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on 12 August 2004
Fantastic series of box sets, this is the third season of sweeney, with decent extras, interviews with guest stars from certain episodes, all digitally remastered, still full of gritty 70s "realism". the two episodes featuring psycho Tim Cook played by the great George Sweeney are particuarly memorable and worth buying just for these. You will not regret buying this set,especially at amazon price- just over two quid an episode!!.. roll on season four, network just need to release dempsey & makepeace now to make my day!
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on 12 August 2004
Well done Network Video on this brilliant issue of the Sweeney series 3 ! , this to my mind is one of the best cop shows.With the brilliant John Thaw as tough (get yeah trousers on) Jack Regan and street fighter Dennis Waterman as Carter.This series takes on a softer edge with more comedy and less violence.But is better for it with even stronger story lines with more action.There are many guest stars of high quality in some of the best episodes.
Haskins still has his work cut out to keep Regan in check but has respect for Regan.The Dvd's offer excellent value with a raft of extras from Guest cast intro's to the Sweeney Annual PDF.The re-mastering has been done very well making the show almost seem brand new.The only minor gripe is the size of the display box which is hard to store.And would be better in a compact 4 DVD box to my mind , but this is only being pedantic.So come on Network Video lets see Series 4 issued very soon please !!! or your Nicked !!.
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VINE VOICEon 12 August 2004
By series 3 , the hard-drinking, swearing, rule breaking "heavy mob" were really in their stride.
The only reason this review isn't long, is because I cannot find any fault with this as AN OVERALL PACKAGE (there are one or two weak episodes), because even most of the extra included "bits 'n' pieces" are absolutely brilliant.
Furthermore, seeing some familiar looking faces pop-up as guests or even extras always raises a smile. For those of you who own the other sets, watch out for how the same extras keep turning up as henchmen, and bank managers etc. Maybe the acting pool to dip in from in the 70's was a bit shallow? (Some of them have hilarious difficulties with accents too! All that RADA Training, etc etc..)
I only have one reservation. The extra included morcambe and wise sketch (from their xmas special circa 1976) is horrendously dated, and not really that funny. But as mentioned earlier, the package overall is pure class.
I await the final installment..
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on 12 August 2004
Luckily for me we live in the era of repeats as i am too young to remember this series. Jack Regan and George Carter are played superbly by John Thaw and Dennis Waterman. They are two hardened cops on the edge. Smoking, drinking constantly but always ready for a good punch up, and a good chat up line! They share ups, downs and more downs but always come back fighting. Although occasionaly tampering with the rules, they seek justice. And dont care what it takes to get it.
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British TV at its very, very best. Maybe it's an unfair comparison, but if you compare this to let's say The Bill, then there really is no competition - Regan and Carter win hands down. If you ever find yourself snowed in for a couple of weeks, this box set and the box set of the first and second series of Auf Wiedersehen Pet will make the experience a rather pleasant one.
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The creation of Ian Kennedy-Martin, the third series of the Sweeney hit TV screens in mid 1976, and picked straight up where Series 2 had left off. Based around the Metropolitan Police's real life team the Flying Squad, a team dedicated to preventing big figure robberies or catching the perpetrators of such, it was a tough and gritty drama that showed the ugliness of the criminals, and of some of the police trying to catch them. It was a ground breaking step away from the tweeness of things like Dixon of Dock Green and Z-cars. There was no black and white here, there were policemen who were almost as bad as the villains and villains who were likeable and in a strange way sometimes have a better sense of morals than the police. It was this intelligent approach to showing the various shades of grey rather than just heroes and villains that set it apart.

The bedrock of the series is John Thaw as Regan and Dennis Waterman as his sidekick Carter. They made a great on screen team. Regan is an old fashioned thief taker, not too worried about the rules as long as he gets a result. For all the ugly methods he is willing to employ, he has a very strong moral compass - stealing is wrong, and those who steal should be in jail. Constantly in tension with his superiors (in the form of Garfield Morgan's delightfully played slightly stuffy Haskins), it seems as though he has to fight both his own side and the villains to get a result. Carter is a likeable sidekick, tough, intelligent, and with a different sense of right and wrong that allows his to keep some of Regan's excesses in check. But with the same dedication to keeping villains off the streets.

The series was filmed on film, on location and in vivid colour. With its colourful characters, moral questions and levels of violence it was ground breaking, and more importantly, thoroughly entertaining. It was a huge success and has become a cult classic. And very deservedly so. But strangely the video and DVD releases over the years have never done it justice. Until Network DVD started releasing them. Over the years I have had a few DVD's from Network, of variable quality from the superb Richard III to the hit and miss Van Der Valk releases. I am happy to report that their Sweeney release is of the absolute highest order. The restoration is second to none. There isn't a single visible defect on the pictures, and it's so vivid that the characters virtually come out of the screen, or you feel like you are in 1970's London. The sound is similarly impressive. With a 5.1 surround mix, the original mono, or an option to watch each episode with music only, you are spoiled for choice. And I have to say that Harry South's famous theme never sounded so good. The 5.1 is bright and crisp, and feels like proper surround. The discs are also loaded with extras, including commentaries with cast and crew and a few episode introductions from famous guest stars.

All the episodes from the third series are collected here, in superb quality.

5 stars for this, it's an absolute must buy.
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on 17 March 2014
The Sweeney Series 3 is absolutely brilliant. It has been digitally re-mastered and the quality shows when watching it. Also some of the episodes are reviewed at the beginning of the episode by those taking part.

Great series with John Thaw as Regan and Dennis Waterman as his sidekick. They are both first class. Funny and yet serious when it matters. We have watched all the episodes and they are all action packed with humour, and so we will be looking at ordering one of the other series. The Sweeney is a programme that can be enjoyed just as much now as when it was first shown on ITV some thirty or so years ago. It was my husband's favourite programme then and still is now.
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The Sweeney has been long hailed as a milestone in British TV history for its quality acting and direction. And the series proves that is true when you realise that it still looks good after all these years. This is an excellent DVD set. The whole thing has been digitally restored and looks and sounds great.
I personally don't like this show as much as shows made by ITC but it clearly does have very good scripts, acting and production. It is still entertaining nearly 40 years after it was made.
Taking its name from the Cockney rhyming slang for flying squad, (Sweeney Todd) this is one of televisions most physical cop shows. It features crook thumping detectives Reagan and Carter. They race around London in their gold coloured Ford Granada. Reagan has little time for rules and regulations and is always in conflict with his superiors. He is a heavy drinker and is always in bed with another woman. Understandably he is estranged from his wife. Carter is the rookie who is reliable and tough.
The show was made at a time when the police did not record interviews with criminals. This is reflected in the show and these fictional characters use no nonsense and brutal methods to get a result.
The show used a former Flying Squad officer, (Jack Quarrie) to advise the scriptwriters. It was also claimed that the real police had such officers as Reagan and Carter and it raised public controversy over the reality of police methods and ethics.
The show has swearing and violence but it also has humour. Two feature films were also made as a spin off from the series. The Sweeny ended in 1978.

This is a classic British TV series and the DVD set is well presented.
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on 25 March 2010
Car chases, racism, misogyny, smoking; hard drinking, unorthodox interrogation methods, nervous tension and a failed marriage, it doesnt get much better than this!
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on 16 May 2013
A truly classic series and a step back to the 70's when the films were made. Somehow it does not feel dated and Thaw and Waterman are superb. A sound investment
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