cold war. Alternative, non-standardized, non-western viewpoints. Absorbing stuff. Buy it and watch the series as well!
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on 22 August 2013
I came to this book having watched the 10 hour excellent documentary series of the same title. I wasn't sure what to expect from such a relatively long book, however I found it a rivetting read, difficult to put down with many interesting moments such as at the views expressed, the retelling of many familar events from a new perspective or in greater detail, and some new information that filled in gaps in my knowledge. The book is told in 14 fairly long chapters and a long introduction that is essential to read to understand the view taken and how the narrative is constructed. The narrative is laced with many interesting facts and quotes, noting the sources and the position or job title of those whose views are being given. The narrative is basically chronological in order though it does contextualise some subjects in the light of recent events, in particular the recent financial crisis and so called war on terror. However much of the narrative stays based in each time period and gradually unfolds through each presidency noting in detail much to do with defence and foreign policy of the US government, though not exclusively, and their development down through the years. A structure which runs in parrallel with the documentary series. However the book is far more detailed and goes into greater depth on many of its subjects and is rather more academic than the somewhat breathless emotive and moralising documentary. I recommend the book as essential reading to anyone with a interest in world history from 1900 onwards. Some grounding in history of the period would help and possibly knowledge of more orthodox views as a balance not just to the views but a contextualisation of events. Certainly it would not just add balance but an interesting perspective on just where that orthodoxy comes from. Otherwise this book is definitely worth a read with its agenda setting views and knowledge rewarding informative narrative that can't be ignored.
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on 20 June 2013
My name is Nikita. I was born in South America in a country called Guyana. My father was a leftist having raised himself out of poverty by exceling in his studies. I grew up with Indians and Blacks with names like Dimitri, Vladimir and Mikhail. The country I was raised in was ruled by a right wing dictator and was propped up by the Carter government. My family fled the country with nothing after my father was beaten up and my family threatened.
Why am I telling you all of this? Because this book tells the story of the injustices committed against my people and the peoples of the world.
It is not an anti American book it is a critical evaluation of the last 100 years of US hegemony. It has laid bare the truth that the government exists only to serve the needs and imperialistic ambitions of the right wingers, corporations and the military industrial complex.
Americans should definitely read this book and be angry...very angry as it is only you..the voting peoples of the American republic that can change the course of the United States of America.
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on 24 January 2014
I have been lied to my who life. That's how it feels after reading this book. I thought I was fairly aware of the fact that successive American governments in my life time, were not the good guys that they, and quite often the press, would have us believe. However in truth I had no idea how devastating American foreign policy was for the World. How many people have died, directly and indirectly, so that the Right Wing and American corporations can fulfil their agendas. How many democratically elected Governments around the World were deposed with support from the CIA, to be replaced by brutal regimes that tortured, murdered and robbed their own people, so that American corporations could monopolise industries there and the American government had a friendly regime they could deal with. Also it appears that increasingly the civil liberties of Americans themselves have been eroded away, and continue to be. Which clearly shows that this very small but inordinately powerful group of people care for nobody except themselves.

I hope the 99% protest that started with 'Occupy Wall Street' does not go away. It needs to keep pushing and protesting and voting so that there is a fundamental shift to who holds the power in the States.....because it isn't ordinary Americans.

A very well written book that gives you the facts to see clearly yourself what is really going on. More Americans need to read this or watch the TV series and not have the blind faith that many of them seem to have about their leaders.
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