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4.5 out of 5 stars
4.5 out of 5 stars
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on 25 October 2004
I've been trying to improve my scratchy 13 handicap for years, and this is the first book to get me scoring better by really improving my swing. It's quite a leap of faith, as some of the advice debunks a lot of received "wisdom" (e.g. it advocates a single ball-position). The visuals are excellent and the text addresses a lot of the "mysteries" of the golf-swing in a scientific manner; it's possibly a bit technical if you're a beginner, though. The changes necessited by the book made me get worse before I got better, but I'm glad I stuck with it. I've shot to handicap or better the last few times out and am feeling much more confident.
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on 15 October 2014
So far so good. I recently started playing golf again. There are lots of books saying stand here, hold that, twist this etc because that's the way it is supposed to be. This book reverses the approach and says this is how your body behaves, if you use your body correctly your golf stance / performance will improve. It doesn't make you perfect overnight but it teaches you to listen to your body and understand how it moves. I've adapted my stance / swing based on this with some good results. The biggest immediate benefit for me is that now when I address the ball, I have a consistent approach (stance / swing) which I can aim to repeat each and every time. Its not always perfect every time but consistent
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VINE VOICEon 6 October 2012
I've been playing golf for donkey's years but only really got serious (and joined a club) in the past year. So I've got a fairly well bedded in swing, but one that's always struggled to give me consistency. I've also read loads of golf books, and watched no end of videos and have had one-on-one training from several PGA professionals but still struggle to hit the ball consistently and cleanly at times. Nick Bradley's book doesn't tell you anything new about the golf swing - what it does do though is illustrate it in a way that helps you to visualise what it should look and FEEL like using multiple graphical illustrations.

Each of the illustrations is well thought out and uses graphic design techniques to get the point across - e.g. some illustrations show x-ray/skeletal views, some have red shading to show where pressure / tautness should be felt on your body at various times in the swing and so on. The text also includes analogies to help you visualise what you need to do - e.g. a tennis player waiting to receive serve to describe the kind of knee flex you should have at address.

I'm about half way through and today went down to the range to apply some of the key points I've noted so far for my swing and the results were astounding. From virtually the first ball my ball striking was cleaner and my swing felt more controlled and stable. So I'm very impressed so far.

One thing I would say though is that this book is not for absolute beginners - I think it's far too technical for that, and is really aimed at those who have an established swing that they'd like to improve.

I bought it for the Kindle as I find it useful to read on multiple devices (you can easily take it to the range on your smart phone), plus you can highlight sections and make notes. The only slight downside to the Kindle version is that the figures are sometimes oddly placed in relation to the text (e.g. on the next page), so it's not always clear what illustration to look at, but that's a problem with many Kindle titles not just this one.

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on 7 December 2004
Nick Bradley has pushed forward the boundaries of golf tuition and produced a book that will change the way game improvement books are written in the future. The book offers golfers outstanding visuals to improve every aspect of their golf swing with a simple step by step approach to Nick's seven laws of the golf swing. Nick Bradley is clearly the next generation of golf teachers and no doubt his dynamic teaching methods will establish him as one of the worlds top professional coaches in the next decade. It's so refreshing to see a golf book move away from pictures of the pro playing their home course but have something more scientific that actually contains substance and fact. Personally my game has improved since reading the book and surely that is proof that this book is a success? For about the same price as a 20 min lesson with your PGA pro (who is more interested in selling mars bars and cans of coke) this book is a must buy!
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I really like all the explanations that this book lays out. Very clear and applicable. I found that the appraoch around the seven laws really worked well. Have also looked into David Lee's Gravity Golf book and went on to buy the DVD from a teacher in Kendal rather than buying from the USA (its the same organisation - just closer to home so a saving of £8 on postage!)

Like my guitar students, I wouldn't recommend getting too many golf books - you just need a core set of about 5 or 6. More than that and you'll find yourself in all sorts of conflicting info.
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on 19 May 2012
I'm new to golf as I decided I would save it to just before retirement before starting.

I read all the reviews on golf books on the stroke here and on and picked the five that got the best reviews.

I think this is the best of the five for me. I can understand most things in it and it ties in with what the professional is saying on the group course and on the one to ones.

I can understand and remember the analogies or metaphors he is making and hopefully it will give me the firm foundations for the game.

However some of his instructions/illustrations are a bit obtuse and it would be a lot better with a dvd.

There are some on his site but not really covering the material in the book.
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on 25 October 2004
I'm a high handicap player who recently learned golf, although I have been taught the correct swing properly from the outset. This book built on the knowledge I already have to explain how and why the swing should be a particular way. Before this book I was hitting fairly well but quite often grounded the club, or topped the ball due to small swing errors. After reading the book I have understand where my errors were and corrected them myself. The results were fairly immediate on the range. Mostly straight far balls, with a lot of confidence to add power to the swing without ruining control. Watching pro's on the tv I can also see many of the laws taught in this book, and now similarities between my swing and theirs. In my opinion this book explains how to create a good swing.
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on 26 October 2004
This book takes a different approach to the golf swing from any other I have read. The illustrations are computer-generated and the approach based on simple physics and anatomy. The detail is subtly different from much received "wisdom" concerning the golf swing. There is no "magic fix" here, but rather a framework within which to improve your swing. Initially I really struggled with all the changes required, but now I'm getting better and better thanks to this book.
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on 8 September 2008
It was disappointing to read the recently posted critical reviews of Nick Bradley's 7 Laws of the Golf Swing. Obviously one cannot please everyone but, sadly, it gives rise to speculation as to whether the reviewers had made an in depth study of the contents of what has become the most highly commended instructional book on the technical aspects of the golf swing published in the last few years and which arguably has set the new bench mark standard for innovation in golf tuition rendering obsolete much of the previously published work in this field

This comes over as the work of a truly dedicated and passionate believer in and exponent of the game virtually guaranteeing that anyone who is prepared to analyse and commit to study and practice will be in a position to raise their performance to levels only previously dreamed of

Unsurprisingly the majority of readers do find the book a great help and let us remember that Bradley not only coaches Justsin Rose but also many top professionals and amateurs in Europe and the USA

If you need more then check out his background and achievements on his web site
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on 18 December 2008
This is not a 'stick your left hand here, right hand here, swing it like me and you'll beat 70 in a week' type of book. Nick Bradley, whose career I have followed closely, started by reading any and every instructional book ever written and over the next few years worked with some of the world's greatest teachers to hone his skills. He has coached at every level of the game and, having had tuition from him myself, can personally attest that he is good, really really good. This book takes a look at the fundamentals of the game from a new slant, using powerful imagery to create lasting impressions. I can guarantee that Bradley will not claim to have reinvented the wheel, but it's now got shiny new alloys and white wall tyres! I have dozens and dozens of instruction books on my shelf, and this is the one that gets thumbed through most often when I'm seeking inspiration. A great read, treat yourself.
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