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4.3 out of 5 stars
4.3 out of 5 stars
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Bob Mayer (writing under the pen name of Robert Doherty) has taken many a reader on a wild, amazingly adrenaline-pumping ride over the course of his Area 51 novels, and everything is finally brought together and explained in this seventh and final book of the series. I have no idea why I waited so long to read this book, having been enthralled by the earlier books as I read them one after the other a while back, and it did take a little time to regain my bearings. The author always manages to provide a lot of pertinent background information early on in each novel, and thank goodness for that. To say these books are action-packed and full of twists and turns barely begins to convey the sense of non-stop events, discoveries, missions, deaths, and surprises that pack these books almost as densely as a neutron star. By this point, there are a fairly significant number of players in the game of earth’s future: the Airlia alien race who has been on earth for millennia, the Airlia traitors who broke off and formed their own faction (and it remains murky at all times as to which side is which), the leaders of the Airlia factions and their “shadows,” Watchers and Ones Who Wait who have spent untold centuries doing just what their names imply, a mysterious and absolutely world-threatening race called the Swarm, and now yet another alien race steps to the plate. The course of the saga stretches from one end of human history to the other.
The Third World War has ended, leaving massive casualties across the entire globe, but the alien threat, while diminished, remains. Mike Turcotte, the special forces soldier turned budding intergalactic hero, must first find a way off the top of Mount Everest, where he has secured the legendary sword Excalibur, and fight yet another day against not only the aliens still present on earth but their dangerous minions rebuilding a huge array on the surface of Mars. Among other things, he must also rescue and overcome his confusion with his increasingly mysterious former boss and lover Lisa Duncan, save entire populations from the little plots of savage revenge unleashed by retreating Airlia forces, and come to terms with a deep mystery about himself, one which threatens to prove his very own memories a dark lie.
The nonstop action in these pages is relentless and absorbing, but this final book just seems a bit rushed to me at certain points. With all Turcotte and his colleagues have been through over the course of a couple of thousand pages of story already, a few major tasks just seem a little too easy this time around. The proclaimed Truth is not all that shocking, either, although it did add a dimension I had not put much thought into. Still, this is definitely a book all Area 51 fans must read; if you’ve gone this far in the series, you are not going to stop now, and Doherty’s always frenetic, action-packed storyline will have you wishing that the series would in fact never end. Fear not, though. This remarkable series of books may come to a conclusion here, but the Area 51 saga, in a different guise, is in the works, with the recently published Area 51: Nosferatu leading the way.
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on 22 December 2014
I enjoyed this, other reviews criticised some of the technical content but that misses the point, this is just a good fun read and not too serious. Good pace, good variety and an exciting finish, what more do you want?
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on 8 March 2013
This is the end of a series of these books, and it probably makes more sense if you've read the whole lot. That said, I came to it as a result of a free promotion on amazon and read it cold and it still worked for me.

There are shades of von Daniken here, as the author has taken all the conspiracy theories about the ancient civilisations being planted here by aliens and run with them. It is an all action hero saves the world type of book, and very good for when you need to disengage from reality and indulge in pure escapism.
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on 17 June 2012
Bob Mayer certainly knows how to keep up the suspense. I read the series nose to tail. I have always been interested in Egypt but not the Egyptians; I feel that there is more to it than we have discovered. I love the Arthurian legend and again marvel at the way the legend has endured when so many others have faded. These books whilst fiction really allow the reader to escape into the world of what if. The series is very well thought out and I would recommend these books to any sci-fi fantasy reader. My only real criticism would be that Bob stretched the overall story a little too far. I think that he could have perhaps wrapped things up maybe two books earlier. Then again, money pays bills and if people want what you write then why not write a little more. Overall very enjoyable
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on 2 September 2014
It is an intriguing truth and one I have always wondered about. But whether we were created to be Area soldiers is another matter. But what about the other aliens still on Mars why are that not a problem to Earth.
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on 30 January 2013
Once again the hurtling narrative drives the action at an unnerving pace. More facts mix with well-considered fiction to make an appetizing cocktail of "human" intrigue and galactic mystery. The conclusion is satisfying and lacks, thankfully, any sugar coating. I'm not sure where the series can go next, but I will have a better idea when I've read "Nosferatu".
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on 21 May 2013
The area 51 set of books are a very good read, good plot, good characters, good ideas I have enjoyed them a lot the books do run into each other ---- there is no temporal gap between the books, so as you end one need the next to hand.
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on 11 February 2003
I have enjoyed this series, the author has obviously put a lot of work tying in the various story arks and how the clues unfold.
The fact that the action in the present day barley covers a month at most speaks to the pace of the story.
My only critiscm is that the "Truth" is covered very quickly, the Swarm not used much and some of the Major Characters die quite quickly and some of the New Revelations covered fleetingly.
There is a bit more I would comment on but it would spoil reading the book, if I did.
Overall though, the Area 51 books are a good read, with some good characters and some great ideas. They are well worth reading and worth the money. It will be interesting to see where
Mr Doherty goes next with the story arc (A snippet of which is included at the back of the book)
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on 15 December 2005
I had read reviews of this series which all seemed to suggest this was going to be an enjoyable read.
I started off reading book one & was pleasantly surprised.By the time i had got to book seven i was bored.
Think of something noteworthy in history & it will be woven into one of the stories.I have read other books by this author & enjoyed them, but i felt this series was too long.
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on 25 January 2013
I've been reading sci go since the age of 7 .I'm now over 60.This is one of the best series,by far that I have read.The storyline,I admit,can be confusing if they are read as stand alone novels.If you intend to read them.Start with book one and follow the series .Brilliant
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