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3.7 out of 5 stars
3.7 out of 5 stars
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on 12 September 2008
I'm biased in reviewing this, as I had the huge honour of working with Sir David Attenborough on parts of the second film that is contained in this DVD. But, from a climate change scientist's point of view, I think the BBC really have excelled themselves here. The content is well-balanced and fast-moving, the facts are well laid out and reflect the consensus of the scientific community. All this is against the incredible back drop of Sir David's myriad programmes from the last few decades, programmes that have brought the wonders of the natural world into the living rooms of millions. With him as our expert guide we have seen so many animals, plants and ecosystems to which previous generations were oblivious. Now he shows us how many of these species and habitiats are at risk, how millions of humans are also threatened, and the ways in which the most extreme impacts of human-induced climate change can be avoided. It's not about beautiful footage (though there is plenty), it's not about a relaxed couple hours letting David's soothing tones wash over you (though he is on top form), instead this is a documentary that puts all those of the superb 'Life' series into fragile perspective.
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on 9 May 2009
Outstanding. Beautifully edited, narrated and pieced together. The footage is what you'd expect and David delivers his message in a balanced and unimposing way. The message is so important that I just hope people listen and take it on board, rather than letting it wash over them as if it were another 'Living Planet' episode. Surely this man can speak with authority on such a subject and what he has seen change over the years. The fact that it is from the heart and has no political agenda must make it all the more potent and credible.
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on 17 November 2010
Please ignore the climate change deniers as they have their own extremist views to push. This is a thoughtful series, which deserves much praise. Although it isn't as long as I would like, Sir David's passionate yet thoughtful narrative of the facts make this a must see DVD to hopefully show the right-wingers and tea party nutters.
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on 31 October 2010
Film consists of two parts. Part one is a good documentary although there are a few disappointments. Firstly film discusses climate changes only in past 650 000 years completely omitting all the climate changes that were happening before. Secondly, composition of greenhouse gasses are not discussed at all, in particular the role of water vapour which is by far most important greenhouse gas. All that and a few more leave feeling like the whole thing is crafted to back up man-made global warming theory. Overall though, it's a good documentary and certainly worth watching to learn some facts about climate change.
Second part however it a total waste of time and it's inevitable sing that Sir David should retire to not spoil his reputation with more boring films like this part two. Scene where he is crawling on the carpet to switch off TV set form stand-by to save on carbon emissions and apparently save the world at the same time is something between hilarious and ludicrous.
Overall, 4 stars for good documentary which at some point, unfortunately was brought over the line of quality that would be expected from Attenborough.
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on 14 August 2014
Never a false word...Sir David makes it clear that we had better get our act together if we are to survive with any kind of the life we have now or want in the future. May be watched with State of the Planet for a complete overview of the damage we are doing to ourselves and all the inhabitants of our world.
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on 12 July 2010
I regard all of David's works worth buying because they are highly informative and truly strives to help us understand the world we live in. I have most of all his early works, but I am beginning to see a lot of overlap with many of his recent series. This project is more of a message to us. Again David tries to help us understand how humans are impacting the balance of our planet. This was not meant to be entertaining. In a broader sense, David really has been implying human impacts throughout his recent series. I found this DVD too short. Not as in-depth as it should be. At the very least, David wanted to affirm the prevailing view of climate change. If you don't watch this DVD, you won't be missing much. Al Gore's movie covered the same issues.
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on 26 August 2008
I confess I am a huge fan of David Attenborough (along with Aubrey Manning and Richard Dawkins). I have watched his presentations with relish over the last 30 years. This sadly was not in the same league.

For me the case was not well argued and merely repeats the same populist mantras found in the media in general and also from the current crop of politicians, without any supporting evidence.

Ian Stewarts contribution "Earth: The Power of the Planet" was a greater contribution and at least he admited at the end that it is NOT the planet that is in danger of any of the current climatic and environmental changes currently observed as taking place but Humans.

Not a particularly enlightening contribution to the debate.
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on 17 July 2014
"The Truth About Climate Change" is without a doubt a 5 star production in terms of accuracy as well as presentation, editing, camera work and audio. Beautiful and passionate delivery reinforces the absolute integrity of this information. Today - 17th July 2014 - my heart shrank with disappointment and acute embarrassment over the complete disregard for the planet and future generations of humans which has been so callously demonstrated by my home nation Australia's ultra-conservative Liberal/National Party government, when they scrapped the previous Labor government's Carbon Pricing legislation. Australia - one of the world's highest per capita producers of carbon emissions - has now declared that they won't do anything to reduce carbon emissions until virtually all of the rest of the world has done so. Soon after the start of part 2 "Can We Save Planet Earth" David Attenborough states that the scientific truth is that "the impact of Global Warming will be somewhere between severe and catastrophic." We are later told that the technology exists for a solution to leveling out carbon emissions within our current generation "if we develop the collective will to implement it". Sadly Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott, his MPs and all who voted for him, are willing to settle for a severe outcome for their children and all future generations, and they are happy to risk that future being utterly catastrophic. This film needs to be widely viewed and fully appreciated.
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on 11 July 2009
This is a well presented documentary of what scientists believe is happening to the worlds climate and its effects on the environment. The content is shown through the use of stunning photography.
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on 6 February 2011
Clear and explicit message, compiled with Attenborough's famous clarity and gentle passion. Low average rating appears consequence of climate-change-deniers rather than quality of the film.
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