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Initial post: 2 Dec 2013, 13:33:40 GMT
kinjoking says:
this is a homeage to the trolls who keep us entertained on a daily basis with their tripe, poorly concieved arguments, and overall numptiness. i read Dooni's review and i thought i had to share with you all to get things started. it really is one of the most poorly executed and thought out processes i have ever read. its also hilarious btw.

here is your chance to troll the trolls.

NINTENDO WII REVIEW "Well i have to admit it the Wii is INSANELY OVERRATED it is by far the most frustrating console i've ever had because well its a very long story but if i keep it any longer i may have to move into a metal instatution or whatever.

Okay first off the wii is for partys or for family use only i doubt any one will get some fun out of this alone, i for one don't (except 1 game e.g The Umbrella Chronicles but i've completed that :D)

Kids will love this as will some adults and old people too but teens will hate it simply because they are not alot of mature games.

The Wii is fun yes and its a good edition to your household its just not for teens ok i have already said this.

It has great backwards compatibility (all the way back to the NES of the 1980s) Nintendo fans will love this.

You can view the news and forecast aswell as create your own Mii (which is compatible with lots of games)

You can view, edit and do all sorts of stuff with your pictures from your camera as all you have to do is insert your SD card.

So overall its a good console i would recommend it to anyone EXCEPT TEENS or mature gamers who usually play games 15 +++

Overall its a good console but i think i'll back off and let my family take over it and i'll move back over to the PS2 :D.

This has nothing to do with the review but i would like to add a comment on to PB. You want me to tell you why GTA is mature muther you know what. In GTA you do crazy missions for some dosh now thats mature, unlike in babiesh mario where you jump on stupid enimies to kill them and by the end of the game you save a princess and you go home happily ever after, BORING YAWN!!!

Oh and Zelda is crap too its one of the most overrated games if not the most overrated game ever. Final Fantasy is way better than that crap.

And how dare you say my spelling is bad yes i must agree it is a little bad but your an adult and you have know right to say that dumb dumb head.

Oh and another word of WARNING don't diss the wii because G. Richards and T. Clarke will break into your house and attempt to rub you out with there wii zappers "


Posted on 2 Jan 2014, 20:14:16 GMT
Avatouir says:
And the XB1 is rubbish but the PS4 is way better

(discalimer I am merely getting with the sarcasm of this thread and not expressing true opinion)

In reply to an earlier post on 3 Jan 2014, 10:25:08 GMT
Dark Zentai says:
Do I need to point out the irony Kinjoking does this not make you a troll as you have made a thread to start arguments lol

Posted on 3 Jan 2014, 13:55:56 GMT
Avatouir says:
-1 already. Guess nobody got that I was being sarcastic

In reply to an earlier post on 6 Jan 2014, 09:24:01 GMT
kinjoking says:
no gaiking, the difference being, that an actual troll does it for the sole purposes of malice and ignorance.

my post is merely sharing something that was amusing and is done with a sense of humour. there is a massive difference.

In reply to an earlier post on 7 Jan 2014, 09:14:18 GMT
Last edited by the author on 7 Feb 2014, 09:07:12 GMT
Dark Zentai says:
the problem is a lot people labelled trolls or fanboys are only people with different opinions than the status quo and if you dare say anything bad about the xbone your a ps4 fanboy or troll
for example I hate the xbone for all the stuff MS tried to do ,all the problem it has and the history of the xbox360 only really having main stream games on the console and things like JRPG,s never really got a look in but im a ps4 fanboy and not someone who has looked at the console, weighted up the info that's out their and decided his own opinion
not everyone who does not like the xbone is troll or ps4 fanboy

and im really trying to understand why some people love the xbone so much and defend it till the hilt what have I missed ?
as I have a mate he has a xbone and he tries to get me to buy one but I can,t understand why he loves it so much
and i wish someone could enlighten me

im still happy with my ps3 I think it has better games than the other consoles but I think the ps4 is still unbuyable as well but only cos it does not have any good games at the moment

Posted on 25 Jan 2014, 05:43:37 GMT
Last edited by the author on 25 Jan 2014, 05:46:55 GMT
Solus says:
Don't forget people like me! o.O I have an Xbox 360 and Ps3 (I prefer the Xbox 360 and the ps3 is gathering dust until I fancy playing Demon souls or another Ps3 exclusive).
Instead of buying the Xbox one or the Ps4, as neither console has any incentive for me to buy it yet, game wise... And isn't really next gen, they are just upgrades of what we have now... That's all... Nothing groundbreaking.
I spent my my mohonies on a badass PC... People sticking to consoles will only miss out on playing games with the Oculus Rift and Omni xD now THAT is next gen stuff.

Have a looksie, here's a link to a yubtub vid of them being used together on half life
... I'd rather play Skyrim though xD

Posted on 28 Feb 2014, 05:32:58 GMT
gaiking, were all individuals and just like tastes in food some people prefer one over another.

The difference between someone stating an opinion and a troll (M.Treadwell anyone?) is that a Troll is unable to accept that anyone can have a different opinion from them. A good M.Treadwell example is the amount of time he spends (and has spent since November - doesn't he every play his own console) attacking the Xbox One on these forums - most often when a conversation has no relation to any other choice of console.

For example a normal person may post in a thread about which console is better that "this one is better" which is a normal conversation. A troll, and M.Treadwell did this multiple times, will go into a thread with the title Xbox One user names where we were exchanging live names for adding as friends and start constantly posting about how bad our choice of console was. There would be mitigation if the thread had started comparing consoles but exchanging user names only?

Another M.Treadwell example is pre-release trolling when I started a thread about what are we looking forward to doing first on the 22nd posting constantly about how bad the xbox one was.

Hopefully the examples show a normal person joins in a conversation with something in context to the conversation - a Troll attempts to derail the conversation for the sole purpose of annoying other users.

So in this case the threads subject is about Trolls, so Kinjoking and everyone else here is discussing issues in context with that as any normal person would :)

Posted on 28 Feb 2014, 12:42:34 GMT
kinjoking says:
well said young man, you forget that treadwell even contradicted his own arguments with the links he posted ;p

Posted on 17 Mar 2014, 10:02:44 GMT
G says:
Again the minority spoiling it for the majority. What these immature Xbox one trolls fail to realise is that the only thing they achieve with trolling is to give PS4 owners a bad reputation.

Posted on 17 Mar 2014, 11:46:36 GMT
To be fair Gary it's not which console that you own that makes people odious individuals - its their own personality.

I wouldn't assume, and hope no one else would, that because you own a particular console your a troll - I tend to work on what people write ;)

As said we all have different needs and wants - there is no "this console is the best" argument - for families with young children the Wii U could well be beat choice because of the family friendly games focus, and its the same with Xbox One and PS4 - it depends upon what exclusives you like / want, what additional functions you need.

We are all different - and that's something to celebrate. Arguing over which is best is like arguing over which trainer manufacturer is the best - there is simply no universally true answer.

In reply to an earlier post on 17 Mar 2014, 13:34:06 GMT
Last edited by the author on 17 Mar 2014, 13:37:46 GMT
G says:
I may have worded the comment incorrectly and gave the wrong impression. I totally agree with what you say. I was not suggesting that people who own a certain console are trolls that is ridiculous. My point was the minority of people who do troll create an illusion to some people that the majority are akin to them. It seems such a pointless endeavour to mock that which you do not own.

In reply to an earlier post on 17 Mar 2014, 13:55:30 GMT
Didn't mean to suggest you were - it tends sadly to be the attitude of the trolls themselves :(

In reply to an earlier post on 17 Mar 2014, 14:49:02 GMT
G says:
It seems to have become the way of things, unfortunately I think the trolls are here to stay. The only solution is to ignore them no matter how infuriating and deceptive they are. I take solace in the fact that the majority of the cross platform gaming community as a whole are quite amicable and helpful.
Although I was not feeling very amicable or helpful last night trying to get to grips with Titanfall : )

In reply to an earlier post on 18 Mar 2014, 11:03:21 GMT
Last edited by the author on 18 Mar 2014, 15:01:23 GMT
G says:
After a few more hours of gameplay with Titanfall and successfully surviving for more than 2 minutes last night. I cannot recommend this game highly enough. If you like your first person shooters then this is the game to own. I look forward to seeing you on the frontier ; )

Posted on 18 Mar 2014, 13:21:20 GMT
kinjoking says:
2 posts in a row, your a troll gary ;P

sometimes the forums seem empty without them...

In reply to an earlier post on 18 Mar 2014, 15:06:32 GMT
G says:
; ) Your right, I must admit some of the posts certain infamous trolls made did make me genuinely laugh sometimes.

Posted on 18 Mar 2014, 15:14:41 GMT
kinjoking says:
what i wouldnt give to hear mr solar/gaye/whatever Fox start arguing with Bauer again, that was fun times...

In reply to an earlier post on 19 Mar 2014, 20:44:07 GMT
Gary Titanfall is amazing game - mixes types of gameplay so all feels fresh ;)

You got Titanfall kills yet and a rodeo kill? ;)

In reply to an earlier post on 20 Mar 2014, 14:06:01 GMT
G says:
I've got a few Titan/player kill achievements but not a rodeo kill yet and finished both campaigns.
Once I am familiar with the campaign maps such as kill zones and such like I will move to the other multiplayer maps and lobbies to concentrate on achievements. Enjoying every minute ; )

Posted on 24 Mar 2014, 15:50:15 GMT
kinjoking says:
latest troll- laird brian thomas walsh. claims to be intelligent, but the evidence suggests otherwise, his ignorant personal insults against all comers are borderline hilarious and cant see the irony of him calling others trolls...

We salute you mr Walsh! you are our new Troll King!
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