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VINE VOICEon 25 March 2010
I cannot believe I am writing this highly critical Review after the glowing one I wrote for 'Twilight'. I guess it just confirms (yet again - and for the umpteenth time) that Trilogies and Sequels simply DO NOT work for me! Perhaps they do for others - but it's merely a cheap and inexpensive way to keep stringing out a load of ... (a word I'm not allowed to use) and earn loads of money from it. (someone is laughing at you all the way to the Bank if you think this type of thing is great...)

It would surprise so many people that I know that if they knew that I actually 'pre-ordered' this piece of Junk - a thing I NEVER do (pre-order) as a rule - so blown away I was with the first instalment - and now feeling rather foolish for it too... (but then to be fair to myself; I think looking back, it was because my expectations had been so low for something so ultra modern I had been taken aback perhaps?)

I wonder also if I made a mistake not reading the book first (as I had done before seeing the first movie) but unfortunately, I now have the book coming too, and after seeing just 45 minutes of this (again - the word comes to mind that I am unable to write) I no longer want it...

This was just AWFUL!!! The acting was DREADFUL compared to the first movie. I think Edward looked really ugly in this. (he wasn't all that in the first - but I don't know what went wrong this time around...) The girl's acting is on a far lesser level than it was first time around - whatever happened to the shy Bella of that movie/book!!??

The 'almost' hour or so I watched (I just could not stomach anymore...) there was hardly any dialogue - what there was, I could barely hear; everyone just 'mumbles' - way too much music in the background which bore no relevance whatsoever to the scenes. (to stop you getting bored and switching off I expect - though it didn't stop me!)

I got the double Disc Set - and I've not even looked at the 'Special Features' - really do not want to know...

This was the BIGGEST let down imaginable for me, since I'd really thought that for the very first time, I was finally getting into a Saga/Trilogy/Sequel - whatever - and against all my previous judgement! Why didn't I listen to my instincts!? Now I know, and nothing will ever convince me; that these 'serial' movies/books are a total and utter waste of space... In my opinion, any book or movie should begin and end in 'one'.


And who on earth finds the subject of Vampires - the continued subject of 'blood' (yuck) and pasty-looking and immature-looking guys sexy!??

I'm perplexed...

REALLY weird...

Well, as promised; after reading the book of this movie successfully, I went back and gave the DVD another go, and whilst I felt the film was much better this time around, I do not take my main criticisms back for two reasons;

Firstly; though many have said that it's best to read the book first, this should not be a 'necessity'; we all watch hundreds of movies that are based on books, but because we haven't read the books first, does not always make the movie rubbish... Any movie or book should be able to meet the challenge of standing alone in my opinion without having to 'depend' one upon the other.

Secondly; many of my complaints still stand; the diction of the actors is extremely poor - they hardly open their mouths when speaking their lines. I am neither, old nor deaf, and in fact, I watched this through headphones during the night whilst my Partner was in bed, and I still had problems... I had to keep referring back to the book in my head in order to make sense of much of what was said!

I believe that many Viewers would not be able to make sense of this Picture if they have not read the book, since much of what is happening is reliant upon what has gone before (the 'prequel'). Having read the book, it all comes together and is quite enjoyable, but like I said earlier; this shouldn't be a necessity.

I liked the Special Effects regarding the Wolves, and this part of the movie was much better than I might have expected. I don't think they overdid this part which they so often do with these kinds of sequences.

Regarding the 'eye-candy' that everybody raves about; give me 'Charlie' (Bella's father) any day! He's pretty fit, but as for the others... Jacob I thought odd-looking, until he'd had his hair chopped off and he looked much better for it!

I shall be watching the next movie, but I will not make the same mistake again; I shall be reading the book FIRST - even though I should not HAVE to!
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on 1 November 2009
People haven't seen this film yet and they're already writing 5 star reviews about it. Bizarre. However, having said that and having laughed my way through the first appalling twilight film, I have no hesitation in awarding this film a RICHLY deserved one star. I am sure that it will be every bit as tedious, ridiculous and downright laughable as the first. I may well, of course, never know if this is case as I have no intention of watching it. Wild horses may pull, stones may give their blood but I shall keep my eyes squeezed tightly shut and my fingers pushed firmly in my ears. Not going through that again. Not even drunk. No sir, not me.
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on 13 December 2009
This film has divided fans, I think, as to whether they preferred Twilight, directed by Catherine Hardwicke, or prefer Chris Weitz on board as a new director. Personally, I think Twilight was better and wished they had kept the same director.

There are lots of things to enjoy in this movie. Kristen Stewart is on top form and is growing into a fine actress; Taylor surprised me as a very good Jacob; and Pattinson, of course, is as gorgeous and charismatic as ever (except for his clothes, perhaps - he is dressed like a fusty college prof at times, so I am convinced whoever designed his wardrobe was on Team Jacob! I much preferred his black T-shirts and James Deans jeans in Twilight). Also, if you are fan of the books you will be pleased as it is more loyal to the book 'New Moon' on a scene by scene basis. The soundtrack is good and there are some great scenes, such as the magical underwater scene, and the action scenes in Italy at the end.

However, I think Hardwicke did a better job at capturing the aching, love-lust crazed nature of Bella & Edward's love affair. I disagree with reviewers who say Bella is selfish or pathetic for moping about after Edward goes - the whole point of their love is that, like a modern day Romeo and Juliet, it's all-consuming and they can't live without each other. I liked the intense idealism of their love for each other and I feel it's the breathing heart of the books. That said, in Twilight, every scene between Bella/Edward was so mesmerising - the music and direction and camera angles all sought to squeeze out every drop of the sizzling magic between them. I don't think I've ever seen such amazing on-screen chemistry and I didn't feel the scenes in this film were as strong. I know Edward has a smaller role but some of the love scenes in New Moon (the novel) are the strongest in the series. The scenes at the end where Edward explains his love/reason for leaving seemed very rushed compared to the moving and rather beautiful scenes in the book. Other scenes also felt slightly rushed eg when Edward is walking Bella down the school corridor and tells her she's everything to him - such big, important lines, which almost seemed thrown away; Hardwicke would have had them standing still, with her classic, gorgeous close-ups of their faces, and she would have made those lines really resonate. I do wish they'd also kept in Bella's Lullaby and that exquisite score from Twilight, which I liked so much I bought on CD. I did find the classical music score a little cheesy in places, especially when Bella/Edward are reunited.

The new director previously directed American Pie and I think he's good at high school comedy as some of the best scenes were the comic ones - the night where Bella goes to see a movie is deliciously funny. However, he didn't seem, to me, to be a great director for a sweeping love story.

If you're on Team Jacob, however, you will adore this movie. The friendship between them gets massive screen-time and there is a great chemistry between Taylor/Kristen.

I personally feel that capturing a book on screen isn't just about being 100% loyal to it - it's about capturing the spirit, the mood, the feel of it. I preferred the feel and intensity of Twilight and this film wasn't totally there for me. I'd like to see Hardwicke come back on board for Breaking Dawn.
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on 24 March 2010
These films are unashamedly aimed at Tween market, although a million middle aged women are also enjoying guilty pleasure over the Twilight series.

Unfortunately, the producers were faced with that difficult, second album syndrome.
With a plodding script, paper thin plot and truly diabolical acting, they have polished the raw material to bring us a feature length Calvin Klein advert.

In these modern times, we might expect an independent and strong heroine.
Sadly we are fed the breathless, blinking passivity of Kirsten Stewart's Bella. Frighteningly, the only time the fragile lead decides to 'take control' is when she undertakes a series of increasingly dangerous stunts, solely designed to attract the attention of her pouting ex boyfriend.
Brilliant. Send the message out that dramatic 'cries for help' really will get you back the man of your dreams.
Wisely, the sullen Cullen had decided to avoid the potential bunny boiler by leaving the state. Presumably to have some work done on his industrial strength eyebrows. (I believe the left Pattinson eyebrow - the more talented of the pair, is demanding its own credit on Eclipse, the next thrilling adventure).
Exit Eddie, enter Jacob.
The welcome respite from the pouting one left a perfect candy vacuum which was promptly filled by Taylor Lautner and his shape shifting friends.
The film's wardrobe budget must have been meager, as these poor chaps were often only seen wearing little but very tight fitting shorts. Jacob himself fared better in the clothing department, with a nice line in tee shirts which could be handy for use as an improvised bandage whenever Bella got a scratch or splinter.
So with pearly teeth & rippling, tanned torso, our trembling waif has a manly shoulder to cry on.
Unfortunately, she picked another one with social problems (What do they see in her anyway?).
Cue the return of the jealous ex and the obligatory pout, snarl & handbags at dawn ensues.
Due to work commitments, R Patz must have had less time to spend down at the gym & suffered badly in comparison to the buff Jacob when, for purely artistic reasons, he was forced to bare his chest in the movie.
Not even an Uber Camp cameo by Michael Sheen managed to raise the standard of performance. I'm sure he will file this film in the 'What Was I Thinking?' part of his resume.
Perhaps fittingly, even the obligatory cliffhanger ending, designed to have the viewer eagerly anticipating the next episode, was so limp that it wouldn't even merit the drum pattern at the close of EastEnders.

This is karaoke cinema for the X-Factor generation.
Stick pretty young things into a highly stylish and polished production, apply the massive marketing campaign & hopefully enough people will be too busy enjoying the eye candy to notice the lack of talent, plot & substance.
We can only hope that once we have had the maximum exploitation of the Twilight books, maybe someone will edit the footage from all (5)of the films down into a punchy 90 minute action flick abridging the whole series. Then we might just have an entertaining movie.
Well, we would, if not for the dreadful acting of course...
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on 23 December 2009
The next chapter of The Twilight Saga, New Moon, I have to say, is a dreadful film. I seriously don't know what direction their intending to go with the saga, because they just seem to be getting worse. I watched this film, because I thought the first one was okay, but this one, just makes me never want to see or hear about Twilight ever again, it's very bad.

First off, the acting. It was so wooden, I got splinters. It seems like Kristen Stewart (Bella), only has two expressions in her acting. It's so very false and dry, I am at loss as to how she actually landed the part. Rob Pattison (Edward), is the same. One expression throughout the whole film until he growls, that's when it changes, but apart from that, it doesn't change. Despite the fact he acted reasonably well in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, this role isn't for him, because it quite clearly stands out that he can't act in that role. The rest of the cast is just as bad, abysmal from beginning to end.

Next, the story. Well, it's based on Stephenie Meyer's book of the same name, and well, they adapted the basics onto the screen. The film actually becomes pretty boring at points, because it's the same as the book. Meyer's writing is terrible when it comes to it, and you begin to wonder how the story stretched through four books, which will eventually be four films. Adapted the basics, not much to say really.

So, all in all, this film is one to be avoided, and despite it's good performance at the Box Office, and other reviews from quite obvious die-hard Twilight fans giving it 5 stars, this film is not good. Simple as that. I dread to think what Eclipse will be like after this disaster...

If you want fantasy films that are actually any good, choose Harry Potter, and avoid this.
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on 21 February 2010
Sorry, but real Vampires don't sparkle.

I watched the first film and was disappointed and this one was equally as disappointing. With Vampires being the current #1 genre it's no doubt this film did well in the box office. It plays into the emotions of youngsters buy having some hot guy play the lead backed by a group of equally hot guys all struggling for screen glory. Factor that in will a desperate teenage society and you get a #1 film for all the wrong reasons. If they make another one I will not be wasting my money at the cinema.

Personally, I would recommend True Blood, it's a series and gives a lot more in the way of Vampire entertainment.
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on 28 January 2010
FIVE STARS - If i could give more i would!

I cannot praise this film highly enough. I went to see it in the cinema twice. It is quite a bit more complex than Twilight but it really makes it all the better. Twilight was an excellent movie, but New Moon goes much deeper into the characters of people like Jacob, who has filled out a lot since Twilight - by about 30lbs apparently. Jacob is different to edward, and after edward leaves bella she realises that he also loves her and, like edward he is not a mere human. He is a warm, werewolf whose job is to kill off vampires! Quite the predicament, fortunately though, the old treaty means that they cannot touch the cullens!

There's a lot more action in this film too, compared with twilight.

Watch this movie, it is excellent!

Just a quick update.

I received my DVD yesterday (three days ahead of schedule) so I am very pleased with the delivery service. I also watched the film last night and the blu-ray was awesome! It just adds so much more to the home movie experience.

The movie completely lived up to my past experience and i enjoyed it all over again, I will be watching this time and time again. Best movie of 2009 in my opinion!
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on 22 April 2010
I never made it to the cinema to see this so was counting down the days till it's release. I did enjoy it though was really dissapointed that Catherine Hardwicke didn't direct, I loved Twilight, the mood of it, the way it was filmed and the intensity between Edward and Bella, The Cullens had a mysterious aura about them and I felt though closer to the book New Moon was lacking in this, the difference in the lighting I didn't like and some key bits were just skimmed over. When Carlisle explains how Edward feels about his soul in the extended/deleted scenes that should have been left in and when Edward calls to speak to Charlie, they should have focused on his reaction more, he thinks his destiny, his reason to 'live' is dead and he got about 4 seconds screen time. The way that Edward is dressed is a total u turn, from the James Deanesque to a a bit too fuddy duddy and Jasper, what happened to the hair and clothes!!The image you have in your head of them doesn't quite transfer over as well as Twilight did. The soundtrack was good although Bellas lullaby was nowhere to be heard, I mean come on!! Possibility was an amazing song and summed up Bellas devastation brilliantly, some of the ascending classical music at key bits was a bit too Hollywood and not in keeping with what I expected, I sound like I hated it but I actually really liked it, just dissapointed in some of it. I went through a range of emotions from tears, when Edward dumps her and when she saves him in italy ("I can let you go now") oh man gets me every time; to cheers, they make it home alive, although the journey on the plane could have afforded a small scene. I can't believe ive not mentioned Jacob, the main focus of this film yet, the friendship between him and Bella is lovely though sometimes you think Bella is bloody selfish and lets him dangle! Taylor is really good as Jacob though a bit more time devoted to his struggle in being a Wolf would have been good.Love the wolf pack, Paul especially and would have liked to have seen a bit more of them. They made the film for me, the part at Emilys house was really good, funny. I overall would recommend New Moon it is a good film and Michael Sheen is fab as Aro, charming but so bloody (no pun intended) creepy when he needs to be, just dissapointed that Edward got such a whipping from Felix in Volterra, where in the book was that? Hated the cringeworthy vision that Alice has of Bella, that could have been better. Liked all the extras on the 2 discs, especially 'Edward/Jacob fast forward' and the Eclipse sneak peak, which looks good although the new Victoria looks awful! Heres hoping that all the Cullens get the chance to shine or rather sparkle in the next installment. Bring back Cathy for Breaking Dawn. xx
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on 20 November 2009
Ok, so if you are a fan of the books you will love this film no doubt about that. Go see it!
I like the books, definitely reminded me of my teenage years and the hormonal rush that comes with first love. The New Moon movie is a representation of the book, I think C. Weitz made the best of what material there was. Imo it is very difficult to translate inner brain musings to screen, and new moon has tonnes of that. It is not an action book as such so there is no high point that could brake up the monotony of the film, therefore the original potential comflicts have been escalated to make it a bit more visual for cinema. They work reasonably well, the action sequences are enjoyable the CGI wolfes look convincing. The only blood pulsing moment is in Italy where the main characters are before the Volturi, Michael Sheen is brilliantly menacing in a quiet way, and yet it is muted somehow does not reach the emotial high that a near death experience should. The fight sequence looks good and it has a satisfactory end but from here on the film is rushed and feels that there was 10 minutes left and everything was squeezed into it. Definitely a lead on episode that sets up Eclipse, therefore the ending is a bit naff. Overall it is a good film if you are a fan but if you have not read the books no point in going. If it'd be any other film, at this calibre it would go straight to DVD. It is not a fluid film stops and goes, stops and goes all the way through I feel there was lost scenes that probably would have made it better and hopefully will make it onto the DVD.
The lead actors play well, representing their side of the story, I felt Melissa Rosenberg did a better job with the dialoge on new moon than Twilight, still corny at times. (I am really surprised that she also works on Dexter. Which is brilliant.) Althogh T Lautner has beefed up for the role he looks very young to be a believable contender for Bella's love, lacks depth and maturity to pull it off. There is so much that is left out from the film but then there is only 2 hrs 2 min to include everything. Ovearall it is an enjoyable movie if you are a fan, I would have liked an extra 10 minutes so the end is not so rushed.
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on 23 March 2010
My goodness I am so surprised to see 5 star rating about this horrid film. The 5 star rating must be from 13 year old girls not from mature grown women from their twenties onwards, cos if it is, it's such an embarrassment. I have read all the twilight books and honestly the books are so much better than the film. The actors are horiible actors, the film was badly made and the so called "werewolves" were not buffed enough to parade with only their shorts on! When Jacob's character spoke, he was shivering because it was so cold and you could see how cold it was because of the steam coming out of his mouth when he spoke! With all the hype about this film, I decided to buy the DVD (worst decision of my life!) saw the film with my 17 year old teenage daughter and 14 year old teenage son. Throughout the movie, i sat there in shock absolute shock from beginning to end and was so disappointed at the end of the film because i wasted 127 minutes of my life watching it and money wasted. My son was laughing because it made no sense, my daughter refused to rate the movie because in her own words, "it's the worst film she's ever seen".

I will say to everyone thinking of buying this film, to not bother but to read the books instead it makes more sense and if you have a great imagination, you can picture in your mind and it will make sense than watching the film. I bet the actors will look back at this horrible film in 10 years time when they are all in their late twenties to early thirties and C-R-I-N-G-E!!!
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