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4.2 out of 5 stars
The Tomorrow People - The Doomsday Men [DVD] [1974]
Format: DVD|Change
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on 1 October 2005
The Tomorrow People learn of a plot against the upcoming peace conference so Stephen gets sent back to school.
Up in Scotland where he's on the trail of the Doomsday Men.
Their plot involves taking over an orbiting space station that is loaded with nuclear missiles able to hit anywhere on Earth!
The space station isn't that badly realised, actually and if the shuttle on screen isn't anything like our shuttle blame NASA <G>. However, there are a number of gripes: there's a *really*, *really* stupid comedy sketch with a traffic warden and a disappearing transit van. Probably to try and leaven an otherwise rather intense plot but it was still a mistake! Shooting guns off in a space station isn't good for long term survival either! I'm not terribly sure what accent the headmaster is meant to be using.
I did like the choice of music for the backing track though and the banter between John and Stephen in space was cool too. The British contribution to space junk: "A police box, maybe!"
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on 4 September 2003
I completely enjoyed this serial. In this episode we get to know the truth about what really is worn under a kilt.
All kidding aside, this serial deals with the issue of how often young people glamorize war; seeing only the glory and none of the pain. In this Tomorrow People adventure the themes of war and rejecting peace seem to be very valid and oddly current considering what has been going on in the world recently.
It seems that poor Stephen has to do all of the work in these episodes. John seems to spend much of the episodes lounging and the most stressful thing Elizabeth does is to sew Stephen's kilt.
It laughable but a bit strange the way Stephen's kilt is discussed. We now know what any Tomorrow person wears (or doesn't wear) under their kilts! Also, Stephen has some fantastic fencing scenes (He really did do these). The humor with the police gets a bit annoying though.
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on 26 March 2013
This seventies Sci-fi series for children is still very watchable today. The Doomsday men is perhaps one of the best Tomorrow People stories, although it is slightly let down by an over reoccuring joke about a traffic warden and a disappearing van (as stated in other reviews).
The commentaries by ex-members of the cast are always entertaining and make the Dvds worth getting (particularly for the very small price that they are currently available!)
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on 29 December 2015
Bought as gift and it was happily received.
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on 20 July 2004
Blimey, they got away with murder on this show. I loved it as a kid and it is still great fun, but really....this is a two parter stretched out to four episodes with a lot of silly comedy stuff thrown in for no good purpose.
The futuristic 70s lab is a very cool if low budget set that still looks great and the basic idea of the teens with psychic powers is a winner. But the seventies fashions date it a lot and there's worse. Every time something happens, the heroes stand around and discuss it for a full three or four minutes in their base, while eating and sipping drinks. They barely leave their lab at all! I suppose the writer/producer must have been fairly talented because he actually disguises this fact by making the delays and long conversations seem really necessary, but his comedy shtick with a silent comedy parking inspector reveals his lack of self discipline or respect for his show and its fans. A pity.
And its a genuine pity because the anti war theme, not to mention the use of a tough boarding school plot mixed cleverly with SF makes for a gripping and compelling mix which has a real point to make. Shoddy FX don't help much either. But, for its faults, the good outweighs the bad as with most of the stories in this series and my stepsons loved the show as much as my brother and I did when we were boys.
It's a rare commodity this, a genuinely good kids show that adults can get something out of too. And that's worth the price.
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on 12 August 2004
I'm an American fan of The Tomorrow People. We saw this show in the early-mid 80's on a cable network called Nickelodeon. I loved this show immensely and I even imitated scenes from the series when I was very young. I was in heaven when I saw that they put this cool show on DVD FINALLY. I'm still being patient for the last 3 seasons and hope they publish them on DVD really soon! I really love Liz's concern for us normal human beings on this series. It was really funny to see how much Stephen hated being in boarding school too. I was amazed about his fencing abilities too. I was glad to see that Douglas McClelland didn't want to see Paul (Simon Gipps Kent-Rest In Peace) Frazier and Stephen killed at the end of the Doomsday Men. This was probably one of the better episodes of the second season if you ask this YANK. Keep up the good work guys and i'm looking forward to purchasing the rest of the series as it comes out.
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