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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 29 October 2010
This is a great new expansion pack that brings Sims to the seductive life of late night. In a way this is the The Sims 3 (PC/Mac DVD) version of Sims 2 nightlife expansion pack, only improved.

The game introduces a new neighbourhood, a big city, with apartments and clubs which is a big change for our Sims, from their previous carefree life with its lovely cottages, Victorian homes, gardens and parks. Sadly in order to play the game, the Sims have to move to this city and cannot just visit and then go on with their small town lives. The apartment buildings reminiscent of the Sims 2 apartment life (which I never got, so I can't compare), include elevators, penthouses, and hot tubs. Of course, all these are nice if you like downtown skyscrapers.

Also it includes some amazing new clothes and hairstyles, and a new advanced body sculpting tool. The new objects are all interesting, but personally I loved the new instruments like the drums and the much missed piano from the Sims 2, which is a good addition as the option of one electric guitar for the artistic Sims was sad. Also there are some new building tools like the option to build pools on the roof, circular pools, and the again much missed half walls tool from the Sims 2.

There are also new trait options for Sims and new skills to learn like mixing drinks at the bars. Also there are new careers in the film industry like actor and director, which can make Sims celebrities and have paparazzi stalking them, this seems vary annoying though, but it does grant access to the new hot bars in town. Sims can also join music bands.

The main addition however are the fantastic vampires, they are the Sim version of something between Anne Rice and True Blood. Sadly they are not immortal (I think they actually live longer then normal Sims though!), garlic does not kill them and they don't get burned by the sun. Like most vampires, they can read and manipulate minds, move faster then normal Sims, learn faster during the night and are paler with fangs, tattoo marks and haunting eyes. Ordinary 'mortal' Sims can ask a vampire friend to turn them, which is quite easy to do. They can also have vampire children and live relatively 'normal' Sim lives.

The game was easy to install to my pc, and I haven't noticed any problems to my gameplay so far, but as I have only played for a few hours, time will tell. Obviously I am expecting problems as with all new expansions but I am confident that they will be corrected through patches as they always are.

In total, a highly anticipated expansion pack which didn't disappoint me at all. Also, as the Sims take a darker turn, with ghosts and vampires walking around the neighbourhood, the release date for this expansion was excellently planed; just in time for Halloween. Spooky!!!
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on 8 December 2010
I am obessed with the Sims 3. I am loving this new expansion pack with all the extra features including a new map with flats and elevators!!!
Definte buy as there are so many bonus things to do including playing your own instrument in a band, becoming a vampire and skinny dipping. Hahaha... There are strobe light and party confetti machines as well to totally get your Sims in the parting mood.
I was annoyed before when you would dissapear inside a building, but these clubs and bars you see all the fun thats going on inside. I really hope you enjoy this game as much as I do and well worth the money in my opinion.
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on 21 July 2017
Hours and hours of addictive fun..........
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on 19 January 2017
Daughter sims mad
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on 26 January 2015
I bought this as a gift. It is a VERY BIG HIT and I am a very popular parent as a result.
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on 3 November 2010
Finally, an extension pack has come out for The Sims 3 franchise that is top notch. The pack combines ideas from four previous Sims EPs, which are University, Superstar, Apartment Life and Nightlife. It throws in plenty of new features and angles too.

The first addition is that of celebrities, where you can live the charmed life and all of its perks. The next is vampires, just like in The Sims 2 Nightlife. The difference this time is they don't die so quickly whilst in the sunlight, which makes them more playable. The next is more musical instruments such as the piano and keyboards, allowing your Sims to form bands. There are plenty of nightclubs to visit, and some new skills to learn such as mixology.

The most striking thing is that there is the addition of lots of new items in buy mode. In fact, I am surprised by just how much there is. World Adventures and Ambitions lacked such items, and for me, that weakened them. There are lots of new additions to build mode too, with some new tools such as rounded pools, fountains, half walls and elevators.

The only annoying thing is that of the nightclubs which close in the mid morning. So you send your sim to the club, and by the time they get up in the elevators and get admitted the time has ticked away so much they're getting booted out at closing time. In the Sims 2 Nightlife, downtown locations pretty much stayed open 24/7. I am sure a mod will be available to fix this, and I will be checking Mod the Sims in the near future to see if there is one.

The game is very stable. This makes a change for Sims games which are notorious for bugs and crashes.

Finally, The Sims 3 is starting to feel like a real Sims game. If you have the base game and are looking for just one EP, this is definitely the one I would recommend. Well done EA, this time you really have cracked it!
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on 21 April 2011
I have only The Sims 3, The Sims 3 Design and High-Tech stuff, and all the Sims 2 things. I was excited about getting my first Sims 3 expansion pack, and I was right to be excited! I'll list all the features I can think of.

* There is a new town/city, which is about the same size as the first one, but has skyscrapers which are cheap and easy(:

* There are a fantastic new range of clothes, especially for women! Lots of glitzy things, which is great.

* New hairstyles, which I love, although not that many.

* Lots of new stylish furniture.

* Elevators and musical instruments

* You can self-employ as a band! If you have a music skill, be it piano, drums, bass or guitar, you can ask another sim to form a band, name it, practise, perform at gigs and earn money! This can be your job career if you go to City Hall and register your band.

* Your sim can become a celebrity! You become a celebrity by socialising with other celebrities. Some celebs are bigger than others - it works on a five-star rating - and your sim can slowly climb the road to fame to become an A-list celeb! You need to visit hotspots by reading your newspaper to find out where they are and then visiting them at night. Some areas are for celebs only, but its super easy to sneak past the bouncer and get in, and if you get caught later, nothing happens. Simple.

* Vampires. These are absolutely brilliant. I turned my sim into a vampire by going out with one and asking him to turn me. You can just be friends with one for them to bite you, but I like having them leave the mark on your neck (if they love you they bite your neck; if not, they bite your arm.) My sim then spent her nights going out and having people fall in love with her, before drinking and turning them. Soon I had a town full of vampires, all in love with me. Weird, but fun. The new aspiration points reward of Master Romancer means no-one ever turns down you romantic advances, even if they hate you. Makes it easy as pie.

* Mixology is a new skill, where you learn to mix drinks. I like having lots of skills, but this one seemed pointless. I never got orders, even after mastering the skill, and when I did it was lousy pay. I gave up.

* Skinny Dipping! So funny :D

Can't be bothered writing any more, but hope this gave you some more info on the game(: Oh, and I haven't had any slight problem with the game working, after owning it for nearly a month.
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on 15 July 2015
Bizarre thing with this expansion is your toddlers and children can pick up music skills, but they can't use instruments until teenage without using mods that stretches their bodies to look like skinny aliens.

The ability to carry around portable instruments to play wherever you want whenever you want is pretty cool, and with high enough skill you can turn playing an instrument into a job just by playing in the park or in a subway. You can even make it into a profession by teaming up with other musicians as a gig to tour around at given locations, although I haven't seen this feature work yet.

I love the bars in this as you can learn many various cocktails that can give boons, although learning new recipes for cocktails takes a long time and can get tedious over time. You can then choose to work at bars and earn some reasonable cash. Sometimes bars won't have anyone at them which is a known bug, you fix this by replacing the bar.

Elevators, oh my gosh! Although some places in town may have glitches elevators requiring you to rebuild them. But the fact you can have these are awesome as you can now build condominiums and hotels that don't require space for long stairs that would take hours to climb.

Celebrities introduces 2 of the most annoying aspects in this game - paparazzi and newspaper slander. Unless your home is enclosed behind a wall with the exclusive locked gates expect paparazzi to be snooping around on your property and ringing your doorbell at unsavory hours, and if you don't find a way to befriend them when they're not running around snapping photos or you do something that could shock the public then expect to lose friends the next day when slanderous news gets printed in the local papers!

Finally we have the one other awesome feature with this expansion - vampires! OK I know you also get them in Supernatural, but you don't get a nightclub in it where Dracula and his entire family can go out and drink plasma juice. The odd thing about vampires though is you can survive off plasma juice or by drinking blood from people you are friends with. Yes you heard me, you can't stalk someone in the night and drain them dry, in fact you can't even kill someone by drinking their blood! And if you want to make other people vampire or have them make you vampire again you need to be friends. You do however still havea weakness to sunlight, it won't kill you right away but it will weaken you for days resulting in moods dropping faster than normal, and if you don't meet them fast enough or stay out in the sun during this time then you will KO. So what is really good about being a vampire you may ask? You get to live forever, providing you don't get yourself killed, you don't need cooking skill unless you work as a chef and like making plasma fruit pancakes for breakfast, and you will learn skills at a faster rate at nightime. Vampire children also get the benefits of learning at an accelerated rate stuff like logic and painting, and they also complete homework faster too!

So yeah, there's much to talk about this expansion and if you choose to be a celebrity or a vampire things get more interesting and tricky.
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on 4 September 2011
Late Night is the second (I think) expansion pack in the Sims 3 series.It comes with a new world,Bridgeport-the graphics are simply stunning!Now your Adult and Young Adult Sims can go clubbing!It is a lot of fun,oh,and there are-wait for it-Vampires! :)
I love this expansion pack!The only problems are:
1.The lots are always empty,apart from the bartender,you and another Sim.
2.The people in Sunset Valley can't experience the club life.You'll have to create some clubs yourself or go to the library to place them in the neighbourhood/world.

Overall,it's a very fun game!
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on 14 March 2011
Best sims 3 expansion so far!!!
vampires celebs and also clubs and apartments, what more could we all ask for!?
it took me about 20-25mins to install and all the patches as well.
A couple of bugs though I have to tell the truth, we now have a slight bump missing in our babies heads -.-" but that's nothing to worry about. unless you take lots of 'c' captions/screen shots/photos.
although some of the apartments are a little bit small. I cope, is just move some people out of theirs really.
But don't let me put you off! I bought mine off game station, I know their a rip off - but I paid about £30-35 for mine. and havnt stopped playing it since I got it in september'10. (September or November, or October. not sure)
but I highly recommend you to buy this product!! :)
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