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on 31 August 2017
Always loved the Three Musketeers. Great cast
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on 23 February 2013
Very good film just a bit strange having to turn DVD over halfway through film to be able to continue to watch it.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 1 March 2009
... it is let down by the fact that you have to turn the disc over half way. Considering the version I have is the 2005 re-release of the film and considering it is Disney (meaning that it was initially more expensive than most films) it is a true disgrace that this was not produced on the duel layer format. This film is 100 minutes in length and, considering that duel layer has been around for nearly 20 years, could easily have fitted on one side of the disc.

Firstly, it doesn't follow the book, but - so what - I can think of many films that have ignored the text that the idea came from and have been none-the-worse for that.

We open our story with a young and brash D'Artagnan (Chris O'Donnell - the vet out of NCIS: Los Angeles, Grey's Anatomy, School Ties, Batman Forever, and the awful Batman & Robin) fending off the challenge of a duel from the foppish and outraged brother of an unseen conquest (played to camp perfection by the be-wigged Paul McGann - Withnail and I). Seeing the outraged brothers friends approaching he flees for Paris to become a Musketeer like his father.

In Paris things do not go well for the Musketeers (the King's guards) as Cardinal Richelieu (played superbly by the incredible Tim Curry - Clue,The Rocky Horror Picture Show, The Colour of Magic) has sent out an order for the Musketeers to stand down. The King played by a young Irish actor Hugh O'Conor, is not too happy about this but unable to raise the courage to overrule his Cardinal the Musketeers are abolished and told to turn in their swords and return to their homes, Musketeer Headquarters is raided and the emblems of the order are destroyed.

On arriving in Paris D'Artagnan heads to Musketeer HQ only to discover a man crouched by the fireplace looking though the ashes. The man tells him that the Musketeers are no more and tries to leave, D'Artagnan gets in his way and after a brief conversation about manners a duel is arranged for noon. As he leaves the building D'Artagnan sees the outraged brother has followed him and he tries to evade him, in doing so he collides with a man and drinks are spilt, and a duel is arranged for 1 pm. Proceeding along the road D'Artagnan finds he has been used to cushion the fall of a man fleeing the husband of a woman, a third duel is arranged for 2 pm.

Come the time of the first duel D'Artagnan discovers that the men he has challenged are all Musketeers. As the Cardinal's guards arrive to arrest the three Musketeers (here, one of my favourite lines of the film is delivered by Oliver Platt) and the Musketeers introduce themselves to D'Artagnan. Athos (Kiefer Sutherland - 24, Young Guns, Flatliners, etc), Porthos (Oliver Platt - Flatliners) and Aramis (Charlie Sheen - Spin City, Young Guns).

The Cardinal hatches a plot for complete control and despatches Milady DeWinter (Rebecca De Mornay - The Hand That Rocks The Cradle) to London to make a deal with the Duke of Buckingham.

So the chase begins.

Oliver Platt is a joy to behold, his comic effect seems effortless, shame the same can't be said for Charlie Sheen's efforts. Kiefer Sutherland also seems effortless in his role as the quietly spoken, deep thinking Athos. Tim Curry excels himself as the villainous Cardinal, so much so that Michael Wincott (Alien Resurrection) pales by comparison to the outstanding Tim Curry.

Interestingly during filming Tim Curry was offered the role of the Doctor in the Doctor Who Movie [1996], due to conflict in schedules he was unable to take it and the role went to Paul McGann.

I like this film a lot; it is one of those that goes in my bag when I have to go into hospital, even if I do have to turn it over as the action starts.

Once again the US film companies show that we in the UK are second class citizens; especially insulting is the need to turn the disc over halfway through a chase seen. You do get subtitles, but nothing else - not even duel layer.
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on 30 January 2010
Despite adverse criticism by some viewers,this is a wonderful version of Dumas`s story; the plot is given free rein, and why not? The stories and characters are meant to be flexible. All the film-makers had to do was adapt their own style to the basic idea.
The spectator will no doubt find this DVD enjoyable, simply because he/she is not allowed to "think"; the battle scenes are well-staged and the excitement never flags.

Some perfomances are worthy of note: Tim Curry`s portrayal of Cardinal Richelieu is outstanding, and Rebecca De Mornay as Milady de Winter: wonderful! Such beauty! Such sensuality! Such evil! In particular,the eroticism she displays in her meeting and seduction of the boy D`Artagnan (Chris O`Donnell) is breathtaking; and her subsequent move to stab him is undoubtedly a substitute for the sexual act. There are pleasing glimpses of Milady`s bosom, but this is not allowed to become pornographic, and the viewer will probably deeply regret her early demise. One false note: the boy-king is somewhat miscast.

It was a great surprise to find that this is a double-sided DVD, but do not let that discourage you, for you will not find this a great problem.

If you should find the American accents "jar" somewhat, there are language options, and you can do as I did: listen to the dialogue in French or Italian!

Thoroughly enjoyable.

John Harman
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on 4 April 2010
I enjoyed the film, and D'Artagnan was rather pretty, but the film has not stuck to the spirit of the book and as with most book-to-film adaptions, it loses the bulk of the humour, excitement, and strength of the characters in translation. Milady had a weak part and did not seem evil, none of the musketeers were particularly developed, and D'artagnan did not have the same fire ands rashness of the book.

On its own it was alright, but it could have been so much better had it stuck a little closer to the classic story. If you haven't read the book and are looking for a safe movie for kids then this fits the bill. If you're looking for the true story of the three musketeers then this is not the movie version to try.
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on 10 November 2011
I had watched this movie in the cinema when i was 13 years old, then about 6 years later and then again a while ago. Every time I enjoyed it as much for different reasons, the latest being Tim Curry's performance. He makes for one of the most entertaining larger than life characters i've ever seen.

It's NOT a serious adaptation. For that please go to the earlier movies - certainly not the one that came out this year!!! Imagine an animated movie, but with real actors. There's either a comical undertone or tightly written action scenes alternating very quickly and lasting only just enough for the viewer not to get bored. Then you have the larger than life villain, the hero and his sidekicks (since they are given an angle and stay that way that's how they are treated) and the final battle where every character is beating up villains in his own way, just like a Disney animated movie.

If it's not obvious the suggested audience would be people in touch with their childish side. Yes, i too have watched films from Zulaswki, Shinoda, Riefenstahl, et al and loved them :-) , but i can appreciate this for its own merits.
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on 23 October 2008
Although this movie is short enough to have been in it's entirety on ONE side; it has been SPLIT in half and you have to flip the disc over to view the whole movie.

The ONLY advantage this DVD has over the US/Canada version (which is in it's entirety on ONE side) is that this DVD is Anamorphic Widescreen (whereas the US/Canada version is NON-Anamorphic Widescreen).

Buyer be aware!!!
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 6 July 2015
This is a great version of the three musketeers the film was made in 1994 and stares many great actors the film takes a very american approach due to the amount of American actors in it but you can forgive that due to it being so good the action never ends from start to finish this film had a lot to look up to with the originals but it can stand proud amongst them.
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on 9 May 2017
This film is good fun, not an amazing film but a good fun family film a good way to spend a rainy Sunday afternoon
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on 10 May 2017
Cheesy, Americanised version of the classic French tale, but the swashbuckling action and child-friendly narrative were a big hit with my son. Harmless, mindless fun that has provided a much needed break from said son's obsessive Jack Sparrow viewing!
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