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on 24 January 2016
Well glad I read this one after reading the first a third book lol now I'm all up to date and ready to read the forth book in the series xxx
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on 6 May 2014
I won't go into a rant, but I just want to echo one other reviewer's feelings...I'm a huge fan of the IR BWWM genre and prefer to stick to that. So imagine my disappointment in finding out the content doesn't really match the cover, I feel duped.
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on 8 April 2013
This is the third book I have read in this series..
All though I have enjoyed the series, books 1 and 2 are my favs.
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on 20 September 2017
Very good
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on 23 April 2013
Book 2 is all about Rayna and Nick and whilst it is a good read, I would have preferred learning more about the other characters also (Matt and Trent appeared interesting characters in book 1 but they rarely are mentioned in book 2).

Whilst we all like a good ending and this book doesn't dissapoint, the ending is very similar to book 1 so is much lacking on originality!
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on 27 March 2013
I really enjoyed this book right from the start, Raina is such a lovely character and you can feel her longing to have a baby, and Nick is sooooo hot, i wanted him to come and sweep me off my feet. The story is told by both Characters point of view so we get to feel what both are feeling and it leaves you feeling like you want to protect them both from each other, Raina because she is so keen to keep her heart intact that she refuses to beleive anyone could truly love her and Nick who wears his heart on his sleeve that you want to hold it in your hands and protect it, it was so refreshing to see in this story it was the man who was declaring his love.
The book walks us through the start of a relationship and the lengths that someone would go to to give the person they love what they want and need, without them even realising it, you are pulled along and experience the ups and downs, the romance and the crazy hot sex, because yup its all there, there is one particularly steamy scene in the shower!!
I have read previous books by this author and have enjoyed them so i can highly recommend this book, i give this book 5* as it was fantastically written, smoking hot and a really nice romantic story Well Done Ms Malone you have definitely made a fan out of me
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on 27 October 2013
If like me you purchase this book after reading book 1 and was expecting it to continue from where book 1 ended, you'll be disappointed and confused. As this is not the case, you will find out relatively soon the outcome from booked one, but it will be in snippets; this felt misleading, as this was the reason for my purchase. Book 2, as a stand alone book is a good read, and in hindsight better than book 1, as it doesn't end 2/3 of the way through with a cliff hanger. The storyline and characters were enjoyable and it was refreshing for the male lead's emotion to be more prominent and trying to convince Rainer of how he felt or being patient until when she felt the same.

I read a review on Goodreads and a reviewer highlighted a point about how the characters ethic origin was described; it wasn't described very well and compared their skin tones to food products, vegetation (or such like). It was unclear if this was their natural skin tone or because they'd been out in the sun for to long. Later in the book Rainer's father described his relationship with her mother as bi-racial, up until this point it wasn't explicit (including book1) and I wondered if this was deliberate to appeal to the masses.
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on 11 April 2013
This story picks up from where One More Day left off, but is told from different perspectives; this time Raina and Nick. Whilst it is the same great group of characters from the first book, we get to see another side to Nick as he becomes what I can only describe as the perfect husband! I only wish the book were a little longer - I thought it was quite strange that a story, which focused on Raina's dream of having a baby, ended before the baby was born.

If you've not given The Alexanders a go, I'd definitely recommend you start with the fun, short prequel - Teasing Trent which is still free to download.

The next instalment of The Alexanders series - He's The Man - will be Matt's story.

Favourite quote:
"He pulled her close and rested his chin on top of her head.
'What are you doing?' She tried to pull back, but he tightened his arms until she couldn't move.
'I'm loving you. Sometimes when things aren't going so well, you need a hug. I used to see my parents doing this and just gag. But I understand it now. When life is heavy, it helps to know that someone is there for you. Even if they can't fix things or make them better.'"
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on 1 September 2013
Again another great book in the series, this one though is hard hitting and could be upsetting for some woman who have fertility problems, it's a hard lot to swallow and although it's a journey many know it's also a journey many don't and I think this gives us a look inside the mind of a woman who is at odds with mother nature and its a real struggle to the silver lighting, I loved this story although I wanted to shake the female lead a few times I was rooting for them both and was glad to see it all work out, having noticed the next book is out iv just bought it so I can follow the next story great book by a great author, highly recommended
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on 6 July 2015
I read the third book in this series and really liked it. I got curious about the Alexander brothers so got the first one for free and then this one.
I had to push myself to finish it. I think it could have been so much better but I just felt the book was rushed and the characters felt static, there wasn't a lot of development to believe Raina's sudden change in beliefs about Nicolas and love itself.

I am now reading book no. 4 and prefer this a lot more than no. 1 and 2.
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