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on 30 October 2014
An absolutely intriguing book that I could not put down. The material that John Mathews has related regarding his experiences just makes you want to look into this subject in more depth for yourself. Thank you John.
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on 18 July 2017
Interesting story style, and fascinating account of another group of beings and their views of us and the planet.
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on 29 November 2008
If you visit amazon.com there are roughly 20 reviews of this book. I was shocked, though not really surprised there aren't any reviews by Brits. Ironically,however, we are the ones who,by embracing this book and utilising its message, could be working with the mystical wonders of our own land to form a positive alliance, and positive change. These energies are part of our natural heritage, and have in-habited the land long before we humans did. If this sounds ridiculous let me ask you this : Are we, as humans so closed off and conditioned that we can't accept the possibility of another race in-habiting the world before us? We accept spirits,aura and 'energies' and many claim to accept 'the unknown', so when posed with the idea of another race which are of a different energy matter entirely, though conscious, wise, loving beings, do we accept it or question it with scepticism? We believe in Dinosaurs, because we're shown fossils and big bones. Now, John Matthews is showing us what he experienced by writing this book,and I think we should listen to the messages he received and has passed on.
This book, which John Matthews writes with such flair and warmth will open your eyes to the wonders which await, if only we would detatch from the physical constrictions of everyday life and SEARCH. There is a whole world waiting for us, ready to welcome us with open arms and show us our potential as beings, and how we can work to heal the earth and ourselves.
Matthews shares all the teachings he received from his Sidhe visitors,including exercices and methods so that you can harness these wonders for yourself.
Read with an open heart and an open mind , and your Spirit will surely follow.
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on 27 November 2013
Given John Matthews' reputation I was expecting more from this book. I do wonder if it's an early work, because it's not up to his current standard at all. The book becomes very repetative in its message - we humans are making a mess of things but it will be all right if we mend our ways. I'd hoped for something more insightful as to the sidhe themselves, but that never comes across, instead being covered by a much repeated 'I wasn't told that' and variants on it. In fact we learn very little of what it was he did encounter.
If you've not read any of John Matthews' spiritual books then this might be a passable starting place, but if you've read at all widely on the subject this won't tell you anything new.
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on 22 January 2009
I am generally a fan of Matthews work. It was fascinating however to hear the authors researches with the faery folk and the investigation of a sacred site in Ireland.

I did laugh though at the great glyph which seemed to all intents and purposes to be a Reiki symbol - hmm, perhaps its all connected ?

The Matthews are famous for their scholarly works on the Celtic traditions, however this book was written from a more personal experiential point of view - which was interesting, as it appeared to be channeled information.
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on 27 March 2017
Not very good at all, a short book that doesn't really say that much at all.

The print quality was also very poor, very faint light grey text with poor font choice for readability.

I have read quite a few other books by John Matthews and they have all been excellent. I am not sure what happened with this one.

If your interested in the Fae I would advise reading W.Y. Evans-Wentz's 'the fairy faith in celtic countries' and Robert Kirk's 'the secret commonwealth'.
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on 9 January 2010
I found the book easy to read and follow a good starting point for those wishing to connect to the more spiritual side of life. I have read and put into practice much concerning traditional witchcraft and the faery realm and this as a channelled piece of work was for me a confirmation of my experiences, the glyph offered an alternative way of hedge riding (entering another realm). Remember it is a starting point thought - enjoy it, take all you can from it, and have your own journey, remembering that spirituality in all its guises is a very individual path and who knows what you might discover!!!
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on 29 December 2008
If you're interested in Faerie, especially if you've always felt a personal connection with the Sidhe, this book is absolutely a must. The only truly sincere and genuine-feeling 'channeled' text I have ever come across, it's not doom-ridden or grandiose, but touching, fascinating, and inspiring, with more than just a ring of truth about it. Not only that, but the featured 'Great Glyph of the Sidhe' will open your eyes and soul to a new world and enable you to explore it yourself, and gain answers to your own questions. I don't say this lightly- this book will change your life.
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VINE VOICEon 22 November 2011
Firstly I have given this five stars as being familiar with John Matthews other works I absolutely love his writing style and general delivery of what in some of his other works is complex material. This book I approached with trepidation for even though I have read many texts ranging eclectically across a broad landscape of what for want of a better term I will call the mystical, I have not to date read much about the faery realm. I have to admit that at first I wondered whether this was a fictional work and that in my initial perusal I had missed this fact. I checked the blurb for confirmation and found that this was not the case, and in fact it was at this point that I was drawn back to my original reason for picking the title during what was for me a fairly usual trawl through the joys that Amazon have to offer the dedicated book lover - my wife would more likely say obsessive. I recalled that there was no discernible reason, I was in fact drawn to the book. Having ordered it I was for a moment tempted to cancel the order as a mistake, but somehow I just didn't. Some people reading this are now, I feel sure, thinking that this chap is a little wacko, or soaked up a little too much moonshine - in my case that would actually be mead, but no I assure you that was just the way it was for me. Anyway back to the book. Having discovered that this was not an overtly fictional account I then wondered whether it was allegorical in some way, and in truth that still seems possible, but in my final deliberation I am inclined to think of the whole project as one of those marvellous accounts of interaction between realities other than the visible surrounding us in our everyday lives. At a time when so much of the accepted wisdom is in melt down wouldn't we be more likely to have meetings with those beings who we normally perceive of as populating the myths and tales of our ancient land. The truth is likely to be stranger than fiction, and if you are a little sceptical about the idea that there are other undiscerned aspects of reality that is really healthy, but what really counts is what you choose to do next. Maybe there are a couple of choices: One go back to sleep - no offence intended; Two, find out more, and this book may just be the starting point of what promises to be a great journey that will inevitably lead you inward to a previously inperceptable internal landscape and outward with new vision to view an expanded external vista.
By the way in response to another reviewers comment, I agree that too many of us Brits can be backward in coming forward to offer our opinion on such written material, but maybe there is something deeper at work; we have always been good at the considered and the reserved, hence our kinship to the esoteric and the hidden - just a thought, rather than a defence, as I don't see a need to be defensive.
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on 26 November 2009
I have read some books on channeling, but didn't expect that this one will contain an example of it in such fascinating form. However this book gives a lot of information which is not mentioned elsewere. In fact I have to admit that it is a very valuable kind of information for those, who seek for a wider approach to the world and a universe we all inhabit.
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