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on 3 August 2007
This is a decent boxset if you are after the Slayers series (the movies and OVAs anyway) as it contains every DVD which has been released in the UK. The boxart is pretty, with some nice artwork inside as well as out, and nicely convenient.

Rather than providing us with a cumbersome five full sized DVD cases inside of an artbox, or attached to some flimsy folding card, ADV have tailored a nice, compact clear plastic DVD case with a spine about 1.5 times the width of a single DVD box, able to hold all five discs in a folder-like 2 discs per 'page' fashion. The discs can be a bit awkward to remove from the case because of the way they're held in, but otherwise it's a great, compact and convenient box which isn't going to take up much space on your shelf at all.

The movies and OVAs are great fun, as any Slayers fan will expect, and the "Slayers Excellent" OVA disc lives up to it's name.

However, it's a miserable shame that the first two Slayers titles ADV released here - the first movie and the original 3 OVA episodes - are missing from the set (and are, as of yet, still unavailable on Region 2 DVD). Since the original movie is probably the strongest Slayers there is, it's very unfortunate that we don't get to enjoy it on DVD without importing. I can't see any reason why we haven't been given this DVD, so there isn't really an excuse other than the fact that Slayers was first started on DVD at the second movie and when creating this set they only gave us what was already there and put it in a box. When was the last time you saw a boxset of sequels without the original movie they spawned from which claimed to be "The Complete Collection"?

Aside from the unforgivable absence of "Slayers: The Motion Picture" and the "Explosion Array"/"Dragon Slave" OVA episodes, it's a worthwhile set, though, and should save you a lot of money in comparison to buying the individual DVDs.
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Meet sorceress Lina Inverse -- she's short, flat-chested, brash, loud, eats like a barbarian, ridiculously powerful, and has a temper as hot as her fireballs.

She's also the lovable anti-heroine of "Slayers - The Complete First Season," a thoroughly hilarious and warped little classic anime. The first season blends fantasy spoofs and a solid little story about good vs. evil (or justice vs. evil, depending on who you ask), when our heroes aren't dressing in drag or mugging bandit gangs.

Recently Lina robbed the bandit gang known as the Dragon Fangs of several valuable items, and when the gang's few surviving members attack her, she's rescued by a handsome but dumb swordsman, Gourry Gabriev. But the bandits aren't the only ones after her loot -- the mysterious Chimera Zelgadis and his weird minions want one of the items Lina stole, while the revered priest Rezo wants to stop Zelgadis.

But after being abducted and then freed by Zelgadis (and nearly molested by a giant fish), Lina discovers that she may have her allies and enemies switched around. And as Lina, Gourry and Zelgadis are pursued by Rezo's monstrous allies, they learn the real reason that Rezo wants the statuette -- yes, it's to unleash ultimate evil upon the world, and all that.

After all that, Lina and Gourry find themselves traveling with a justice-happy princess named Amelia, just in time for a bounty to be put on their heads. To find out who their new enemy is, they have to travel to the city of Sairagg -- dodging a crazy mercenary, a manipulative wedding-happy sorceress, a seemingly unkillable wizard, a gay sea dragon, and countless mercenaries and heroes.

But Sairagg only provides more questions, as Lina and her friends -- including Zelgadis and the timid shrine maiden Sylphiel -- confront the sorceress that has a grudge against him. But they're shocked to learn that the mastermind is an old foe that they had previously killed -- and he has a whole new evil plot to destroy the world. And all that.

Spoofs of the fantasy genre are a dime a dozen. The real challenge is creating a spoof that also has a story and mythology all its own -- and "Slayers" succeeds brilliantly at doing that. Not only is the complete first season gutsplittingly funny, but it also has a really solid storyline and thoroughly enjoyable characters -- although admittedly Amelia takes some getting used to.

There are two interconnected arcs of epic battles with Dark Lords and maniacal wizard-priests, with sword duels, hidden libraries, mystical ruins, frequent explosions, devastated cities and multi-coloured trolls ransacking quaint medieval villages. It's a solid enough fantasy series, and it takes the usual fantasy tropes -- big dumb guy with magic sword, sorceress, Dark Lord, plucky princess -- and promptly turns them on their heads.

And there's a lot of humour too, raging from a horde of Lina and Gourry clones ("It's... TINY!") to a series of running gags. At least half the episodes contain and/or end with some kind of massive explosion and possible rioting. And a couple stories wedged between the two arcs are entirely devoted to comedy -- including Lina being bribed to "marry" a rich boy, and the very macho Gourry having to dress as a girl ("Somebody please take my life!").

Lina is a brilliant fantasy anti-heroine -- she's flat-chested, assertive, hypersensitive and wonderfully bombastic, and Lisa Ortiz does an excellent job. Eric Stuart is a little more awkward as Gourry, a swordsman with a childlike attitude and a tiny brain, he improves as the season goes on. Hyperactive princess Amelia is kind of annoying at first, with all her jumping and yells about justice, but fortunately she becomes more likable when they get to Sairagg ("I hate fighting this thing!").

Zelgadis is the best-rounded character of the bunch, since he starts as a semi-villain but soon reveals that his only real goal is to become a human being again. Unfortunately Daniel Cronin voices Zelgadis for the first half of the series, and makes this complex character sound like a depressed stoner. Thankfully Crispin Freeman brings more humour, anger and power to the character after that.

The complete first season of "Slayers" is a solid fantasy series that also happens to be a hysterically funny spoof. Definitely a must-see.
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on 10 January 2013
Slayers; the classic anime that combines fantasy,action and comedy in one. Though the animation may look kinda dated, the story is fresh and engaging!
This is the first season where we're introduced to Lina Inverse, an ace socceress who comes to meet the courageous swordsman Gourry who "saves" her from a gang that Lina stole some treasure from. They get up to all sorts of mischief and adventures, but the plot goes along at a good rate and the universe of Slayers is so interesting and just so awesome!
Of course the English dub is faithful to the original but of course Lisa Oritz voice acting gets on my nerves at times, I first came into Slayers though the OVAs and one of the movies and I prefer Cynthia Martinez as Lina, but some may like Lisa Ortiz's dub. Also Zelgadis's voice at first isn't great. But once Crispin Freeman comes in, it's so awesome!
The dvd comes with four discs and the dvd menu is fairly good to navigate. The dvd box is alright and you can see the box art here.
So in conclusion, a really good anime series that I would recommened to those who appreatiate comedy, fantasy and action.
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on 2 July 2013
Funny with a capital F you just love the little destructive girl who like her dragons cooked PS watch out for her fire ball
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on 22 May 2014
this anime is mad i read a couple of reviews which made me buy it it will be enjoyed by certain age groups
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on 7 January 2016
A very good product!
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