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on 9 July 2012
Im a real fan of the original Count of Monte Cristo and was recommended this new sequel by a friend. I have to say its very well written and thought out. It captures much of the style and sense of the original author whilst adding new and interesting characters, making this an excellent read.
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on 19 March 2016
I enjoyed every minute of this book, loved the plot and the characters. It also exceeded my expectations. Really excited for the sequel to come out.
Highly recommend this book, will not disappoint!!!
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on 30 May 2014
Having previously read The Count of Monte Cristo as Retold by Sherlock Holmes penned by the mysterious Holy Ghost Writer, I decided to try this, an actual sequel to the original!

This was simply amazing, another brilliantly authored novel from the Holy Ghost Writer. Literary fans beware, once you read one of the author's books, you will well and truly be hooked!

Amazingly, the prose so closely matches that of the original in Dumas' The Count of Monte Cristo that this feels like the natural continuance of that book, a creative extension almost pertaining to be from the writer beyond the grave. Well, seeing as I still have no idea who the author actually is, I guess you never know!

Now I'm just waiting for book 3!

I'm giving this book a massive thumbs up and I'm recommending it...a lot!
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on 9 July 2012
I read this in an afternoon, not expecting to become quite so involved!

If you loved 'The Count of Monte Cristo' then this is well worth reading. The author manages to maintain the voice of Dumas perfectly with no awful modernisms that are so often found in sequels. The author manages to stay true to form and crafts a seamless follow on from 'The Count', re-introducing us to some of our favourite characters and allowing us to learn more of their life afterwards.

It kept me entertained with a refreshing new story whilst not feeling removed from the original story. Certainly worth purchasing for any lover of Dumas and 'The Count of Monte Cristo.'
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on 3 December 2012
The Sultan of Monte Cristo was very well written. The imagination and creativity from the author is inspiring. This was recommended to me from a friend and I am so pleased I read it. It is simply a great story. The characters are exciting and the style of writing makes it an easy read. I would recommend this book to everyone, it is time well spent. I can't thank the author enough for writing this.
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on 30 May 2013
The Sultan of Monte Cristo is the very enchanting and well written book. I had not read the Count of Monte Cristo first although I had heard wonderful reviews of the book.

This did not put me off grabbing the sequel and embracing it with open arms.

It starts off with Edmond Dantes and Haydee as newlyweds. Haydee is a lot younger than him yet her love is that of an old soul. She has given all of herself to him. They are enjoying their new life together sailing to Albania where he will become the Sultan of Albania.

During their journey they encounter adventures with the satanic captain of the Black Iblis.

Edmond defeats the captain of the ship and through his victory he gains the loyalty of the sailors. The French are grateful for his defeat of the evil pirate.

Edmond then returns to Paris as the Count of Monte Cristo. He once again meets Mercedes, his young love. He convinces Mercedes to become part of his harem in Albania. Mercedes has her own terms and through her charm she convinces Edmond to to accept all demands if she is to join his harem and she returns to Albania with him.

Then Edmond or Sultan of Albania meets a spirited young Bedouin woman named Raymee. Raymee is extremely beautiful, and exceptionally smart. Her father has promised the Caliph that Raymee would be his wife, but she decides she would like to set some of the terms of their marriage like Sinbad's wives did.

This book continues on a journey of love, strength and revenge. It gives women empowerment as the three ladies in his life are not of weak minds and each posses a deep core strength.

I found this book thrilling and exciting. A truly well written book that I could not put down. I await more books of this calibre.
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on 13 July 2012
It's been a long time since I read the original The Count of Monte Cristo but it's story and characters have lingered long in my mind. I'd often wondered what happened next but had given up on anyone actually bothering to write a legitimate (and decent) sequel. The fact that Holy Ghost Writer has done this is a great achievement. He writes like he's living in the 19th century himself his prose is so beautiful and cultured. He's not only recreated the characters from the original book flawlessly but given them whole new dimensions. The Count himself has always been one of fiction's most complex characters and here more layers are added to his personality and life (not to mention getting a few more wives!) Other characters we know and love like Mercedes and Haydee have their stories, too. I won't spoil it for anyone but let's just say fans of the Count's romances with them won't be disappointed. It's enough to bring out the hopeless romantic in all of us.
Special mention should be given to the story's newest creation, Raymee. I love her. She's a fantastic creation. She's independent and seductive and highly intelligent. Her schemes to make sure she doesn't get married off to a Sultan are priceless, and her blossoming romance with the Count is quite touching. I'll be keeping an eye on her as she seems to be the Count's match in plots and schemes.
Overall I would recommend this book to fans of Dumas and the original book, or people who enjoy beautifully written literature. Book 3 can't come fast enough!
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on 2 February 2015
Sorry but I was not impressed. Only read a few pages and decided not to continue. As a ghost writer this should have echoed the style and language of the original but sadly I felt that it did not. good effort but no for me
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on 19 August 2013
I have to admit that I brought this one as it was one of the smaller books by the Holy Ghost Writer, but after reading this one I am looking forward to reading the others, This one is well written and is a fantastic sequel to a well loved story, but he leaves you wanting to read on at the end of this book, He pulls you into the story that when it ends you are shocked that you have finished it so quickly, Can't wait to read the others from this author,
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on 2 October 2013
I could not put this book down. I love the way the author brings the story to life. The writing flows easily from the page and draws you into the setting.
The characters are engaging and likeable and I admit that I didn't want the book to stop. I will definitely be keeping an eye on this author.
The only thing I wish I had done before reading was reread the Count of Monte Cristo first.
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