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on 21 June 2012
It was only recently that I came across the work of Philip Gardener and after listening to his interview on Red Ice Radio it was apparent that I was listening to an extremely wise man so I decided to read his work. It was a toss up between The Shining Ones and his previous work Gnosis but I decided to go with the most recently written book as I wanted to find out the most cutting edge knowledge first. I was not disappointed! This book contains so much information it is almost overwhelming but it keeps you interested all the way through. After all, thousands of years of history is hard to condense into a few hundred pages, especially when connections need to be made between all of the ancient civilizations and secret societies!

If you have an open mind then this book will be extremely helpful to you in furthering your understanding of the truth. If you are closed minded this book will most likely seem that the Authors are making connections that don't exist or seem to be mere 'coincidences'. History is not complete and the truth is distorted, after all "The winners write history..", but there have been people throughout history who have tried to pass on the ancient wisdom to those who are worthy of attaining it.

The question is, how do you pass on ancient knowledge and wisdom through the ages without it falling into the wrong hands? This book comprehensively answers that question - by creating sufficiently complicated symbology, riddles, ciphers and the all important secret society. What Gardiner and Osborne show in The Shining Ones is quite incredible and the evidence is compelling. At some point we have to realise that life is a puzzle that is waiting to be solved, one piece at a time, and it is far more interesting than most people believe or can even conceive of. We have to accept that the wisest people throughout history have left a trail behind them that can be followed through time to place that is full of wonders and ends in spiritual enlightenment.

If you have ever seen a tracker on TV, perhaps hunting down a wounded animal through the forest or savannah, you will appreciate how amazing it is. A barely visible paw print there, a broken twig a hundreds of meters down the trail followed buy an overturned leaf and a drop of blood which eventually leads them to their prey. Essentially this is what Gardiner and Osborne do in this book, but through the history of mankind and thankfully they give us an idea of what lays at the end - Gnosis, Enlightenment and the Ultimate Truth.

I guess only one question remains: Are Philip Gardiner and Gary Osborn Shining Ones?

They definitely helped light the way for me.
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on 8 October 2009
I tend to spend most of my time reading books that are fiction. I'll even admit, that I find most other book dry and lack substance. I first saw this book in Water Stones, with a friend. I my surprise, she bought the book as a gift for me.

Anyway, I started reading this book with an open mind, deciding to give it a chance. What happened was a little bit of a shock. Firstly, putting it down was a real challenge, similar to when I read fiction. Secondly, it grabbed me a way that was truly electric.

This book start by lay the foundation of religion, knowledge and various methods of meditation. But it was done in a way that was far beyond being preachy or patronising. It leads the reader down a path of exploration and intrigue. It provides a basis of knowledge that is credible. It has sources of where the authors have gathered thier information from; and I've even looked into some of those very sources - they do check out.

As a result of reading this book I found that I had a greater understanding about the meaning of many aspects: beliefs, religion, meditation, male and female, how the mind works, how myth even work.

Anyone who wants to broaden their own horizons of knowledge and understanding should read this book, and any others that are closely related.

You'll be surprised what you will learn. And perhaps like me, it'll open new pathways in you mind for greater insight.

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on 27 May 2005
I note from the comments made about this book so far that the reviews have been varied. I believe the reason is simple. Gardiner alludes to the fact that he has embedded a code within the book in-order to release the information, which otherwise would have got him into serious trouble. Well quite simply, if you look hard enough and apply gematria to the book, you discover a pattern (which explains why some of the grammer may be a bit poor). Once I had discovered this pattern I tried numerous code/cypher devices and found that the Atbash cypher actually uncovered the names, locations and dates of actual events and people who I then discovered were in secret societies. I am not going to reveal what I have discovered, because NOW I UNDERSTAND why Gardiner didn't. But amazingly and incredibly complicated this book may be with it's code, it was worth the effort for me.
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on 30 June 2005
The book covers a lot of ground in a lucid, easy to read manner. Symbolic, social, cultural and religious connections are made, threads pulled together and, in places, left tantalisingly open.
I finished this book and am now re-reading it, looking for meanings I feel I must've missed. The author in fact alludes to an encoded deeper meaning within the text - an assertion seemingly endorsed by some of the reviews on this site.
I'm hooked.
For those with an open mind, take a look at this book. For those with eyes to see, there may be deeper rewards.
I think we have not heard the last of this author. I can't wait for 'The Serpent Grail' and 'Gnosis' (plus the planned documentary!).
P.S. If anyone's willing to help me with the code, please contact me. Thanks!
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on 6 May 2015
If you are only buying one book on the esoteric origins of mankind and the spirit world, it has to be this. It s full of valuable information not to be found any where else with reference to guide the "seeker after truth" to other material. Most of the references I tried to source were easily and cheaply found on Amazon.
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on 12 January 2004
Those reviewers who say they can't see anything new, have completely missed the point and failed to see the hidden clues. Of course some of it seems to be old facts, but in a new light, and answering many more questions. But more than that, I found by following his clues at the start I could decipher the code he had included in the text to "see" who it was he was on about.Blimey, somebody will neck him one day, when they find out. I'm sure its illegal. Brilliant stuff and way too clever for most to even grasp.
Can't wait for the next one, which if I'm right he tells us will be this year in October (its in the code believe it or not!!!)
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on 15 September 2009
The authors do an excellent job of collating information from global myths, legends and religious writings to prove their case but one vital omission lets the book down : the conclusions fail to take into acount the worldwide consensus from these same myths and legends that the original "Shining Ones" came not from Earth, but someplace else. Many of us are undoubtedly aware of the scores of ancient accounts that speak of the so called "gods" flying around the skies in "sky ships", who had tremendous weapon capabilities, fought amongst each other in the heavens as well as on Earth, possessed amazing technology and who had physical features that were not alltogether human. The ancient Indian texts are riddled with this kind of information, The Sumerian stone tablets are famous for much the same story , The Chinese have a wealth of similar accounts ...indeed every culture around the world tells a very similar tale ! Yet according to these authors the so called "Ancient Astronaut" Theory is completely dismissible and "The Shining Ones" are entirely terrestrial. The authors had a theory and set about making everything fit into that particular theory but in doing so they have failed, in my opinion, to give a much warranted consideration to the non-terrestrial element of the "Shining Ones" equation.
That aside, this work is an excellent addition to any "truth seeker's" library.
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on 16 July 2006
Much has been made of the code hidden in this book. Apparently, Gardiner did this to disguise information that could get him into serious trouble were it to be found by the organisations to which it refers - supposedly powerful and dangerous organisations.

Am I the only person who thinks this is something of a gimmick designed to sell the book and nothing more? Codes are very clever of course and those "with eyes to see" will probably figure it out.

However, if these organisations are as powerful and dangerous as he declares, does he not think that perhaps they might have their own codebreakers who will uncover this information almost immediately, landing him in the very trouble he says he is trying to avoid? Bizarre.

If he was trying to hide information that would land him in serious trouble, why tell everybody, including those he ostensibly fears, where it is?

Other than that, I found the book to be a re-hash of others' work, re-interpreted to point to his conclusions and the sycophantic ending sort of went against the whole theme of the book for me.

Very disappointed.
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on 9 February 2012
In today's society the fragmentation of populations into various religious encampments is fuelling violence and extremism while extolling adherence to outdated social concepts, superstitious ignorance and unquestioning obedience to faith leaders and the supposedly enlightened.
Apart from the obvious destructive physical consequences of this behaviour there is also a loss of knowledge and deliberate obscuring of how we arrived at this perilous situation. For most people, especially those who depend upon their `faith' for moral and, indeed, political guidance, the concept of accepting that all religions began as an individualistic and non-dogmatic spirituality is something that creates a sense of vertigo and panic.
To believe that God is found within and doesn't depend on priests and `religion' in the first place has been turned from a liberating and empowering possibility into an isolating and rebellious naivety.

Osborn and Gardiner have spent years searching for the origins of this enlightenment concept and in doing so have discovered what, for some, may be a very controversial truth: almost all religions and secret societies share the same roots.
Although there is a grudging acknowledgement from Christian scholars that a lot of the Old Testament is a replica of earlier Mesopotamian myth, this is usually not general knowledge and the parallels between Noah and Ziusudra, for example, still remain unknown to the vast majority of Christian worshippers.
But where did the Mesopotamian myths originate and what were they trying to say?

As Osborn and Gardiner take us back through history we discover religions that today seem diverse and unrelated, have, through the centuries, through cultural and political effect and `guidance', all deviated from an initial belief system.
The symbolic embedding of this primary source remains, however, and today can still be `decoded' through a grasp of artistic principles, spiritual awakening and an ability to look beyond the surface of religious motifs and ritual.
The language of myth and art is now also the language of mathematics and physics and it is interesting to note the same principles occuring in the descriptions of Nirvana and the Viseca Piscis, for example, as they do in the understanding of zero-point and binary code.
What is fundamental, according to the authors, is to consider the limitations of text in ancient times and to then look again at the symbols and allegories that were used to try and overcome the expressive constrictions of these spiritual travellers. When we allow ourselves to see past language we then discover what they were trying to tell us.

To explain what the authors believe regarding the goal and technique of this original spiritual concept is difficult in such a concise review but Osborn's neutral point theory is an attempt to convey the notion of all things being cyclical and within these cycles are neutral points, where one can become conscious and unconscious at the same time. This hypnagogic state of being is the secret behind the notion of the androgynous symbols of the alchemists, the Shen ring of the Egyptians and the unity of opposites in such symbols as Yin and Yang.
Osborn also connects the state of enlightenment with the practice of Kundalini awakening and the eternal flux of the birth and destruction of all things, and our ultimate quest to become aware and unaware of this ouroboric reality.

In one sense, this book is an overview of the origins of almost all of the worlds major religions and spiritual traditions but it is also an attempt to convey how even the most notorious and reclusive societies and off-shoots have successfully obscured the very same knowledge.
Highly recommended.
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on 19 October 2008
This is a completely different book from the The Shining Ones put out by Gardiner in 2002. Gary Osborn's contribution has been immense, he has virtually rewritten it, so much so that it should not have used the same title, this implies that this is a re-working by Gardiner, but it is not a new edition of the original, it is completely different work, albeit on a similar theme. Osborn and Gardiner no longer work together, their writing partnership split up shortly after this book was published, the fact that Osborn did not get full recognition for his input no doubt being an influential factor.
I give this 4 stars for Gary Osborn's contribution alone, he is emerging as one of the most forward thinking writers of a new generation. His current work on 23.5 degrees, The Axis of God, will hopefully lead to a solo book soon. Visit his websites for more.
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